Best 2 In 1 Laptops:Expert Advice & 15 Hand-Picked 2019

The moment you have an experience with one of the best 2 in 1 laptops, you won’t ever feel like going back to the regular laptops. Choosing to go back to those normal, conventional, old laptops that are non-convertible could be a very difficult decision to make. If we decide to take a look at the recent patent releases made by Microsoft and the likes, we can assert that it is possible that smartphones would also follow the trend of versatile machines alongside integrating flexible hinges.


Many consumers today are opting in for versatile and multi-functional gadgets and even automobiles because of the easy and comfortable life it offers. Then there must be a reason why it should be the same with laptops, or don’t you think so? There a quite a number of reasons why you should make your next laptop 2-in-1 which might include;

  1. I can’t really emphasize how obvious 2-in-1 laptops adapt to either flipping around during a work presentation or going from laptop mode to tablet mode for a quick showcase during discussions. 2-in-1 laptops are just the best but you can’t really find out until you start making use of therm.
  2. 2 Gadgets in 1. As the name implies, with the 2-in-1 laptop you just have fewer gadgets to worry about. For example, I have friends who own a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop. A smartphone for when they want to go out, a tablet they use during relaxation and a laptop when it is time to get some real work done. But when you come in contact with a 2-in-1 laptop, it covers for the tablet and laptop at the same time which is extra cool making it easy to move from entertainment to productivity and from productivity to entertainment at the snap of your finger.

Another reason to go for a 2-in-1 laptop is the fact that it is money saving which is quite easy to understand.


  1. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. Without much ado, I can vouch for this laptop as the best 2-in-1 laptop there is. It is really loved for its relatively low cost. There have been complains of the laptop being limited to only one configuration but still it is the most powerful you can find in the market. Rendering an excellent look and feel alongside a S-Pen to give great effect. The only downside to this laptop is its inconsistent battery life.
  2. Google Pixelbook. This is another good one that stands to compete with high-rated products from Microsoft and Apple. The Google Pixelbook can get a very huge amount of work done by putting to use all of its internals alongside all android app support. Though it might cost more than you expect but it comes with a very gorgeous design and a vibrant responsive display. It has no biometric login though and it doesn’t come with a Pixelbook Pen – it is sold separately and that is very bad – but it sure comes with an integrated android app support.
  3. Asus Chromebook Flip. As very tempting as the Google Pixelbook is, it is way far from being pocket friendly. That is why I decided to find a substitute, so I came up with the Asus Chromebook Flip that renders a touchscreen and convertible design alongside compatibility to android apps.


Though there are many of these 2-in1 laptops in the market today and you might get confused when selecting which one to go for. I can’t really give straight answers because human choices varies but I can for sure give you some points to consider when making your purchase and some of which are;

  • Portability
  • Performance
  • Pen and

In this section I will be giving you my best 15 picks for 2-in-1 laptops that are present in the market today. As I always say, many of these picks are based on my own point of view – you might find them in another arrangement on another website but the main point is that you should be aware that I did a lot of research and variations before presenting you this list.


The tips for my picks are nothing different from what I have earlier discussed are based on the portability of the laptop, its performance and most importantly, its flexibility. All the tips considered enable them to render good laptop experience as well as tablet experience and that is what is important.


This 2-in-1 laptop is one of the many that can be of great use in place of a personal computer. Rendering a large screen of up to 15.6 inches display as well as an AMD Quad-Core 1.8GHz CPU processor, this laptop from HP is still established to be portable weighing up to 4.85 pounds lightweight build and sleek feel. It is established to be of best use at school, the workplace or even as a family computer. It has a very large storage space of up to 500GB on its hard drive and is also a great choice to catch up with your Netflix movies and even to stay in touch with friends on Skype, Facebook and the likes. This 2-in-1 is everything you could ever think of.


  • Good value for your money.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Easily fixable in case of any faults.
  • Good pick for programmers and gamers;.


