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Best DXRacer Gaming Chair:[Racing,PC]10 Hand-Picked (2019 Updated)

dxracer gaming chair

If you are looking for the best dxracer gaming chair here, I bring you a comprehensive guide of the different DXRacer gaming chair models available in the market as well as helpful product reviews in the same category. You will get to know the features that distinguish a good gaming chair from another and what you can expect from the different DXRacer chair series in the market. You will get to know about the essential features and what factors you need to look out for when making such a purchase.

10 best DXRacer gaming chair I picked in 2019

Here you will find the best DXRacer series gaming chairs discussed with a focus on what makes each series special. You will get to know the different features of each series from the summaries mentioned under each series. This will help you differentiate between the different product lines that this brand offers.

How I picked these DXRacer gaming chairs?

If you are wondering how I have made my choice regarding the different best DXRacer gaming chair series, that is based on the popularity of the product lines and the special features that each product line offers. There are attractive designs of gaming chairs to look at in each series and the ergonomic aspects are distinct. Hence, those who are looking at gaming chairs to invest in, here are some popular series discussed of this reputed brand and key features in each.

DXRacer gaming chair: Brand reading

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want the best accessories to allow you to game in comfort, you need nothing but the best. That is where DXRacer comes in. This brand introduced the first gaming chair in the market, a requirement that was developed as the world of sports and gaming emerged. Today this premium brand is known to be the forerunner in this segment. They have several series of gaming chair models that customers can look at. In general, here are some key features to look out for when you are purchasing a gaming chair:

  1. Adjustability is the key feature to ensure that you are seated comfortably while gaming.
  2. Height control is another feature that these gaming chairs offers which can help provide you headrest at the right level.
  3. Adjusting the armrest is another feature that these chairs offer which ensures support for your arms and wrists.
  4. Backrest is also a key factor to look into as it ensures support and comfort for your back and spine.

The above points are the main aspects to consider when purchasing a gaming chair.

Part #1 The key players: 9 Series DXRacer gaming chair

Here you will find the nine popular DXRacer gaming chair series discussed. These comprise of the Formula Series, Racing Series, King Series, Boss Series, Origin Series, Sentinel Series, Iron Series, Classic Series and the Drifting Series. You will find the main features of each series highlighted in a concise manner that helps you understand the distinct aspects of each category of gaming chairs.

DXRacer Formula series gaming chair

The DXRacer gaming chair Formula Series is comprised of gaming chairs in the mid budget range. These chairs are priced below $280 which makes them affordable models from this premier gaming chair brand. You will not be compromising on features as well since these chairs come with tilt limiter, lumbar support cushions and removable headrest. The high back design ensures that the full back receives support.

DXRacer Racing series gaming chair

The chair designs in this series comprise of chairs that can cover tall users easily, extending up to a height of 190 cm. The casters on the chairs comprise of soft and hard surfaces that ensure comfort and adequate lumbar support as well. The series comprises of comprehensive warranty, features that cover product lifetime as well as different parts of the chair having varying warranty coverage for two years to a year.

DXRacer Origin series gaming chair

The chairs of the DXRacer gaming chair Origin series comprise of several unique features. The ergonomic design aspects combined with headrest cushion and a lumbar cushion make a complete and a comfortable gaming chair for any gamer. The chair design is complete with a bucket racing car seat design along with special armrests that provide adequate support to the wrist and shoulders. There is lifetime warranty provided on the frame while 2 year warranty covers the other parts.

DXRacer King series gaming chair

King Series comprises of certain unique design aspects. These chairs come with heavy duty castors or wheels that help you move around at ease. You will gain the comfort of a wide designed chair, being able to sustain more body weight and these chairs come with thicker cushions. The arm rests come with special features such as sliding back or forward can be rotated as well as raised or lowered.

DXRacer Drifting series gaming chair

The Drifter series of gaming chairs of this esteemed brand comes in attractive color scheme designs such as combinations of white, orange or black shades. The chairs come with high density foam padding that are cold cured and can absorb body moisture and heat, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable for long periods of time. Other standard ergonomic features such as adequate backrest, headrest and lumbar support can also be expected from chairs of this series.

