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Best Gaming Mouse 2019: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are trying to find out the best gaming mouse for your pc, you are at the right place. Gaming PC’s are worth the investment, but it’s hard to match the precision of a gaming console in terms of control.

Gaming consoles come with controllers made only for them, and there’s no doubt that these offer the greatest accuracy.

But for the gaming PC accessories, there are plenty of gaming mouse models available, making it difficult to find the best one that satisfies your preferences. Here I have furnished everything about gaming mouse and discussed and compared them.

I will help to find the perfect gaming mouse for you to complete those hard missions!

Tips and Thought: Gaming Mouse

The basic operation of an ordinary mouse and a gaming mouse is the same. The prime intention of a computer mouse is cursor navigation and object selection. Both the gaming mouse and ordinary mouse can do that.

But when it comes to intense gaming,

An ordinary computer mouse cannot match the functionality and comfort of what a gaming mouse can offer. Operation speed, accuracy, and extra functions are the three parameters making a gaming mouse more superior than a regular computer mouse.

Top Gaming Mouse Price & Performance Table

Part 1: Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is better in all aspects except the price point. It is possible to play games with a regular mouse. But you will not feel that total control and the confidence what a gaming mouse can offer.

A gaming mouse is like a race car! It gives more performance, and great versatility for customizations!

5 Types of Gaming Mouse

Handling requirements vary for different types of games. You should consider two things here, one is the primary function of the mouse in a particular game, and the other one is ergonomics.

There are variations like MMO, RTS, MOBA, FPS, and RPG; dedicated to certain game genres. Some support racing and the others support shooting.

Even completely customizable gaming mouse varieties are available in the market, offering plenty of options for customizing the functionality and the user’s comfort.

So, while selecting a perfect one, you should have a clear idea about the different types of gaming mouse in order to narrow down what you are looking for.

Know the difference

A regular computer mouse has standard keys like a right-click button, a left-click button, and a scroll wheel integrated with a button.

A regular mouse has lesser DPI (Dots Per Inch – A parameter to measure mouse sensitivity during motion) than a gaming mouse.

Apart from having higher DPI, a gaming mouse is equipped with more buttons used for toggling between windows, and for other customized purposes.

Another best thing about gaming mouse is polling rate. Polling rate decides how fast computer receive the position and speed of the mouse.

What’re the Benefits

Prolonged usage comfort: A gaming mouse is precisely designed keeping user comfort in mind. Gaming requires long hours of mouse usage, and comfort plays a vital role here.

Adjustable Sensitivity: DPI (Dots Per Inch) can be adjusted. Imagine you are aiming a long distance target through a sniper lens; too much sensitivity can give you a shaky view when you move the mouse even a little.  Reducing the sensitivity is the only solution here. DPI of a gaming mouse can be adjusted even at the time of those hard missions.

Highly responsive: Polling rate is the response time between your input and the computer response. Polling rate of a gaming mouse is a tad higher than a regular mouse. So your input is addressed at a far greater speed than a regular mouse.

Do I Even Need a Gaming Mouse?

If you are a hardcore gamer and a leaderboard climber, you definitely need a responsive gaming mouse.

PC games of today are becoming vast and accurate. To earn reputation in the online gaming world, you need this special hardware.

Even if you are not a hardcore gamer, you might need a gaming mouse. If your work demands you to multitask with frequent toggling between apps, you may consider a gaming mouse. It even helps in accurate selection while working on those hefty spreadsheets.

Part 2: Zoom In: Top 3 Best Gaming Mouse 2019

There are many reputed brands producing high quality mice. Manufacturers like Logitech, Asus, Corsair, Pictek, and Razer are supplying a huge variety of quality products for the customers.

To avoid confusion, I have cherry-picked the top 3 best gaming mouse of 2018 here.

These are the BEST in terms of quality, functionality, and comfort.

Those Gaming Mouse That Everyone likes to buy

The top 3 gaming mouse on my view.

  1. Pictek Gaming Mouse (Wired 7200 DPI)
  2. Razer DeathAdder Elite
  3. Logitech G602

The above 3 can be called as the benchmarks of their class. Pictek is a brilliant wired gaming mouse with versatile options to adjust DPI and polling rates. Razer DeathAdder Elite has great ergonomics and equipped with mechanical switches, ensuring durability. Logitech G602 is wireless and customizable, packed with 200+ hours of battery life.

