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Best Computers For Kids: Expert’s Definitive Buyer’s Guide(2019)


The best computers for kids might not be that easy to get. As more people migrate towards digital everything, the education, like many other areas, is also deep diving into the same. As of today, the app stores for Windows, Mac, and Android have something for all age groups. Even, there are apps to get acquainted with apps. The revolution is unlike any we had ever seen in the past. To find computers for kids that can help them connect with the revolution you need to learn some.

Best computers for kids: Comparison table, list, top picks

In the best computers for kids guide 2019 we tell you some basics. First, you need to find out the necessity of the device and the purpose. It helps to understand the expense you have to take care of. Keeping several factors in mind, we have compiled a list.

How we picked & tested?

The above list is compiled using reviews, considering all age groups and the best one for them. This involves taking into consideration portability, school work, fun, recreation and just learning to use a computer. Learning user feedback is always a great thing to understand the quality of a product to be your computers for kids. Finally, affordability is also on the list.

Those computers

Finding the best product from the overwhelming computer market is not an easy task. And, more than that to confirm if you even should get your kid one? These are some questions that we will be addressing today.

How old is your child?

Younger children often put fewer demands for a laptop. Mostly, it is for recreation because many have one in their class. Often, for some school work and if their teacher asks to do something for homework. A smaller screen, a small keyboard, and overall a smaller yet durable laptop would be ideal. While, older children would do more such as more games, more work and more, small kids are also to take less care of the electronic device.

What will your child do with the laptop?

A rule to good parenting is to be aware and have full knowledge of what your kid wants a computer for? Is it just because other kids have? Does he want to use instant messaging, email, chats with other kids? Or, he wishes to play games? If games, what sort of games? Does he plan to buy them from stores or download them online? We are not necessarily saying you to oblige, however.

Does your child’s school or teacher recommend a particular type of laptop?

A little asking here and there might help you understand the reason your kid has been asking for a laptop. Has their teacher or school asked to get one? If yes, what sort of? You can always buy a more robust one, but not something that is less capable. Some school has laid out instructions and also encourages to bring them to school for work. Talk you your kids to know everything well. Therefore, purchasing computers for kids need attention.

Best computers for kids: Which one you should choose?

To compile this best computers for kids guide 2019 we have spent hours doing research on various choices of models and products from companies. There are so many of them that it gets difficult to pick one. Also, finding reviews and feedback is a time-consuming process.

Top 1 Tanoshi 2 in 1 Tablet Reviews – Young Spirit

This is a simple but large tablet that can also be converted to a laptop of full size with a sturdy keyboard and mouse panel. Better to get more flexible ones that your kid can use such as the Android OS. It is simple enough.

About this best computers for kids

Tanoshi 2 in 1 Tablet for kidsThis is a good example of flexible computers for kids. To be able to put forth parental controls is one of the innovative features of the computer. This is easy to set up and you can also monitor it from an app on your phone. So, everything right in place.


It comes with 10.1-inch HD touch screen which is much bigger than conventional 7-inch laptops. This is easy on the eyes too. It is decent for small games, internet, and education apps for your kid. It can be docked to a full-size keyboard. It is for ages 6 to 12.

The Good: What We Like

  • 1-inch touch screen
  • HD resolution
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Parental controls app
  • Pre-loaded with kids education app
  • 32 GB memory for storage
  • Good for kids aged 6 to 12

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Not for older kids
  • Runs Android 7, quite old
  • Small screen size
  • Small inbuilt memory
  • Less powerful laptop, good tablet though

Bottom Line:This serves a diverse age group starting from 6 years to 12 years. You can use it anywhere as a tablet and also for more extended use. It is super-portable and flexible. It also has all apps from Android Play Store and, very affordable indeed with a solid build..

Top 2 HP Stream Laptop PC Reviews – Suit your style

About this best computers for kids

HP Stream Laptop PC 11-y010nr for kidsWith up to two expressive colors, aqua blue and purple, this new Stream laptops have more power to perform. It is slimmer than ever and portable too. It gets your kid up to 10 hours of battery life, the whole day through school with ease.