  • Quality is of a low build.
  • Graphical processing unit not dedicated.
  • Inability to play high end games.
  • High quality video editing cannot be done on it.
  • You may regret its performance.


Considering the amount of competitions that surround this HP laptop, this 2-in-1 is a very gorgeous gadget to own. It is established to be a great one for programmers and coders but not really for high quality video and picture editing. For its price range though, we can call it the best because it gives you the right kind of value for all of your cash.


The ASUS chromebook flip C302CA is actually one of the best 2-in-1 laptops from ASUS that can actually run Android apps natively. For the price tag attached to this laptop, this Chromebook flip renders an outstanding UX (user experience) than other Chromebooks found under the same price range. The specifications of ASUS chromebook flip C302CA include a 4GB RAM, an Intel HD graphics card with a large storage space, all on a 12.5 inch touchscreen display. It is one of the many laptops that can easily flip up to 360 degree hinge giving the Chromebook Flip its laptop-to-tablet versatility which we might find really helpful when the android app support finally comes online.


  • Easy to use and comfortable keyboard and trackpad.
  • Brilliant display.
  • Strong performance.
  • Thin, sleek, lightweight and attractive design.


  • Battery life could be better improved than it is currently.
  • Android app support is still in its beta mode which makes it unstable. It still needs a lot of work actually.


The ASUS chromebook flip C302CA is almost good at everything; battery life, screen display, keyboard and its performance are all perfectly rated which makes it arguably the best Chromebook on the laptop market right now. I didn’t face any problems while making use of this laptop for hours – it was very responsive and comfortable which I believe is as a result of the large screen display, it gives the keyboard more space.


If you do a lot of Google searching or if you did some in the last few months, you would discover that the Acer Aspire R 15 has been among the best-selling laptop on Amazon –to be sincere, it has actually been the top seller among other 2-in-1 laptops. This made me review it to see what makes it so special and that popular and I found out some things.

Actually there was nothing special about its specs that you have not heard of before but I noticed that it had a very attractive design – a tapered shell and brush finish that feels and looks solid. It features our favorite 7th-generation processors which mean improved battery life, and improved graphics for movie watching and surfing the web.


  • Very affordable and budget friendly.
  • Comes with a high resolution display of 1920×1080 which is rare for the price it comes with.
  • Could be upgradable through the bottom panel.


  • Brightness of the laptop’s display is strangely limited.
  • Heavy to an extent which not so good in this century.


As heavy as it might turn out to be, the Acer Aspire features the Intel Core i3 and gives solid performance for the kind of price range it is found under. It can also be upgraded – the SSD and RAM in particular – to drain more performance out of the system.


This 2-in-1 laptop is part of the new generation computers but the new generation in it is not yet all that perfect. There are some flaws related to the Microsoft Surface Book such as the ripple effects caused by the ambitious decision to use a USB-C port for its extension capabilities. It also has some problem with battery power and then the price is a killer one ranging up to $3,300. All these are more than enough reasons to go for another laptop but none of its flaws are still deal-breakers. But as for every other thing like the display, RAM, GPU, Storage and every other feature you can think of, they are all perfectly made I can promise.


  • Battery life that can be classified as top-notch.
  • Excellent graphics performance in particular.
  • Complete stellar display with some visual nodes added.


  • Premium price – for a premium notebook though.
  • Dock is underpowered causing problems for multi-monitor support.
  • Non-integration of Thunderbolt in the USB-C is really a big mistake if you ask me.


Apart from the performance ability and features that accompany this laptop, I guess we can talk about the design before we move to the next one. The Microsoft surface book features a silvery metallic exterior that gives it a soldier like look so you can step out classy and perform effectively and proficiently at the same time.


The Acer Chromebook R11 is one of the many convertible and ergonomic Chromebooks that is shaking the technology market at the moment. It is made to not unnecessarily flex in your hands but it is built to take a beating if you know what I mean – That doesn’t mean you should go tossing this baby around but if it accidentally gets bumped in your backpack then you shouldn’t have issues. The Acer R11 boasts of a battery life span of nine and a half hours but a much heavier use is prone to drain it faster.