Pictek Gaming Mouse (Wired 7200 DPI)

Pictek Gaming Mouse (Wired 7200 DPI)Pictek packs great features to delight most gamers. The exceptional quality of this mouse is the ability to adjust DPI and polling rates. Pictek allows you to switch between 500 to 700 DPI through software support.

But this not the case to adjust polling rate; it has dedicated buttons to increase and decrease between the four predefined polling rates. User can define the responsiveness for the input by adjusting the polling rate. Ability to adjust these two parameters makes Pictek more capable among its competitors.

This is not all; it has 7 buttons, and all of them are fully programmable. Pictek costs just $15 for the features it offer.

Let’s discuss the features in detail.

Moves fast: You need really fast reflexes to win competitive games, and the hardware you use must sync with you to for the victory. Set your Pickek mouse to 7200 DPI, and you are done. The speed of movement and accuracy will definitely amaze you.

Precise: With four step adjustable polling rate between 125 to 1000Hz, you can enjoy the swift response to your rapid reflexes.

Programmable: Pictek has 7 buttons, and all of these can be programmed based on the user’s preference. Pictek provides software to configure this mouse, and all these 7 buttons can be programmed effortlessly with the easy user interface.

Fancy: 5 default colors, and 16 million available color options for backlight adjustment making it cool, and appealing.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you want a gaming mouse that is highly customizable in terms of functionality and speed of operation, this mouse fits well with flexible options to control almost everything. But it loses on certain parameters like compromised ergonomics, bulkiness, and lack of software support for Mac OS platform.Apart from these small glitches, Pictek excels on performance for the money spent.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder EliteThis mouse is known for its perfect ergonomics. Even if you are using it for hours, you won’t feel exhausted. Razer DeathAdder Elite has mechanical buttons. These mechanical buttons ensure it lasts long and highly reliable. Like Pictek, this has an adjustable color setting for the scroll wheel and the brand logo.  You can choose any colour from 16+ billions of colour options. It fits comfortably in your hand with decent grip and tractability. The scroll wheel is worth to mention here with well-built with fine textures to aid more grip during fast scrolls.

It is light and big: First thing you can notice about this gaming mouse is its low weight. But the size of the mouse will surprise you as this one is big as compared with its weight.

Smooth: Using this mouse is really smooth. Thanks to its low weight construction. You will not need that extra energy to move the mouse.

Customizable backlight: The Razer DeathAdder Elite’s scroll wheel and logo lights can be customized with a hefty 16.8 million color options. It also has a breathing mode and a static mode to choose from.

Adjustable DPI: DeathAdder allows you to adjust DPI upto 16000 using the dedicated buttons present on the top. You can switch between the DPI values based on the game you are playing.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Razer DeathAdder Elite is ergonomic and smooth, provided with mechanical buttons for durability. It handles most games smoothly without any glitch. The only issue with the mouse is its large size. Though the mouse feels light to its size, it won’t fit well for people with small palms.I will definitely recommend this mouse if you can compromise a bit on comfort.

Logitech G602

Logitech G602Unlike the other two, Logitech G602 comes with a wireless connectivity. So, you don’t have to mess up with the wires anymore.

The mouse is connected to the computer through a tiny 2.4GHZ USB receiver that always stays on your computer, making it game ready. With 2 millisecond response time, the G602 reacts really fast for your inputs. Also, this mouse is extremely power-friendly, offering excellent play time with 250+ hours of battery back-up. It also has a tiny display showing the amount of charge remaining. DPI settings can be changed instantly with dedicated side buttons, and the 11 button mouse is fully programmable.

Durable: The fit and finish of this mouse is excellent as it is made of high-quality plastics and buttons. Mechanical switches ensure long life of buttons.

Compatible across platforms: Logitech G602 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Long lasting battery along with a gauge: G602 offers long battery life of 250 hours along with remaining battery indication gauge. So, you don’t have to be anxious about the sudden loss of control due to a dead battery.