The laptop has an Intel Celeron processor with 4 GB of RAM. This is a lightweight combination which explains the huge battery life. Then, it comes with crispy gorgeous design, attractive and durable build for school kids abuse. Finally, comes with preloaded MS Office and Windows 10.

The Good: What We Like

  • Windows 10 laptop PC
  • 6 and 14-inch screen size options
  • 32 GB eMMC, USB port for external hard drive
  • 1 TB cloud storage of Microsoft
  • 1 year MS Office
  • Celeron N3060 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • CPU is less powerful for multitasking, gaming applications
  • Ideal for school work, but less inbuilt storage
  • Not upgradable

Bottom Line:Basically a good companion for school, it is portable, slim, lasts a whole day. It also comes bundled with Windows 10, MS Office 365 tools like PowerPoint, Word and more. A good combination of everything your kid needs at school. Of course, based on their age, it can be a great purchase.

Top 3 Fire HD Kids Tablet Reviews – Infancy fantasy

About this best computers for kids

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Computers for kidsIt is one of the best computers for kids if you have someone younger than 6 years old. They don’t need much except a play time and learning tool. This is a great and sturdy build tablet with a big and bright display and kid-proof case.


It is a pretty decent purchase for your kids from 3 to 5 years old. It comes with lots of pre-loaded content over internets such as stories and all. A great fun and learning time for small kids, nothing too much such as a full-blown laptop. It is from Amazon with Parent Dashboard and 15,000 kids apps.

The Good: What We Like

  • It is pretty durable with kids-proof case
  • Comes with 1 yr Amazon FreeTime
  • 2 Year worry-free guarantee
  • HD 8 inch tablet
  • 32-inch base storage, with 256 GB expandable with SD card
  • 12+ hours battery life

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Good for 3 to 5 years old, not for older
  • Not ideal for school work, internet etc.

Bottom Line:This is the best computers for kids because of various reasons. One is the smaller aged group kids. They do not need a keyboard for writing documents or PowerPoint. They just need an introduction to using these devices and learning apps. A parental control is a must

Top 4 Kano Computer Kit Reviews – DIY computer For Kids

About this best computers for kids

Kano Computer Kit Complete Make a laptop It is a new kind of a computer. It comes with different parts like a CPU, speaker, plugs and wires and DIY storyboard. It can be plugged in like Lego bricks, powered on and it starts. What more? Your kid can learn to code as well, apart from electronics.


This is a microcontroller with Raspberry Pi, a speaker, a bunch of cords with USB and other connectors. Some memory cards, stickers, colorful keyboard with mouse and boxes. When you open it, you know the difference. It is a DIY computer. You have videos too.

The Good: What We Like

  • Just under $150 computer
  • Kano OS
  • Power cables, wireless mouse, keyboard, and DIY guide
  • Can browse the internet, use YouTube, Google Maps, Codeacademy and more
  • Lifetime Care and 1-year warranty
  • For ages 6 and more

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Not for generic computer coding, gaming and stuff
  • Not Windows OS or Mac based laptop, for kids

Bottom Line:This is one of the most innovative ways to teach your kid electronics, DIY kit with a microcontroller. The Rasberry PI is a wonderful thing. Your kid can learn to code it and do amazing school projects when not using the computer. Later, you can get a big gaming rig..

Top 5 Leapfrog My Own Leaptop Reviews – Your kindergarten computer

About this best computers for kids

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop,Best computers for kidsIt is a very cute and small kids-oriented laptop best for kindergarten and nursery kids. It has alphabets to learn them with pictures, keyboard to type and press and learn to use one. It is a great playtime companion for nursery kids, one of the best computers for kids, indeed.


You can teach your kid to learn alphabets, spell various things and all using pictures. It has a sturdy build quality that can take all abuses. It also has songs that are preloaded with various melodies for singing practice. Also, it has pretended emails that can be sent and received.