Another reason why I put this laptop into consideration is the fact that it has a promising compatibility with Google Play Store and Android apps later in future.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry to work and school easily.
  • Features great processing power for task execution.
  • Touchscreen enabled for easy access to Android applications.
  • Long lasting 3200mAh battery that works well.


  • Personalization and customization are somewhat limited.
  • Though it is said to be lightweight but it is still heavier than its substitute.
  • Its performance is smooth but you get something different when it is pushed a little harder or when playing high-spec games.
  • The display could still be improved.


The R11 is definitely not the kind of faultless Chromebook you would normally imagine which I guess is the reason for the upgrade they did just recently. The build of the laptop is not really amazing but it renders a lot of positive features to cover up for whatever downsides that accompanies it. It is one of Acer’s best products at the moment with its great display, responsive touchscreen, and great battery life that gives great value for your money.


Asus understands the fact that Chromebooks are unlike other regular laptops which is why they felt an upgrade from the previously mentioned Acer R11 2-in-1 Chromebook wouldn’t be a bad idea. The 360-hinge adopted by Asus makes it stand out in competitions but sadly it does not possess the most powerful processors or most RAM. If you are a kind of person that it is interested in performance and productivity rather than saving money, the Acer R11 is not meant for you; it is mostly found in use by students and employees. Like the former, it features cool and sleek designs and specs with a performance related to the kind of price tag it carries.



  • Convertible and highly ergonomic.
  • It is attractively minimalist.
  • It features a very good battery life.
  • Renders an Android app support.


  • The trackpad seems to be very terrible unlike the former.
  • It possesses an HD only screen which is not much of an advantage.


The Acer R11 – both the former and this current one – with its minimalist design might not be the coolest, but it is undeniable that it has an exterior look that acts as a shade for this deceptive machine. It has a lot of flaws but still functions in relation to the price tag it carries.


The Inspiration 13 5000 2-in-1 can be said to be very productive but still does not possess the kind of design you were expecting. The area housing the screen has very odd rounded corners that in no way fit with the square lid which leaves the laptop somewhat not attractive when closed. Asides that, the Inspiration 13 5000 2-in-1 provides fairly good images display but it isn’t really bright and all vibrant though – the audio is also loud enough if you ask me. As for the performance, within my short but tedious use of the laptop, it was able to handle every single thing I threw at it so I will tag it as a best buy.


  • The performance is really solid.
  • Audio is accurate and decent but not the kind you can make use of if you want to rock your guitar.
  • It gives a decent view from whatever angle it is viewed from.


  • Keyboards are perfectly placed but still stiff to operate.
  • The SSD was discovered to be somewhat slow.
  • Screen appears to be dim – The display can be improved.


The Dell Inspiration 13 5000 2-in-1 for sure offers brilliant performance and cool quality all at a very affordable price. The only issues with it are the dim screen and stiff keyboard which is very unfortunate and makes it some kind of mediocre choice. So it is not all that comfortable to be used and you might want to look for other substitutes in that case.


In the past times, it was impossible to find a real and premium 2-in-1 laptop for a price less than $1000 but things changed with this Lenovo’s release. The Lenovo Yoga 710 15-inch was really a game changer and caused massive market disruption at the time it was released. The Lenovo Yoga 710 is known for its very minimalist aesthetic design which makes it stand out and it also features some ports that we normally can’t find on other laptops like the SD card slot and the micro-HDMI port on its 8GB RAM alongside its Hard drive of 256GB SSD. The display on the Yoga is really crisp, reproducing images 100.6% more accurately than they normally appear. It also possesses a keyboard structure and feel on the hand that I loved and I am sure you will love. I can also speak well for the audio and performance; Lenovo really put their backs to it.