Programmable: It has 11 buttons, and all of them are programmable. The best part is, the buttons can be defined with user-defined controls with the easy Logitech gaming software.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you are looking for a solid wireless gaming mouse that is comfortable and game ready, you should seriously consider Logitech G602.It has most features like adjustable DPI, programmable buttons, high-quality sensors, good ergonomics and a long-lasting battery life. Due to the inclusion of 2*AA batteries makes it a little bulk, and this might be annoying during prolonged gaming.The G602 costs around $50, and is not too costly for features you get.

Bottom line:

Confused on what to choose?

Pictek is the best if you frequently switch between DPI values and Polling rates. Razer DeathAdder offers the best in class comfort here. If you indulge yourself in a long gaming session, DeathAdder backs you well. If you want to try a good quality wireless gaming mouse without losing essential functionalities, Logitech G602 is the one to pick.

Part 3: Zoom In: Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless mouse is becoming popular nowadays, and more people are choosing wireless over the wired ones for flexibility. The user doesn’t have to worry about tangled or messy wire, and this adds a great amount of comfort. The other reason to choose wireless mouse is for the looks. It looks great on your desk.

General thoughts on Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse is better when it comes to flexibility. But wireless mouse has its own limitations. They rely on battery power, so the battery needs replacement periodically. Also, there is some input lag when compared to the wired ones.

So, if you are a gamer looking for precision and speed, wired ones are always better. But now, the difference in performance between wired and wireless has become almost zero, and it’s hard to find the difference

Let’s discuss in deep about the 3 best wireless gaming mice I chose.

Logitech G903

Logitech G903Logitech is one of the renowned manufacturers of computer peripherals. If you ever used the G502, you will definitely like the G903. Though it is pricey, the functionality and reliability will blow your mind.

Unlike the older models, the G903 comes with a lightweight construction. It can even be customizable physically to sit in your palm, claw and finger-tip grips comfortably. As an interesting fact, this mouse can be used wired as well as wireless.

Apart from all these, this mouse can be charged without a charging cable! Yes, it has wireless charging feature.  Like all gaming mouse out there, the G903’s lighting can be adjusted from 16+ millions of available colors.

Some features I loved.

Wireless Charging: Logitech G903 is the only gaming mouse here to offer an efficient wireless charging system. Either you are resting or playing, charging duties will continue without any interruption.

Custom ergonomics and Mechanical keys: Pivoted spring buttons offer great feedback, providing crisp feel and response. Also, the structure of the mouse can be altered to fit your palm, thumb, and finder-tip.

Wired and non-wired: G903 allows you to use the mouse as wired as well as wireless. Just plug in the charging cable while you play, it switches automatically to the wired mode without any pause in the game.

Advanced sensor: G903 uses the most advanced “PMW3366 optical sensor” to ensure accuracy and tractability.

Programmable: It has all programmable buttons, and software adjustable DPI settings. Even the lighting on the mouse can be customized through Logitech gaming software.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

There is no doubt that the Logitech G903 is a highly capable mouse for gaming. If you already own a G502, you will definitely love the functions and features of the G903. Practically, G903 and G502 are pretty same in terms of functionality.The main difference is, G903 is more sophisticated with wireless operation, and an option for wireless charging.  If you can pay around $110 for those extra features, this one is for you.

VicTsing MM057

VicTsing MM057VicTsing is a simple everyday mouse, and not equipped with functions of a hardcore gaming mouse. This is made for people who are looking for a decent wireless mouse with excellent battery backup. Though it is not game ready, designated duties are accomplished pretty well. Getting started is pretty easy, as the mouse is plug-and-play. This mouse goes well with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms without any problem.

Smooth operation: Comes with a mouse pad made of Neoprene, ensuring smooth and crisp operation all day.

Extremely lower power consumption: You can enjoy an incredible battery back-up of 15 months with ultra power saving feature. This mouse falls into sleep mode after 8 minutes of inactivity, and a single click will wake it instantly.

Long operating range: ZicTsing MM057 offers really long operating distance up to 33 feet. This is great considering the power consumption.

Adjustable: Surprisingly, CPI and polling rates can be adjusted in this mouse (CPI -800 – 2400 and Polling rate – 125Hz to 250Hz).


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

VicTsing MM057 is simple in design, inexpensive, and made of high-quality materials. Though this mouse is not gamer friendly, the features offered continue to work without any hiccup. If you look for a durable wireless mouse with fantastic battery backup, this one fits you well within the budget of $10.