The Good: What We Like

  • 4 learning modes: games, ABCs, messages, music
  • Sturdy and durable build quality, colorful appearance
  • Learn songs with 16 songs with melodies
  • Send and receive pretend emails
  • Easy to use buttons

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Not the usual computer, but for nursery and kindergarten kids
  • Mostly a toy computer with functionalities

Bottom Line:This Leapfrog is a great companion for beginners and kids as a computer to learn basic things. It helps to get acquainted with the things like using a keyboard, monitor and other parts of a computer. A great form factor, bright colors for overall appeal to kids. Although, it may be a bit pricey.

Top 6 LeapFrog 7” Tablet Reviews – Your baby tablet

About this best computers for kids

LeapFrog. LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet for kidsIt is the most advanced Android tablet in the market aimed at kids between 6 to 9 years old. It grows with their learning ability with kid-favorite apps, LeapFrog’s own browser, and world-class kids safe internet. Of course, you have 3 levels of parental controls too.


It is a 7-inch tablet based on Android 4. It comes with a shatterproof LCD screen and a hard case for covering bumps and drops.  It also comes with a quad-core processor that is powerful enough to keep up with your kids learning and exploring. This has 16 GB memory too.

The Good: What We Like

  • 16 GB internal memory
  • Quad core CPU
  • Android OS
  • LeapFrog internet browser
  • 3 level parental control
  • 7-inch multi-touch shatterproof screen
  • Dual 2 MP camera
  • 20 kid-favorite android apps preloaded
  • Wi-Fi

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Not for school work like HP Stream
  • Ideal for up to 9 years old kids only
  • Could be bigger, like 10-inch
  • Old OS version

Bottom Line:This could be the go-to compute for your kid if he is between the age ranges. It is a good product with a safe browser, controls and more. A great pass time for learning and playing games. It is certainly a great computers for kids at an affordable price..

Top 7 Atoah 7 Mini Netbook Reviews – Kid’s internet portal

About this best computers for kids

Atoah7 Inch Mini Netbook VIA8880 Android 4.4.2Jellybean Laptop ComputerIt is a colorful, bright and attractive small 7-inch laptop, or basically a tablet with a keyboard, mouse and all. It is not detachable though, but a mini laptop. Extremely portable, hence and runs Android OS 4. It has an HDMI port to connect to the TV as well and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Your kid can do anything he wishes to login to email, Facebook, twitter and more use the browser. It is an Android 4 tablet with all components of a laptop. Your kid can download Netflix App and watch movies. Also, they can record videos and save it to the SD card.

The Good: What We Like

  • 4 GB internal storage
  • 2 USB ports, mini HDMI port
  • VGA camera
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity
  • SD card for external storage
  • Normal size keyboard
  • Fixed hinge durable screen

The Bad: What We Don't Like

  • Not a school work computer like HP Stream
  • Small for starters for ages up to 11
  • Very old OS, limited app support

Bottom Line:This is one of the similar products as our top pick, but lacks in building quality, screen size, OS, memory and other areas. Therefore, it is more of a budget conscious purchase and yet an introduction to the internet, online accounts, and more. It is fair enough computers for kids

Brief summary

One of the important things to consider is their age and their purpose. There are computers and toys for all ages, so beware of that fact before purchasing anything. A $150 can get you a full-blown HP Stream and also LeapFrog but, one is very powerful while the other is not.

How to buy computers for kids

In order to help parents make a decision here are some basic question that you might consider. Often, the requirements can be broken down into pieces and talk to your kid is the best way to deal with them one by one. Finally, choose the best configuration, specs and technical wise, for gifting them one.

Does it have a pressure-sensitive stylus?

One of the best practices for kids could be to link their offline experiences to the online ones. This is a crucial factor here when purchasing laptop computers for your kid. It might be a gut feeling that a pen tablet is a waste of money, but for various reasons, this is the link. For example, it helps them write as normally as they would on a paper. The palm rejection technology helps them rest their palm while handwriting or doodling on the screen.

To be one of the best computers for kids, you have to understand as a parent their relationship with these computing tools is more than just an idiot box. Today, your kid has to compete with digital counterparts at school and at play. But, that does not mean that you get anything extravagant for them. There are quite a few options in the market with pressure sensitive pens, such as Microsoft Surface, Toshiba Encore, and Asus ZenPad. You need to spend some more money than the basic ones, however.