  • The Lenovo Yoga 710 keyboard is very responsive and clicky.
  • The laptop features a really great display performance.
  • Performance of the Yoga 710 is solid and worth the price.


  • Possesses very rare ports but still offer fewer ports than competitors offer.
  • Speakers are loud but inconsistent and can be better improved. I guess it could be louder if the speakers were not so tiny.


Putting aside the screen, keyboard responsiveness and great performance or beauty of the Lenovo Yoga 710, the price tag is one thing you should really look at and is what should actually urge you to purchase it. It is one of the best 2-in-1 laptops that you can find under $1000 which means it comes with a value that supersedes its price tag.


This is one great Chromebook and one solid laptop that come on a platter of elegant design, a display that can be tagged as top-notch – if not the standard of top-notch itself – and a whole chain of other valuable features. The design of the Samsung Chromebook plus is not only attractive but apart from that, houses a 2400×1600 display with a full added Android functionality.

It offers so many ports –including the rare ones Lenovo featured that was previously mentioned – and this makes the gizmo very handy also its screen and speakers have been one of the best that has ever been seen on a Chromebook. Featuring wide viewing angles and a glossy finish for its display, the Samsung Chromebook plus are ranked as the best buy if you can afford it.


  • Screen display is light sensitive.
  • Display appears to be very gorgeous.
  • Design is not only attractive but sleek and of lightweight.
  • Battery is established to last long.


  • Keyboard feedback seems to be weak but I want to believe it is not a general problem.
  • Onboard memory is limited.


The Samsung Chromebook plus offers more than a user experience but also the best simple computing experience which is good for folks who might need a laptop for just the basics. If you are a traveler, the design that this Chromebook comes with makes it one that might suit you. Its’ ARM powered processor makes it multitask very well which surprised me alongside its versatility which is something to look out for. This Chromebook from Samsung is not just a device; it is a high quality device.


This powerful Quad-core product from Dell is one of their flagship products. It is beautifully designed and housed under a simple silver matte that possesses flowery stripes on the lid. Apart from beauty, it has a shade of perfection as well when it comes to its connection ports that include SD card readers and HDMI ports. It also features security measures such as a finger print sensor alongside a very comfortable keyboard and touchpad. Also, in my time of use, I was really taken aback at the rate at which the processor could multitask and the performance of its system. It was just too angelic.


  • Perfect for high quality images editing and video editing.
  • Can multi-task perfectly without glitches and overheating.
  • Enough storage space on its hard disk.
  • Compact and lightweight design.


  • It has display problems under bright light conditions.
  • I was unable to open it with one hand.
  • Battery life is somewhat short – could be as a result of its effective work performance.
  • Card reader seems to be slow.


Personally I would like to refer to this device as a very proficient one but still I need to believe that there are flaws that come along with it. It features a very great performance but the display is somewhat whack but still functional – if you are a person who believes in productivity than design. The Dell i5-8250U should be a perfect pick for you.


                This is a master laptop, not too perfect but for sure coming from Microsoft makes it an ultimate one. The Surface book pro from Microsoft is one of the best laptops and of the few that can ever be compared to the Macbook Air. Its look and design is just like every normal laptop but houses some very key features in it such as the RAM of 16GB and a 1TB SSD. These features make it a good choice for graphic designers, video editors and the likes. This device from Microsoft functions as a laptop, notebook and a tablet. Also you can be rest assured to get the best convenience from its keyboard and trackpad alongside a brilliant display reproduction.


  • Design is distinctive and brilliantly constructed.
  • As a tablet, it is impressively of a lightweight.
  • Screen is gorgeous and the display doesn’t fail.
  • Pen input and keyboard functions well and are comfortable.
  • Performance is lightning fast.
  • In laptop mode, the battery last very long.
  • Variety of configurations to choose from.


  • In the tablet mode, the battery life seems to be shorter.
  • He hinge put in place makes the laptop have a fatter look when it is shut.
  • Too heavy for a flagship laptop.
  • Screen sort of wobbles when it is used as a laptop.