TeckNet Raptor Wireless

TeckNet Raptor WirelessTecknet Raptor is an affordable gaming mouse for beginners. This gaming mouse is pretty popular for the precision it offers in its price range. Though Raptor loses on certain features that an expensive gaming mouse can offer, the basic functionality remains intact unlike the cheap generic mice in the market.

To talk about equipment levels, it has 6 gaming buttons, buttons to increase and decrease DPI levels, and a great battery backup of 15 months, that too with a normal AA size battery! So, forget about changing battery often.

Supportive design: Raptor offers support both left and right-handed users without any issues. This feature is not available in most gaming mice.

DPI Adjustment: Raptor allows three variations to adjust DPI. Available predefined values of 600, 1200, and 2000 can be mapped with the help of DPI buttons present on the top.

Ever-lasting battery: TeckNet masters here by providing an astonishing battery life of 15 months. Don’t think of any special type of battery, the raptor runs on a simple AA size battery which is dead cheap.

In-house sensor: “True-Wave sensor”, is solely developed by TeckNet. With own sensor under the hood, Raptor is calibrated perfectly to offer accuracy and precision expected from an expensive gaming mouse.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you are new to gaming accessories and looking for a good gaming mouse to start with, TeckNet Raptor wireless gaming mouse will steal your heart for sure. Though it doesn’t have certain features that a premium gaming mouse offers, the predefined setting works like a charm with great accuracy. It also comes with an unbelievable battery backup of 15 months with a single AA size dry cell. Get all these as cheap as $10.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a fully sophisticated hardcore gaming mouse with a freedom to adjust almost everything, Logitech G903 will quench your needs. VicTsing MM057 is simple and made for moderate users obsessed with high levels of comfort. For beginners, TeckNet Raptor packs all necessary functions with great accuracy and unmatched battery backup.

Part 4: Zoom in: Logitech Gaming Mouse

Logitech is a renowned manufacturer of computer peripherals. Products of Logitech are known for solid build quality with reliable and durable nature. Gaming mouse from Logitech is still an awesome choice regardless of many competitors in the market. Product portfolio has plenty of variants to choose from. You have options to choose a regular mouse to a fully-loaded gaming mouse.

Logitech gaming mouse series is prefixed with “G” followed by a 3-digit number. The range starts from G102 to G903. All the mice are well designed and featured according to the price. Available in both wired and wireless versions, Logitech allows the customer to choose the best gaming mouse based on his preference/budget.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tuneable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tuneable Gaming MouseLogitech G502 is a midrange mouse at a price of $47 in the Logitech gaming mouse portfolio. Name itself says that this is a fully tunable gaming mouse.

Tuning is not just limited to programming the buttons; Logitech extended the features by adding adjustable ergonomics, switchable profiles based on the selected game, and surface calibration.

Hardcore gamers will find it pretty useful to play a different type of games without any problem. It has all the right elements a good gaming mouse should have. Easily accessible Logitech after sales service, external support, and plenty of online support forums inspire confidence to buy this brand.

Surface Calibration: The G502 Core allows surface calibration. It adapts to the surface you use while playing games. This ensures great accuracy and rapid response from the mouse.

Customizable ergonomics: It comes with five pieces of extra weights, each weighs 3.6 grams. You can add or remove weights to adjust the weight and balance according to your comfort levels.

Fully Programmable buttons: G502 comes with 11 programmable buttons. The user can set any button for any function and the mouse saves the setting for you.

Switchable profile: Buttons programmed for a single game won’t work for all games. G502 comes with onboard memory to save your button configuration for different games. Also, it automatically switches profile based on your game selection.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Logitech G502 Proteus core is an all-rounder mouse with most loved features. If you are looking for a single mouse which can successfully handle most games, G502 Core is a great pick. The product is made of high-quality materials and precision engineering. This is reliable, durable, and a gamer-friendly mouse made for serious gamers.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tuneable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tuneable Gaming MouseLogitech G502 Spectrum RGB is the immediate successor of the Logitech G502 core. The main difference between the Proteus Core and Proteus Spectrum is the ability to switch the LED color of the “G” logo on the mouse. G502 Core lacks this only feature. Apart from this, Core and the Spectrum carries the same features as adjustable ergonomics, multi-profile for different games, adjustable DPI and so on. Spectrum comes with little extra price tag than the Core version. It costs around $50.