DXRacer Sentinel series gaming chair

This particular series of gaming chairs provides great lumbar support. Those who have lower back problems will be able to enjoy the comfort of sitting on a chair of this series, even for extended periods of time. There is a higher backrest feature that provides full spinal support. The armrests are adjustable and can help you get comfortable with adequate shoulder and arm rest.

DXRacer Iron series gaming chair

What is special about the Iron Series DXRacer gaming chair you might wonder? This particular series of gaming chair offers 12 different color combinations for the customers to choose from. There is also the 4D sliding armrest feature that ensures flexibility of the armrests in different directions to suit the varying need of support for the upper arm, wrist and shoulders of a gamer. These chairs come in the price range of $449 to $479 which makes them in the upper price bracket of the DXRacer series.

DXRacer Classic series gaming chair

If you are ready to pay the standard price for a DXRacer chair model, you will want to invest in the classic series. This particular series of DXRacer chairs comes with lumbar support pillows, wider seat, high backrest, and vinyl, leather cover for the backrest and seat and adjustable functions of the chair back including rocking and reclining features. The products of this line would also have a lifetime warranty on the frame and height adjustment features.

DXRacer Boss series gaming chair

This particular series of DXRacer gaming chair can take its pride of place in your office as well. With great height and width of the seat along with attractive colors such as red, coffee and black, chairs of this series come of vinyl leather and with adjustable backseat features. The 4D armrest aspect is included as well and the base of the chair remains strong with a black aluminum frame.

Brief summary

The above section showcases the different series of gaming chairs that DXRacer offers in the market. Every series has certain signature aspects that make them distinct from others. If you wish to look at other gaming chair models, you will find certain helpful product reviews that I have listed in the section below.

Part #2 10 best DXRacer gaming chair, in-depth reviews

Here we review popular DXRacer gaming chair products.  You will find them of the different series launched by the brand.  The highlighted features of each product are mentioned along with advantages and limitations.  Each product is then summarized to help you understand the overall attributes of each gaming chair model.

Quick tips for this top pick

The gaming chairs showcased here I have picked from the popular series of DXRacer.  You can use them for gaming, computing tasks as well as use them as office chairs.  They offer unique ergonomic design features that make them ideal for long hours of sitting.

Editor’s choice: DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair reviews

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This particular gaming chair of the formula series would be a favorable purchase for any gaming enthusiast.  These chairs have been made popular bye in different gaming teams as well as featured in big events.  You will find this particular chair of the formula series made of cold cure foam of high density.  The full back support of this chair makes it ideal for long duration of sitting; you are working or playing for hours at a stretch.  These chairs come with 3D adjustable armrests; have inlaid color base and PU cover.  This particular chain model is designed for smaller individuals who have height up to 5 feet 8 inches.


Pros: What We Liked

  • It is of a compact design.
  • It has standard features of a DXRacer product.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Would not be suitable for tall and big individuals.
  • Lacks certain adjustable features that can be found in the products of other series.

Bottom Line:This particular chair will help you explore the benefits that a DXRacer gaming chair offers.  You could opt for it as a standard office chair as well since its ergonomic design makes it suitable for long hours of sitting and sedentary work.

Top 2: DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR Newedge Edition

About this DXRacer gaming chair

If you look at this particular gaming chair of the racing series, you will be delighted with certain novel features that it comes with.  There are attractive designs that you can choose from.  The standard ergonomic design of the chair ensures that you have comfortable seating even for long hours.  Bonus features include the inclusion of lumbar and headrest cushions.  The patent race car seat design of these chairs makes them unique.  You will also find 3D armrests that have several adjustable features.  The company provides lifetime warranty coverage on the frame and warranty of 2 years on the different parts.

Pros: What We Liked

  • The racing car seat design of the chair is unique.
  • Ergonomic design makes it ideal for long hours of gaming or work.
  • You will love the adjustable armrest and back support.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • It might be a tad expensive purchase compared to other products in the same segment.

Bottom Line:This particular gaming chair comes with unique design of the racing series of DXRacer.  If you wish to invest in a premium gaming chair, then this is a product to consider.