From Microsoft, this laptop is one of the many that have their bars raised for a faster performance and better battery life with a design that is premium and sort of unforgettable. Also the fact that the screen is detachable for use in tablet mode is also an added advantage. So if you ask me, this is one that will be of great use to people who value performance, long battery life and cool sleek design – but are willing to pay dearly for it.


HP SPECTRE X360-15 2-in-1 LAPTOP

Now this is one laptop we should really look into; the HP Spectre x360 15T which is a sexy at the same time a functional high performance laptop. It is made of a very considerably lightweight material despite having a very large screen and also I can’t say I didn’t notice the comfortable keyboard and cool touchpad. Also if we take a look at the ports and audio output, would notice that it is brilliantly selected and function quite up to expectations.  As for the CPU performance is brilliant as well and this is because of the Quad-core technology adopted – really proves that 4 is better than 2. Inclusively, you also get a good graphics and image reproduction plus a good battery life.


  • Very rigid design housed under an all-aluminum chassis.
  • Decent selection of ports placement and an inclusive SD card slot.
  • Pricing that fits the kind of vale you would get in return.


  • Big and somewhat heavy when used in the tablet mode.
  • Battery life is better – than that the 2016 4K version.
  • Display is good but could still be improved.


So actually, the HP Spectre X360 15 is a pretty good choice for a lot of people who have the financial buoyancy but do not need all of the good kind of synthetic performance and great gameplay experience. It is great in terms of productivity, audio, creativity and the likes.


                This was one of the problem solving laptops for Microsoft. It is actually an update for the Microsoft Surface book and Microsoft Surface book Pro – tuning out to be bigger and faster and a longer battery life but there I one issue that I think Microsoft still has a problem addressing which is the power problem which slows it down. Like the former products, the Surface book 2 comes in a sleek construction, features ports that are full-sized ports, wowing battery life and a very grand performance that makes it unarguably a star in the lineup of all Microsoft’s product.


  • Battery life that you would love and get used to.
  • Very excellent when it comes to graphics display.
  • Stellar display that is accompanied with visual nodes.


  • The Price is kind of way high and it is understandable.
  • Power problem is a big issue but hopefully it would be solve in later releases.


The Surface book upgrade is really a good one to consider if we are going to neglect the power problem that accompanies it. But it is covered up by its fast performance, comfortable keyboard & touchpad, great screen display and all the other good things you would like. So if you feel you can handle the power problem then it is something you can go for.



Now this is one laptop another HP product we should look into; the HP Spectre x360 15-BL5NR; functional and of a high performance. It is made of a lightweight material despite having a very large screen and also you would notice the keyboard and touchpad are very comfortable to use. Also if we take a look at the ports and audio output, would notice that it is brilliantly placed and function well.  Taking a look at the CPU performance is brilliant as well and is as a result of the Quad-core technology adopted. In addition to the already mentioned features, you also get a good graphics and image reproduction plus a good battery life.


  • Very rigid design housed under an all-aluminum chassis.
  • Decent selection of ports placement and an inclusive SD card slot.
  • Pricing that fits the kind of vale you would get in return.


  • Big and somewhat heavy when used in the tablet mode.
  • Battery life is better – than that the 2016 4K version.
  • Display is good but could still be improved.


So actually, the HP Spectre X360 15-BL5NR is a pretty good choice for a lot of people who have the financial buoyancy but do not need all of the good kind of synthetic performance and great gameplay experience. It is great in terms of productivity, audio, creativity and the likes. All just like the previously mentioned HP product.

DELL XPS 13 9360 2-in-1 LAPTOP

   Lastly, I would like us to look at the king of them all which is the Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1 that stands out among many convertible laptops. It features what I can almost call the best and premium elements that it featured in the original XPS 13 – if you are familiar with it. A gorgeous 13.3 inch display built to be flexible and of lightweight with an ergonomic ability to fold into variety of positions. The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is not one that delivers surprises, but it is sure proficient and faithful rendering absolute performance, good display, perfect audio and everything you can ever wish to find in a premium laptop – if you can afford it though.


