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Best Computer For College Student:Expert Advice(2019)


computer for college student would be something different from what is required of school children. While the need for research and completing projects online has become a trend in high school as well, with college days the requirements of students become more demanding from the computing world or from the best computer for college student. The need for online coursework completion, research and other computing requirements are varied for different college courses. At the same time, many wish to have a light, versatile computer with them that they can carry around as they walk around campus but have reliable storage and handling capabilities.

Hand-Picked: Best Computer For College Student Comparison Chart

Need interpretation: Computer for college student, do you really need?

It is best to ask a college student what he or she requires when purchasing a computer for them. While the hardware, graphics and memory capabilities need to be a standard level, there are different software requirements that college students have.

What kind of computers do you want?

College students have varied requirements from their computers, depending on the kind of course they pursue and other interests they have. Someone pursuing technical or computing courses would need to have different operating system software as well as other computing or coding setup. Safety issues are also paramount in such computers where college students work upon their projects and save their completed assignments. There are certain basic requirements in terms of hardware, operating system, memory and graphics card features that need to be of a standard level to handle varied computing tasks.

What’s your main uses?

At the time of choosing a computer for college student, you should know what they need. If they are into gaming, there is a certain processing speed, memory space and graphic card dimensions that they would require as well as screen resolution and other features. For those into computing and technical courses, there might be need to run coding and other software programs for which the operating system needs to be of a certain make and configuration and so forth.

Features you should know

Features that a college laptop or computer should have are the following:

  1. Processing power and memory capabilities should be up to date with the option to expand
  2. The operating system should be loaded as per course and research work requirements
  3. Apps or programs need to be loaded as per ease of doing course work or assignments
  4. The computer should provide secure access to the internet as well as several options to connect with networks as created in many college forums
  5. The design of the laptop or computer should be lightweight and sturdy to allow easy portability

Seven Best computers for college student: Comparison table, list, top picks

While the top picks among computer for college student in this article include the MacBook, chrome book, surface book and other gaming PCs and laptop versions for college students, here we list for you the popular best sellers:

  1. Lenovo yoga 920
  2. HP Spectre x360
  3. Dell XPS 15
  4. Apple 15 inch MacBook pro
  5. Microsoft surface laptop
  6. HP chrome book
  7. Asus Vivobook

In the following sections we have outlined similar models and talked about their features, what to expect from them and how these models can benefit those who are moving to college.

How we picked & tested

Here we present you top 11 choices when it comes to computer for college student. From laptops, desktop computers, tablets to Chromebooks, we present you reviews of the best products in these categories that offer the ideal features required for course work and other interests as befit college students. These have been tested based on their performance and hardware aspects as well as feedback and popularity of the models from the market.

Best laptop computers for college student

What would define the best laptop computer for a college student? It would be laptops that have slim designs with HD screens and graphics card specifications that can handle gaming and similar processing requirements. With standard memory and motherboard capabilities, these have been handpicked so that college students can choose to use them as per the kind of course work they need to do, inclusive of loading programs and OS of their choice.

Top 1: ASUS Zenbook Ultra Slim Laptop – slim and trend

About this best computer for college student

There is much to love about this laptop, from its design to its ultra HD and other features. This ultra slim laptop from ASUS has a cool appearance that will appeal to any trendy college student.


The main features of this laptop include its 13.3 inch that is full HD; it is fitted with an 8th gen Intel processor and 8 GB RAM. It is fitted with an SSD card of 256 GB along with a backlit keyboard. With an anti-glare and fingerprint reader features, you would be having a laptop that does not leave you wanting in any latest feature. It comes with the standard connectivity features including micro HDMI and USB slots.

The Good: What We Like

  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Wide view and display of 1920 x 1080
  • Comes with pre installed OS Windows 10
  • Fingerprint reader as well as one touch login feature that is part of the windows hello offering

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Some users have complained about the touchpad being less sensitive
  • SSD performance could be faster
  • Ethernet option is missing

Bottom Line:It is easy to see why this laptop would be a choice as computer for college student. The lightweight, slim design of the laptop makes it attractive to youngsters and easy to move around with. The latest 8th gen Intel processor and standard memory space will ensure that you have enough capabilities for standard computing tasks..