Moving a mouse has been just cumbersome and it is really painful. As a means of communication where small kids are learning to write on a screen, they are merely learning and it is the same with pen and paper had been for centuries. Also, some products like the ZenPad’s pen is really wonderful to use. There is a plethora of open source software and apps that can be used to learn to draw, paint, and write.

Is it a 2-in-1 or just touch screen?

If you don’t have the budget to get the best pen tablets, you can always go for a range of computers called as 2-in-1. Because they are detachable tablets that can fit a keyboard and mouse assembly to become a full-blown computer. Or, you can remove it and use it as a simple tablet. It is more about flexibility. For your child, you can lay it out straight on a table and use an external stylus from the market can help it learn drawing, practice handwriting and more. A touch screen is a great advantage in this, and a 2-in-1 is definitely what you should consider getting for your kid.

One of the best products in this category is the Lenovo Mix series of computers for kids. This is a detachable one. Then, you can go for other brands too but they may be costly too. Again, for a stylus, you can use third-party brands that have wonderful products too. These just pressure sensitive rubbery or plastic tips that can be used to do everything that a finger on a touch screen would do, except that your kid can write letters, sentences and draw which is not possible with a mouse or fingers. The multi-touch is also not useful for the same.

A great set of accessories like sleeves for the tablet, protective case, and padded cases must also be purchased for kids are bound to be naughty with them.

Does it have rear-facing cameras for scanning documents or taking pictures?

There are several apps like CoWriter that can help suggest useful tips and help your kid complete their homework. For example, a rear facing camera can be used to scan their handwriting and let the app make tips and help him out. You might also have heard of Microsoft OneNote and Kami. These are very helpful apps in this regard. After all, it’s all about helping your kids learn more to learn right.

For those who like to write using speech, CoWriter’s speech recognition can help your kids do more in less time. Many times your mind is faster than your fingers and this would be really helpful to maintain the creative flow. This app also has many predictive inputs to correct words, spellings and more with any computers for kids.

Can parents control the device remotely in real time?

It is a really difficult task to let your kids have the freedom of using the device and still be vigilant of what is going on, which he is interacting with and everything else. As a parent, you cannot compromise with cyber security and safety of your kid online and offline.

Fortunately, there are many apps in the App Store, Play Store that can help you monitor their devices, their usage pattern and many others things using an app on your smart phone without any interference when he is working on it.

In which ways can my kid learn to code with this?

There are lots of tools available today using online websites and downloaded software that can be used to learn to code. Most of the efficient learning platforms today are Codeacademy, Khan Academy, and Tree House.

These do not need any installation or other settings and your kid can simply start using the internet browser and learn to start coding. These can be done using our top pic 2-in-1 laptop and also using Asus Chromebooks and HP Stream. As these have bigger screens, these are more useful than the smaller 7 or 8-inch computers. These are not the best computers for kids in terms of coding.

And, go for computers that are lightweight and runs for 10 hours on a single charge. This is really helpful so that your kid can focus on working and learning that about running after a charging point and cooling your laptop with coolers. All bigger laptops and gaming laptops have these issues.

What type of creative tools can my child access with this new computer/tablet?

Thankfully, there are companies that are making DIY gaming kits based on an Arduino and Raspberry Pi that can be programmed to do games like ping pong and snakes.

A computer can help your kid learn a lot of creative tools right out of the box with these external kits and accessories. There is something called the Light Blue Bean and the Makey Makey Go that can be programmed to do stuff on its own. You might want to watch some videos online to get to know these things. More specifically, your options are limitless.

Know more about: Read best ultimate buyer’s guide

In this best computer for kids guide 2018 version we have added more info regarding things that you can do, products that you can buy and the choices that you can make to get your kid the best computer as a gift. It is a computing tool that is linked to their life from the start like their textbook and school ID.

Final words

In all, I shall mention that talking to your kids and finding the purpose is the starting point. After that finding out the use, teaching them to use apps, or DIY kits can be the next step. The first purchase of computers for kids is not that tough a job.

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