  • Sturdy and sleek construction.
  • Profile is strictly slim.
  • Design is attractive and versatile at the same time.
  • Keyboard and trackpad is very comfortable.
  • Battery life is very long-lasting.
  • Excellent QHDtouchscreen under the Intel 7th Generation CPU.


  • Keyboard seems to be somewhat small.
  • Webcam’s position is sort of odd.
  • Speakers, I can say are very quiet.


In a nutshell or in the long run, you can refer to the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 as arguably one of the best laptop, let me rephrase that; you can refer to the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 as the best laptop available. Though there are competitions but I can assure you that it would be hard for any other product to beat the XPS 13. So if you have the money, then spend it on this gizmo.


Okay so something important to note is that no gadget comes with a box filled with everything you will need for it to function flawlessly. Either it is a regular laptop or a 2-in-1 laptop that you are planning to purchase for yourself or one that you are planning to gift out to a friend, you will still need some extra gears and some of the important ones are;

A laptop backpack

A 6-foot HDMI cable [to connect to a monitor or TV]

A wireless mouse… very handy


A portable 1TB hard drive [for those with a low storage space on their laptops]

Many others though but these are the ones I feel are important.


The 2-in-1 laptops are everywhere today now and it is very good to own a device that has the power to function as a tablet and a laptop. But not all the 2-in-1s you see out there and the list found in this guide function the same but there are some standards to be met before they can be called a true 2-in-1 laptop.


DELL XPS 13 9360 2-in-1 laptop and that is because of some reasons which I think I should let you in on.

  1. It has an Intel brand Processor: Makes it very good at handling complex and resource-heavy processes better than any other processor.
  2. It runs on a windows operating system: If you have an Intel processor and it runs on a Windows OS, then be sure that you can do a lot than if you are stuck with any other combo.
  3. Its screen size, resolution and graphic reproduction: These factors really determine productivity of your convertibility except for the screen size which is mostly dependent on personal taste.

Now I think you have seen why the DELL XPS 13 9360 2-in-1 LAPTOP is the best.


Like I said the other time and I will say again; 2-in-1 laptops are everywhere today now. Actually it is no doubt that it would be great to own a device that can function both as a tablet and a laptop flawlessly. Well, once again, not all the 2-in-1s you see out there and the list found in this guide function the same but there are some standards to be met before they can be called a true 2-in-1 laptop. Now let me go broad on this statement.


If you are a designer or someone who does a lot of work that involves graphics designing, video editing or other related jobs, you might need some break time where you might just want to switch to something else to wile or pass the time. This is where your tablet comes in. With a slim budget, you might not be able to own a laptop, a notebook and a tablet at the same time. Manufacturers thought of this and that is why you have the convertible laptops, now ask yourself “Do I need a 2-in-1 laptop?”

Damn!!! Yeah you do. So why have you not gotten one? Why do you cheat yourself?

Well someone there is saying “I really don’t need it, I have my Android phone”… that is very wrong. Picture yourself in a meeting or in a discussion, even a presentation, and you feel like feeling from going from presentation mode to a showcase mode – can you flip your regular laptop all the way to the back for everyone to see or do you expect them to view it on your small Android phone screen? If your answer is NO, then stop arguing with reality. You need a convertible laptop.


The screen size and resolution is also another important factor you need to consider but it is mostly dependent on personal taste. For example my convertible laptops are mostly large scale screens but they vary – some have a large screen but are of a very lightweight while I have some that feature a large screen but are damn heavy, I mean oddly heavy. At the same time, there are convertible laptops with small sized screen and they are light while there are others of the same size but are not made to be of lightweight.