Top 2 Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop – versatile gaming PC

About this best computer for college student

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop for collegeAcer computers are known for their standard features and durability and this particular model of a gaming laptop provides you the right balance of performance and speed.  The features of this gaming laptop are mentioned below for your reference.


It comes fitted with an Intel quad core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card. The computer has a full HD screen of 15.6 inches. It comes with 16 GB memory and SSD of 256 GB. The keyboard has a red backlit feature and is also a VR ready model. The laptop comes complete with a wide screen full HD display.

The Good: What We Like

  • Being a gaming laptop design, its processor and graphics are superior than standard models
  • Battery life is good, even if you are gaming on it for a long time
  • Price is good for a laptop of such dimensions

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Sound system could have been better
  • Cooling system poorly designed
  • Only a single USB 3.0 port included

Bottom Line:There is much to love about this gaming laptop as computer for college student. The ultra wide HD screen of 17 inches gives you greater resolution which would make gaming and audio visual entertainment quite attractive. You will also enjoy the ease of doing standard computing tasks on this laptop with the processing power and memory space included.


Top 3 Apple 15” MacBook Pro – Macbook for students

About this best computer for college student

Top 3 Apple 15” MacBook Pro – Macbook for studentsAn apple MacBook is a dream computer for college student and this latest version has several reasons why they will want it even more. Listed below are the features you can expect out of it which makes it the ideal MacBook model to opt for a college student.


Its features include a 15 inch widescreen display with retina properties. The touch bar feature is another aspect that is unique in this MacBook. It comes with the Intel core i7 quad core processor along with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. The screen is brighter, the disk speed is great and audio features have been improved upon.

The Good: What We Like

  • It is a well built and attractive model
  • It is a light and thin model that is perfect to carry around
  • Retina screen is bright and colorful
  • Audio quality has been improved upon
  • Disk speed is better

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • It is an expensive model, especially as it comes with a touch bar
  • Memory card slot is missing
  • Battery life is short

Bottom Line:You will not need much convincing when it comes to choosing this laptop as a top pick among computer for college student. With the new addition of the touch pad and a brighter retina display, this MacBook is a pleasure to use. You will enjoy the thin and well built design that makes it handy to take it along with you wherever you wish to.

Brief summary

The above section highlights three popular laptop models from ASUS, ACER and Apple. All three have some unique features to offer; from ultra HD widescreen displays to touch bar features, all come with impressive processing power and standard memory and graphics card features. You can choose as per your personal preference and budget.

Best desktop computers for college student

Looking for a desktop computer for college student? This would probably be the main device on which most coursework assignments and projects would be accomplished. As more and more college assignments become dependent on the computer, from printed project sheets to soft copies of completed assignments mailed to professors, this is an imperative educational tool. Those who are working on technical or computer engineering courses, there is a need for certain programs to run on the computers or the need for a more robust OS.

As a result, when you are buying a desktop computer for your college girl or boy, ensure that the processor speed, graphics card configuration and memory specifications are at par and can handle diverse tasks and programs loaded and running on the computer.

Top 1 CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gxivr8020a5 Desktop Gaming PC – Gamer Xtreme model

About this best computer for college student

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A5 Desktop Gaming PC for collegeThis computer comes ready with all that you need to game as well as run programs that need good processing power. Whether you wish to game on the PC or have gruelling computing tasks, this computer can handle versatile tasks with ease.


This gaming pc model from CyberPowerPC comes with Intel i5-8400 6 core processor. It is fitted with a graphics card that is AMD RX 580 4GB. It has ram of 8 GB DDR4 and 1 TB main memory. With the Windows 10 Home edition pre loaded, this computer is VR ready.