Top 3: GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This is a gaming chair model offered by the brand GTRACING.  This particular racing chair has several beneficial features to offer.  For instance, its ergonomic design offers comfort for long hours of sitting.  It has multifunctional features as well, which suit different body types.  It comes with a metal frame and artificial leather that is easy to clean.  A lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are included.  The chair can rock back and forth.  The backrest can be adjusted up to 170 degrees. It is height and seat adjustable as well as armrest that can be varied in height and angle. The casters are smooth rolling and heavy duty design.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Attractive design.
  • Several adjustable features.
  • Ergonomic aspects.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Weight of the chair might be heavy to move around.

Bottom Line:If you are looking to invest in a gaming chair, this is a standard model to consider.   Though there are products of premium brands in the same segment you will find this chair to offer you ergonomic comfort at a great price.

Top 4: DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/N Newedge Edition

About this DXRacer gaming chair

What you can expect from this gaming chair model? It comes with an efficient and ergonomic design that enables you comfortable seating for hours at a stretch. It comes with freebies like lumbar and headrest cushion that ensures complete comfort for your seating at the desk, whether you are engaged in office work or are gaming for several hours. The race car seat design of this chair is a patent and unique aspect of this particular series of gaming chair from DXRacer. You also get beneficial features like higher backrest that covers your spine as well as neck. It also comes with 3D armrests.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Unique car seat design that is a patented aspect of DXRacer.
  • Breathable material of PU cover and strong mesh-work.
  • Armrests come with 3D adjustable feature.
  • Comprehensive warranty terms.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • You would need to pay a premier price for the patented design of the chair as compared to other gaming chairs in the market.

Bottom Line:If you are looking for a premier gaming seat or even an office chair with a race car seat design that is what this product has to offer.

Top 5: DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/N Office Chair gaming chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This particular chair model of the formula series from DXRacer is a well-known gaming chair design to consider.  It comes with cold cure foam of high density that makes them suitable for extended use.  You can use them for gaming and office tasks when you need to sit at your desk for several hours.  The gaming chair comes with comfortable armrest, strong Steel frame with nylon base.  The chair offers high backrest as well as good support to the lumbar area. The seat can also be lowered so that you can take power naps by extending the chair back completely.

Pros: What We Liked

  • It has a conventional tilt feature.
  • It has a strong base design.
  • Strong mesh work makes it durable.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • You would need to pay premium price to get a racing series DXRacer gaming chair.

Bottom Line:If you are looking for a premier chair that would be a good investment for money, then this product is a great buy. You will also get comprehensive warranty terms from the manufacturer..

Top 6: DXRacer FH11/NG Black Gray Formula Series Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This particular chair design provides several comfort and ergonomic features. There is soft cushioning as well as soft but durable foam padding that ensures comfort even when you are sitting for a long time. The gaming chair products of this premier brand under several strict tests and have hydraulics that are of superior quality. The chair will be a great investment for anyone who is looking for investing in a gaming chair for hours of gaming, computing tasks and for office work. One can rise as well as lower the chair’s height. The armrest is resilient, soft and padded for rest and support. The chair has an aluminum frame along with footrest.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Tilt mechanism and flexible armrest design.
  • Product comes with padded and durable frame.
  • Rocking and footrest features provide added comfort.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Assembly of the chair might be complicated to understand.
  • DXRacer chairs are priced higher than competitor products.

Bottom Line:This particular product among best gaming chair designs comes with attractive colors and design features that are ergonomic as well. If you are looking for a stylish and robust gaming chair to invest in, this product will surely be a good one to purchase.

Top 7: DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/N Newedge Edition Office Chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This particular chair design is a favorite for gaming and sports enthusiasts. The chair design comprises of cold cure foam of high density that provides comfort and breathability for the skin even for long periods of time. The Formula series chairs of DXRacer brand are great for sitting for several hours, up to 8 hours and more. It comprises of a steel frame tubular in structure, nylon star base and armrests that provide comfort and support to the arms and shoulders. The high backrest as well as an adjustable headrest makes it possible for different body types to find the right level of comfort. It can also be a high back chair for office as well as for gaming activities.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Armrests that are adjustable.
  • Nylon base that is strong along with durable mesh design.
  • Tilt mechanism is convenient and versatile.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Comprises of mesh and nylon design instead of vinyl leather.
  • Premier priced product of the brand.