Surface Calibration: The G502 Spectrum adapts to the surface you use while playing games. This is to ensure great accuracy and rapid response from the mouse at any point of gaming.

Custom weights: Five pieces of 3.6 grams magnetic weights are included in the package to adjust weight and balance.

Fully Programmable buttons: G502 Spectrum comes with 11 programmable buttons. You can configure any button for any function and the mouse saves the setting for you.

Switchable profile: Buttons programmed for a single game won’t work for all games. G502 Spectrum comes with onboard memory to save your button configuration for different games. Also, it automatically switches profile based on your game selection.

Adjustable LED lighting: Unlike the G502 core, the Spectrum allows you to play with the LED logo. There are predefined modes and custom modes that can be switched using the software.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the direct successor of Proteus Core. The word “Spectrum” means adjustable LED lighting on the mouse. If you are looking for a single mouse which can successfully handle most games, G502 Proteus Spectrum is an excellent choice. But choosing slightly higher priced Spectrum variant over the Core just for the adjustable lights purely depend on customer preference.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumChaos Spectrum from Logitech is an excellent gaming mouse for playing most FPS games like Battlefield series.

Though it lies on the costly side, the precision it offers really unmatched. Response delay is almost zero, and you will never miss the sync between you and a gaming PC. This wireless mouse has no lag and they call it “invisible cable” technology, meaning connectivity is always intact.

Also, the mouse is equipped with mechanical buttons for longevity. This mouse misses nothing in terms of functionality, comfort, and durability. But all these features come with a hefty price tag of $105.

Universal: The G900 supports both left and right-handed people. So this mouse is friendly for all people across the world.

Rechargeable: Comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery; takes two hours for full charge, and capable to last up to 32 hours continuously.

Fully Programmable buttons: It may lack a dedicated sniper button, but all keys can be programmed and saved as separate profiles.

Switchable profile: You can switch between key configurations between games seamlessly.

Gorgeous LED lighting: Logo and front lights can be tuned to get your preferred colour.

Tune the Scroll Resistance: This is a unique feature where you can increase and decrease the resistance of scrolling wheel. Tournament players will find it pretty useful as they consider minute settings as winning parameters.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you are a professional gamer or want to feel the heat of professional gaming,G900 Chaos Spectrum is clearly a no-compromise mouse. It has a fantastic wireless connectivity makes you forget its wireless. You can get 2 pieces of G502 Proteus Spectrum for $105, but e-tournament players, and folks who look for that extra premium will definitely appreciate the Chaos Spectrum.

Bottom line

All the three Logitech mice are fantastic in terms of design and functionality.

G502 Core and G502 Spectrum are same in terms of functionality, except tuneable LED lighting. Choosing between these two is up to the buyer.

G900 Chaos Spectrum is an exotic mouse seems little overpriced. It ticks all the boxes for professional tournament players and gamers obsessed with premium products.

Part 5: Zoom In: Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Having an ordinary keyboard already, and buying a gaming mouse may seem like a good option. But soon you may feel like the speed and accuracy of mouse is par with the ordinary keyboard you use. So, a gaming mouse coupled with an equivalent gaming keyboard is always better.

Buy them in combo from the same manufacturer to enjoy the advantage of enabling perfect sync between both the hardware. Also, manufacturers are providing all-in-one software to control both the keyboard and mouse with the single control panel, rather than installing separate software for different devices.

Here, I have picked the top 3 gaming keyboard + mouse combo. All these sets fall into in different price category!

Havit Rainbow Backlit Wired Keyboard-Mouse Combo for Gaming

Havit Rainbow Backlit Wired Keyboard-Mouse Combo for GamingHavit Rainbow is a good value for money product in terms of features it offers for the price paid. The design is funky and reflects a typical gaming attitude.

Installation is easy; you can directly plug & play the keyboard and mouse without any software. A remarkable thing about Havit’s keyboard is, it has 11 programmable buttons and 4 colors LED backlight illumination. It also has 10 dedicated multimedia keys.

You can own all these features at a price of just $30. Let’s have a deeper insight on this product.

Plug & Play: Just plug them into your USB ports, and it’s ready to be used.