The Good: What We Like

  • It comes with an attractive design
  • The latest CPU model of 8th gen will ensure good performance for long
  • From gaming to running complex software, it can handle different computing tasks

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • SSD storage not available
  • Expandable options limited

Bottom Line:This computer for college student is testimony to how CyberPowerPC builds gaming machines that are inexpensive but powerful. This range of gaming desktops from this brand are VR ready and come with latest components. It would aid your youngster in doing their complex college assignments with ease and be able to enjoy high level gaming including loading of VR software


Top 2 Apple iMac with Retina 5K display – an elegant iMac computer

About this best computer for college student

Apple iMac with Retina 5K displayThis is a simple and elegant iMac that has all the standard features that a college student could ask for in a desktop PC computer for college student.


All in one and a slim design packs in a ton of features that makes the system powerful. It comes pre loaded with Mac OS X of the 10.6.1 version. With a widescreen TFT display of 1920 x 1080 resolutions, you will find the computer to be an attractive design with appealing images and video output as well as great audio features.

The Good: What We Like

  • Intel core 2 duo processor ensures good processing speed and performance
  • Graphic card performance is better that makes gaming and the running of audio visual files a pleasure to watch
  • Slim design with ultra wide display

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Expansion options are limited

Bottom Line:You would not need much convincing to invest in this apple iMac. With a slim, elegant design, ultra wide display and other standard features, it has all that is required for running standard computing tasks. The computer can handle all that a college student needs, from running standard programs to even gaming and versatile browsing requirements

Brief summary

The above section showcases two computer models that are ideal for college students. While CyberPowerPC offers gaming PC models that are VR ready and at affordable prices, Apple iMac comes with all standard features as well as a slim design that would appeal to most youngsters.

Best tablet computers for college student

There are several reasons why tablet computers are preferred by college students. While desktop PCs and standard laptops are choices earlier, with greater processing power and memory space in tablet computers, all standard computing tasks can be done by tablet computers as well. These come in compact designs and can support most standard programs that are required for projects and assignments in college. With several connectivity options and HD displays, these gadgets help lighten the burden for young adults who need to commute or travel long distances to work or for classes.

Top1 Google Pixelbook – Pixelbook for students

About this best computer for college student

Google Pixelbook FOR COLLEGEAny student would be thrilled to be in possession of the Google Pixelbook as computer for college student. With Google assistant as a built in feature, all you need is use the assistant key on your device to lookup any program as well as browse for anything on the internet.


Fitted with an i5 processor, it comes with standard memory space of 8 GB ram with 256 GB SSD. It is considered a Chromebook of high performance. The processor is of the 7th gen and Intel core i5; it also comes with versatile design that allows it to turn into a laptop, tent, tablet as well as provide different entertainment modes.

The Good: What We Like

  • It comprises of a lightweight and thin design
  • It is fitted with Corning Gorilla Glass to make it resistant to beaks and falls
  • Chrome OS provides automatic updates for antivirus protection

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • The Pixelbook pen is not as effective as desired
  • Audio performance could be better

Bottom Line:One hardly needs to be convincing when it comes to investing in the Pixelbook. However, if you have the budget for it and are okay with using cloud storage options, mostly as well as needing to browse and email or send across files through the networks, then this device will fit the bill.


Top 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-Inch – reliable tablet with S Pen

About this best computer for college student

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-Inch, 32GB Tablet FOR COLLEGESamsung Galaxy Tabs need no introduction in their popularity and as top choices of most customers. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a 9.7 inch screen. Listed below are the features you can expect out of this model.


It has memory space of 32 GB that offers you enough space to save all your files, whether they are of work or for entertainment purposes; other unique aspects are its super AMOLED display which offers deep contrast and vividness. The S pen is more responsive and precise and does not need to be charged. You can create, navigate and translate with the pen without any limitations.