Bottom Line:This particular product comprises of a functional design. If you are looking for a working gaming chair, this particular product would be a good buy.

Top 8: DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/N Newedge Edition Racing Office Chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This is another popular design of the Formula series of DXRacer. The New edge edition series offers comfortable and ergonomic designs. The chairs are filled of cold cure foam and dense padding. The chair comprises of a tube and steel frame along with ergonomic designed armrests. You will find great stability aspects in this chair design. The height of the chair is adjustable and the tilt angle is extensive that even allows one to lie back and nap when working for extended hours at a time. The angle adjuster feature as well as the smooth movement of the caster rollers has added benefits.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Sturdy and ergonomic chair design.
  • Cold cure foam makes the chair comfortable for sitting for long

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Nylon design instead of vinyl leather.
  • Premier pricing would mean that you need to invest a little more than similar products in the same range.

Bottom Line:This particular chair design is a popular product to look at. Whether you wish to get a chair that is designed for gaming with comfort or one that would offer you versatile and long standing support, this is surely a chair design to invest in.

Top 9: DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NB Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This particular gaming chair of the Racing Series comes with a larger design than what you get from the Formula Series of the same brand. The chair comes with a wider and taller backrest. Hence, those who are big built will gain advantages from this model. The high density and cold cure foam makes it a comfortable chair for people with a big frame. If you wish to have a comfortable gaming chair that will allow you to race for extended periods of time, you will find this chair design suitable. It comes with an integrated headrest, height adjustment features, footrest and strong nylon material.


Pros: What We Liked

  • It has a high backrest with conventional tilt features.
  • The headrest is integrated in the chair design.
  • Headrest and lumbar cushions are provided additionally.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • No vinyl leather seat design as many prefer.
  • The product comes with premier pricing, higher than the Formula Series gaming chairs.

Bottom Line:This particular gaming chair has a wide base, seat design that is suitable for big built users. If you are looking to invest in a comfortable and high chair design this is one product worth considering.

Top 10: DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06/N Big and Tall Chair

About this DXRacer gaming chair

This best gaming chair comes with the unique style features of the King Series with DXRacer brand. The seat design is different from the usual Racing Series that is popular of the brand. It comes with extra padding for comfort along with armrests that are adjustable. This model has the widest base among the different series that the brand offers. One can enjoy the comfort of sitting and working on it for hours. With imported hydraulics and stringent quality standards, this is one chair that will be worth the money you invest in it. You get a premier looking gaming chair that comes with PU cover and vinyl carbon finish.


Pros: What We Liked

  • It comes with 4D armrest feature.
  • There are multi functional inbuilt mechanisms.
  • The vinyl and PU cover gives the chair a premier look and feel.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Assembly and understanding its different functions would take a while.
  • It is a premier priced and feature rich product that would suit only high end gamers and enthusiasts.

Bottom Line:What you would love about the King Series gaming chair are the different features it offers. The 4D armrest feature is a novelty of this series as well as the other tilt, rock and other mechanisms that are inbuilt in the chair design.

Brief summary

What I included in the above section are some popular gaming chair products. You got a glimpse of the features they come with and what to expect from the different products. The DXRacer gaming chairs of the different series have certain different features that make them suitable for certain customer segments.

If I were you, I will choose DXRacer gaming chair formula series newedge edition. Here Are 3 Reasons

  1. It has an ergonomic design with excellent inbuilt hydraulics that will ensure tilt and rocking as well as other adjustable features.
  2. Comfort and the lumbar support are great and that makes it ideal for long and extended hours of gaming.
  3. The nylon base and mesh design makes a long standing and durable design.

The above points highlight what makes the gaming chair of this series a popular choice for many gaming enthusiasts.

Tips buying guide times: How to choose the right gaming chair

Characteristics common to all DXRacer chairs

Here we look at the different features that are vital for a gaming chair purchase such as adjustability, backrest or lumbar support, headrest, height and back support and other additional features.