Solid Build: Build quality is amazing for the price paid. This combo is made to last.

Programmable Keyboard buttons: Keyboard has 10 programmable buttons for gaming and media. You can set them according to your preference

Sensible Mouse: Mouse has a forward, reverse, left, right, and a scroll button. Apart from this, there are two buttons to switch between 5 DPI values (800-3200 DPI), and for each DPI value, the mouse switches its color. The mouse feels comfortable and adequately accurate.

Long and Robust Wires: Wires are 160mm long, offering better flexibility during gaming.

Compatible: This comfortable across platforms like Windows/Mac OS X.


  1. Solid build quality
  2. Less cost of ownership
  3. Switchable and controllable keyboard backlight
  4. 10 Programmable buttons on keyboard
  5. On-game DPI adjustable mouse with dedicated buttons
  6. Good accuracy in mouse tracking
  7. Ghost keys allowance up to 19 keys at a time
  8. Spill-resistant keyboard


  1. Mouse buttons are not programmable
  2. Not best for serious gamers
  3. Polling rates of the mouse cannot be adjusted

Razer Holiday Gaming Bundle

Razer Holiday Gaming BundleRazer’s holiday gaming bundle is a great combo for serious gaming.

The combo pack has four items; a keyboard, a mouse, a mouse pad and a gaming headset. Since this pack has all necessary gaming goodies, you don’t have to buy accessories separately.

Another surprise about this combo is the addition of DeathAdder mouse. Razer’s DeathAdder is a fantastic gaming mouse in terms of smoothness and comfort while gaming. “Cynosa Pro” is the name of this game ready keyboard. It has programmable keys, gorgeous keypad lighting, and a dedicated gaming mode.

Let’s discuss the features in detail.

The mouse is light and big: First thing you can notice about this gaming mouse is its low weight. But the size of DeathAdder will surprise you as this one is big compared to its weight.

Smooth: Working of Cynosa Pro and the DeathAdder are so smooth while gaming. The membrane type keypad of Cynosa provides great tactile feedback even during tight gaming.

Single Software: All these peripherals can be controlled by a single user interface.

Noise canceling headset: The combo contains a decent headset with good noise canceling ability. You can clearly judge the direction of your enemies during game play.

Best for Starters: For starters, this combo is great as it is packed with the iconic DeathAdder mouse.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

The Cynosa combo is a great value for money. You get all necessary gaming peripherals at just $120. DeathAdder is already a top gaming mouse, and it will delight you while gaming. Programmable keys, adjustable DPI and polling rates, and added with a noise canceling gaming headset makes this combo a steal for starters.

Redragon K522-BB Combo

Redragon K522-BB ComboRedragon is quite popular in manufacturing affordable gaming peripherals. The K522-BB is a four-item combo. The box has a gaming headset and a smooth mouse pad along with Keyboard and mouse combo.

All the products in the combo are well designed. Keyboard has highly durable mechanical keys and the whole unit is heavy built to sustain harsh use. The gaming mouse offered is M601, which is a well-known mouse among intermediate gamers.

A lightweight headset with microphone is good for prolonged gaming sessions. A superb mouse pad made of processed silk on the top, and made of rubber on the bottom.

Mechanical Keys: All keys on the keyboard are mechanical. They are rigorously tested for high standards, and can easily last longer.

The M601 mouse: With 6 button configuration, this mouse can handle all mid-level games flawlessly. It has 2 programmable side buttons with adjustable sensitivity up to 3200 DPI. The handling of the mouse can be enhanced with 8 piece adjustable extra weights.

Long cable:  Both the mouse and keyboard has 6ft USB cable to offer more flexibility during your gaming sessions.

Decent headset: Comes with a decent headset with noise canceling cups, to make it gamer friendly for longer hours.

Competitive pricing: The 4-piece combo is priced just at $50, a sweet news for novice gamers.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

K-522-BB from Redragon is good value for money in terms of functionality and features it offer for the pricing. Priced little below $50, this combo is worth giving a try. Keyboard quality is really amazing. It’s heavy and built to last.Mouse is pretty ok for the price, but it could have been better. The mouse pad is really smooth, and you can expect precise control when the mouse is hovered over it. Headset quality is decent but not top notch.This will be a great buy for people looking for gaming accessories combo at a cheaper price.