The Good: What We Like

  • Its AMOLED display of high definition and clarity
  • Quad speakers are powerful and effective
  • It can be paired with a keyboard for added efficiency in typing work

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • It is an expensive gadget to buy
  • There is no water resistance

Bottom Line:This tablet computer is a device to bank upon which will give you an edge over a smart phone and help you with standard computing tasks while on the move. If you are looking to have a reliable gadget with you that can help you save your files and share them to others on the move, this is the gadget you need…

Brief summary

The above section highlights two popular tablet devices that can act as mobile computing devices for the users or work as computer for college student. The features of these are enough to save enough of files and work as required; simple computing tasks can also be managed on them on the go which ensures that one has a replacement for a laptop as and when they need one.

Best 2 in 1 computers for college student

The benefits of touch and type can come in handy for youngsters who want good looking as well as the latest technology devices. With gadgets like Windows Surface or Chromebook, you get a lot of features as well as the added advantage of swiping screens across with a touch of your hand or by using the keyboard.

These computers do not compromise on what is important as well. With the latest processors fitted with them as well as standard memory space, students will find the right speed and performance as required, whether they are completing technical projects or working on research papers on these laptop computers. Sleek designs and lightweight bodies ensure that students can pack in a lot more along with such laptop computers in their backpack. Whether they are traveling or simply in class, these laptop computers have become the first choice for most.

Top1 Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Surface laptop of the latest edition

About this best computer for college student

There is much to say about the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and it would not need much convincing for those who are looking for a trendy and modern laptop computer. This Surface Book version comes with more power and is designed with a unique PixelSense display that makes everything look amazing on the 15 inch touch screen of this computer for college student.


When you opt for the Surface Book 2 you will find it fitted with an 8th gen Intel quad core i7 processor. There is 512 GB of standard storage as well as 16 GB of RAM provided. It has battery life that can even support video playback for 17 hours.

The Good: What We Like

  • Long lasting battery life
  • Processing power is faster than first gen models
  • Enhanced graphics and stunning display due to PixelSense technology
  • Lightweight with a highly responsive touch screen

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Ram could be more
  • The screen being 15 inches, wobbles slightly when moved around

Bottom Line:There is not much to say to convince anyone to buy the Microsoft Surface book 2 as a computer for college student. Fitted with an 8th gen Intel quad core i7 processor, it guarantees great speed and performance for the users. It promises long lasting battery life that is an advantage. The responsive touch screen makes it a pleasure to browse when you are not using the keyboard to type on standard computing tasks..


Top 2 Acer Aspire AIO Touch Desktop – latest of the touch desktop series

About this best computer for college student

Top 2 Acer Aspire AIO Touch Desktop – latest of the touch desktop seriesIf you are looking at touch desktops, this is a computer worth looking at as computer for college student.


The Acer Aspire comes with 23.8” screen that is full HD and with touch capabilities. It is fitted with an Intel core i5 processor; the memory space being 12 GB DDR4 as well as 1 TB of hard disk, there is enough memory and processing power for large computing tasks. It is fitted with windows 10 home edition that makes it a standard OS to depend upon, no matter what the level of complexity at the time of running different programs and projects.

The Good: What We Like

  • A versatile design
  • Stunning display of 1080p
  • Harmon Kardon speakers inbuilt provide impressive sound

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • It is a slightly heavy device to carry around compared to competing devices
  • Battery life could be better

Bottom Line:There are several reasons to opt for this reliable model from Acer as computer for college student. It is not only built for use by youngsters, but can be a family computer as well. With viewing angles that are wide and display stunning, the audio visual entertainment on this computer is impressive. With standard processing power and more than adequate storage space, any college student will be able to run different kinds of programs and complete diverse assignments on it

Brief summary

The above section highlights two versatile tablet or laptop computers that can provide you all that you need. From touch and keyboard features these computers combine the features of tablets and laptops as well as that of desktop PCs. With versatile features and lightweight body designs, the above two products are popular choices among youngsters of today.