The common characteristics of chairs of DXRacer are:

  1. Height adjustable features as well as recline functions are smooth that make the chairs easy to operate.
  2. The chairs come with an ergonomic design that allow users to be seated comfortably even for long periods of time.
  3. The chairs have a large range of reclining at different angles.
  4. They all come with a steel frame that is the backbone of the chair designs.
  5. Each chair comes with a footrest.
  6. Integrated headrest feature is also common in the chairs of the different series of DXRacer.
  7. All chairs are provided with lumbar cushions and headrest pillows additionally.

The above features are common and distinctive of the different series of gaming chairs of the DXRacer brand.

9 series DXRacer gaming chair: What they have in common?

Among the nine series of DXRacer gaming chairs, there are certain features that are common while other aspects differ. The common features are:

  1. Armrests that are adjustable – while some are 3D adjustable and others are 4D adjustable, they are all adjustable in the different gaming chair series of this brand.
  2. Footrest is another common feature that is present in all the series where it is of matching color to the rest of the chair design.
  3. Headrest cushions and lumbar cushions of matching the color of the product designs is another common feature to be found in all the gaming chair series.
  4. The back seat is adjustable in 12 ways that is one of the unique features, most extending up to 120 degrees.
  5. All chairs come with an ergonomic design.
  6. All chairs are designed to support at least 450 lbs of weight.
  7. All chairs of the brand come with a lifetime warranty on the chair frame and two year warranty on the other parts and components.

What is the difference between PU, PVC and Fabric covers?

If you are wondering what kind of best gaming chair cover to opt for, it would depend on your personal preference, the kind of finish or look you want as well as the material that would be most suitable given the climatic conditions under which you use it. While PU feels like leather, the PVC covers last longer as compared to PU. Both covers are easy to clean and remain waterproof. On the other hand, fabric covers tend to tear more easily and cannot provide the look or finish that PU or PVC covers provide.

What is the difference between Nylon base and Aluminum base?

Most gaming chair descriptions talk about aluminum and nylon base. You might feel that the nylon base structures might be less sturdy than the aluminum base models. However, with a reliable chair design opted from a known brand there would be no difference felt or seen between these two bases, especially when it comes to weight support. Aluminum bases usually have a shiny finish as compared to the matte finish of the nylon bases.

What is the difference between the different DXRacer armrests?

If you are looking at the different armrest designs of the different gaming chairs of DXRacer, these can be simply adjustable, 3D and 4D adjustable as well. The basic height adjustable feature remains in all of them; in case of the 3D and 4D armrests these have tops that can be adjusted in different directions additionally.

The 2 different types of headrest cushions

The headrest cushions come in two different types. The Type 1 model comes with most of the racing chair models while the Type 2 cushion comes only with DXRacer W series and DXRacer R series. In both cases the cushions match the base design of the gaming chairs.

Other brands? X Rocker Vs DXRacer gaming chair

Among other brands X Rocker is a competing brand whose products is often compared with that of DXRacer. If we look at the X Rocker chairs like the Wireless Plus pedestal chair design, it comes with well cushioned chair design that can help you get comfortable even if you are gaming for long. The pedestal chair design does make it impractical as it becomes difficult to move it around. On the other hand, most DXRacer gaming chairs have a high back design that will help you sit well, but they are not built for sitting back or curling up.

Ready for our DXRacer gaming chair recommendations?

If you wish to know what we recommend among the different DXracer Gaming chair designs it would be the Formula Series gaming chairs. They have the standard features that ensure comfort and performance as well as come with durable designs. If you wish to splurge more, opt for the Racing series chairs or the King Series that come with plush vinyl leather finishes.

Further reading time: Read Xrocker Gaming Chair ultimate guide

If you are preparing your home den for hours of gaming pleasure, then why stop at the accessories? We have a comprehensive guide that will help you get the best X Rocker Gaming Chair no matter what budget price you have. Read out gaming monitor guide to know all the features that make visual performance perfect for your gaming sessions.


The above sections showcase the different series of gaming chairs that DXRacer offers, what to expect from the popular chair models and how to make your choice of best gaming chair among these products.

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