Also if you are a gamer then I believe you should opt in for the larger screen to get more of gameplay experience and also if you are coder, web designer, graphics designer and video editor then I believe this should be your pick so that you get more from what you do. But if you are just the regular working type and social media type – nothing more – then just go for a lightweight small scaled screen convertible laptop. Whatever you do, just always ignore the heavy ones, for Christ’s sake; they are just productivity devices not working out equipment.


As for screen resolutions, the considerations are not different from what you would make when it comes to choosing a screen size – they are literally and virtually almost the same thing. Resolution for convertible laptops varies from low-end HD 1366 x 768 to those at the higher end which are 2736 x 1824 and there is practically no delegated or particular graphics card for any of them. But a large screen resolution might turn out to be great when in its laptop mode but oddly large when converted to a tablet mode. Just read through the “Choose your size” section – they are pretty the same thing.


Another thing that I think we should take a look at is the hinge mechanism – it is very important as well. Though some might have docking or no docking keyboard ability but for sure they all have the luxury of either being detachable or the ability to rotate – if not, why on this earth would they be referred to as 2-in-1 laptops or why would we call them convertible laptops. The laptops that feature detachable hinges are really cool but if you are a lover of portability and compact mobility – like me – then I would just advice you choose the 360 degrees rotating hinges. There are many kind of hinges to pick from actually such as the flexing watch band like material, complex gears and pulley system and the tiny leprechauns; but what I think should be paramount when selecting from these tempting luxuries are the ease of use and comfortability to handle after it has been converted to either modes – laptop mode or the tablet mode.


Now what is a laptop without the right kind of processor and specifications? In a convertible laptop, like every regular and conventional laptop, it is very and I repeat, very important for you to go with one that carries specifications that suit your person or suits your reason of purchase. A regular user cannot or let me say does not need to use the kind of processors a gamer, graphics designer or video editor might need to use or let me say a regular user might not be looking for specifications that a music producer would be looking for when it comes to audio output & productivity. As mentioned earlier, having an Intel brand processor makes it very good at handling complex and resource-heavy processes better than any other processor although as a regular device user, you might not really need it. Also having it run on a Windows operating system helps you achieve a lot than if you are stuck with any other combo.


This is the last but not the least; it is the last but actually the most important – or what essence it is reading through specs and a guide when you don’t even have the cash to do anything. This factor is what should actually be your biggest consideration and bother. Don’t think that because you feel you need the flexibility of a convertible laptop then you should give a shut eye to the price. It might hurt you to later find out that buying a laptop and a tablet separately was actually cheaper than the 2-in-1 laptop you already bought. Set your priorities right, plan your budget, do well to see if you need what you are planning to purchase; don’t get seduced by any guide or the mind blowing specs or whatever that would make you slip and spend all of your savings. Remember, you will still need more gears like the one I earlier mentioned if you want to get the best of productivity from these convertible laptops.


Without much ado, I just want to say my best recommendation is the Lenovo Yoga 920. Apart from being such a great 2-in-1 laptop, I have noticed that not only me but a lot of editors and reviewers have also considered it as the best convertible computer you should consider for purchase. Its design is beautiful, its build is solid and metallic and it is still of a lightweight. The hinges of the Yoga 920 are just different from what you will see on the others. It is also pocket friendly and the type you can fit into your budget. It also features variety of ports – both the rare ones and the expected ones – all perfectly positioned. It would have even being more better if more USB ports were included though or even a SD card port but all the same; it is still very good- Just buy it and come back to thank me.

These things are not just laptops and they are not just laptops – they are actually both and they have actually been in the market for a long time. What brought them into recognition are the few upgrades made on flexibility and other features. I will just love to advice that if you are reading this guide now then you should save up to get yours now. The world is evolving; you don’t want to be left when everyone has moved on.


In conclusion, there are many extra features that you might be thinking about but please what is very important and should be a priority when making a purchase are specifications and productivity except if you are just buying the convertible laptop for show off reasons. Follow this guide and you should have no problem.

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