Best Chromebook computers for college student

ChromeBook computers are the latest offerings in the market for computer for college student. These are built for the new generation of students who mostly work online as well as need to interact with cloud applications. Hence, the processing power and storage space requirements are less as compared Chromebook computers required

ASUS Chromebook C202sa-Ys02– experience the power of Chrome

About this best computer for college student

ASUS Chromebook C202sa-Ys02– experience the power of ChromeThe ASUS Chromebook will help you get a glimpse of what you can get from a Chromebook that is much talked about these days. This particular model is a rugged and water resistant design; it can turn 180 degrees even.


It comes with Intel Celeron 4 GB processor and memory makeup. The 16 GB expandable memory option makes this Chromebook all that you need when you want a versatile browsing and networking experience. From versatile applications that you can use on Chrome to an 11 inch anti glare display, all this and more come your way in this Chromebook.

The Good: What We Like

  • It has a water resistant design
  • It can be turned 180 degrees
  • It offers 10 hours battery life

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • It is comparatively a heavier design
  • The touch screen is not present

Bottom Line:The ASUS Chromebook offers all that Google has to provide through its Chromebook series. With the stability and durability of ASUS hardware, you can get the most out of this Chromebook as computer for college student. The embedded apps will not leave you wanting for any standard computing program.


Samsung Chromebook 3 –power of Chrome by Samsung

About this best computer for college student

Samsung Chromebook 3 –power of Chrome by SamsungSamsung is not behind in providing the latest Chromebook offerings and this is the latest of the series of chromebooks out there.


It has standard features that allow one to do all that they need to, from standard computing tasks to finding the right memory, processing power and graphics configuration for gaming to running other entertainment applications. It comes with an 11.6 inch screen, 4 GB RAM and 16 GB expandable memory option.

The Good: What We Like

  • This laptop is spill resistant and easy to use
  • This laptop comes in a very lightweight model

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Advantages of windows OS are missing in Chromebook
  • Ideal for browsing and networking tasks mostly

Bottom Line:This is a top pick as computer for college student for several reasons. As college students mainly need to work on the go, communicate or stay connected with others and can work from cloud storage bases, Chromebook models can be ideal for them. With the standard processing power and memory, this device will serve any average college student’s requirements well..

Brief summary

The above section showcases two popular Chromebook models that college students can look at. Both are durable and spill resistant designs that make them easy to carry around and handle without having to exert extra protective measures. Chromebooks are great for standard computing tasks, browsing and research requirements which most college students have.

Choice time: I will choose ASUS Zen Book and you?


There are several reasons why this ultra slim laptop can be the best buy as computer for college student. For such a stage in life, attractive and lightweight design of a computer would appeal quite a lot. As students are always on the go, they need to have an ultra light device that would ideally have versatile features like a wide HD display and be able to pack in all the standard computing requirements at the same time.


This laptop does not cringe on processing power or memory as tablet PCs tend to. Along with a 13.3 inch screen, it comes with an 8th gen Intel processor; the 8 GB ram ensures standard memory space along with the SSD option. Whether you need to run computing programs or compose presentation files, this computer for college student can handle standard to complex computing tasks and run multiple programs at once and with ease.


The Zen book not only gives you cool looks and superior processing power, it also provides all kinds of connectivity options. From standard USB and HDMI slots to anti glare screen and fingerprint reader options, this computer will not leave you wanting anything more. Most models come fitted with windows 10 home edition that is an added bonus.

Know more about: Read best gaming desktop ultimate buyer’s guide

If you wish to go further and invest in a gaming desktop, we have a detailed guide on that. While a standard gaming PC can be your choice as a college student’s laptop, you could explore the option of putting together a gaming PC, whether a basic one or one that has superior processing power a gaming PC will surely be your answer to any level of multimedia applications you are looking to run on it.

Final words

This article is about the best computer choices for college students. Accordingly, we have highlighted what are the trends, lightweight as well as the latest in computing prowess and speed. Hence, young adults can get the best of both worlds as well as have options even within a modest budget for a computer for college student.

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