Bottom Line:

Havit’s combo is the cheapest here ($30). For starters, Havit’s combo is the best deal to try all gaming mice in a single shot. Razer’s Cynaso Pro combo costs ($120), the costliest among the three. Cynaso Pro’s high price tag is justified with the great functionality and quality it offers.

For Rookies who want to try an affordable combo that contains a strong mechanical keyboard, Redragon K-522-BB remains the best. It costs around $50 and stays as the best mid-range combo.

Part 6: Zoom In: Some Other Good Gaming Mouse

Apart from all the above-mentioned gaming mice, there are some fantastic products that missed a mention. I’m going to explain the best and worst things about the two best products from Razer and Corsair. Both these manufacturers target on core gamers who look for comfort and precision.

The two forgotten but great mice are Razer Naga Chroma, and Corsair M65 Pro. Both the gaming mice fall into the different category and substantially differs on the price. Personally, I liked these two mice.

Want to know why? Let’s discuss in detail.

Razer Naga Chroma

Razer Naga ChromaRazer’s Naga Chroma is a great mouse for its versatility in adjusting DPI. It has a whopping 16000 DPI. Apart from this, this mouse has 19 fully programmable buttons. It may sound a little complex. But for MMO players this mouse will work like charm. In-game easy MMO configurations is a plus.

Naga Chroma is not only for gamers. If you are a designer, and you want to automate or reduce the time consumption during multiple toggling between screens and apps, you can obtain a clear advantage with this mouse.

Some features I loved.

Massive DPI range: Naga Chroma comes with a beyond belief DPI level up to 16000DPI. Now, the user can switch sensitivity in more levels.

12 Programmable thumb buttons: For an MMO player, 12 programmable side buttons will be an added advantage.

Tilt Click: I personally liked this feature. This option allows two more buttons on the scroll wheel. You can click left or right by tilting the scroll wheel to any one side, and a click will activate the extra function. I found it pretty useful for shooting at the time of hiding behind a tree.

Synch it with Chroma enabled devices: Other “Chroma Enabled” devices can be synched seamlessly with Naga. All you need is a single click. This synchronizes the light colors immediately with other devices.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Razer’s Naga Chroma is a fantastic mouse for MMO lovers. It has 12 programmable mechanical side buttons to offer great flexibility in customization and long lasting nature. This mouse offers a unique functionality called “Tilt scroll”, which allows the user to have extra two buttons by tilting and clicking on both the sides.Shooting gamers will love to have this as their perfect gaming partner if they are OK with the high price tag of $70.

Corsair M65

Corsair M65Corsair M65 is a light-weight high-quality gaming mouse designed for precise gaming. The body is made up of aircraft grade aluminum, and this is responsible for its ultra lightweight construction.

This is equipped with a dedicated sniper button to delight Battlefield and Call of Duty players. Control the DPI simultaneously, and shoot the target fast. This feature makes other gamers think you are a hacker!

Let’s discuss more what I have loved about M65

Build quality: M65 is built with aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it considerably strong and light. Less weight and more sturdiness is a good combination for longevity and comfort.

Better optical sensor: It has a pixart 3360 sensor. The Logitech G502 uses 3366 pixart. So this corsair has great tracking ability as the G502.

12 Programmable thumb buttons: All the 12 buttons can be programmed effortlessly.

Responsive: Responsiveness is great with 12000 DPI, and can be adjusted while playing the game.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Gaming Mouse

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you already own a gaming mouse and bought this mouse as new, you will definitely love it, and there is no way back to the old one. The texture and the feel it offers great comfort and presence. Build quality is really great and worth to mention the lightweight and strong construction. Price of $60 is pretty fine for the features it offers. Go for it, and you won’t regret it.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

Mice are essential hardware for PC gaming. Apart from gaming, there are professional mice for multitasking professionals. Choosing the best gaming mouse is pretty hard. If you ask 10 gamers which gaming mouse is better, you get at least 5 different options.

Quick Tips

A regular computer mouse is not made for gaming. Just the three button configuration with poor ergonomics makes these mice inferior for gaming.

A gaming mouse should be selected depending on your game preference. For example, too much weight will spoil the FPS. Likewise, there are 7 important factors to be considered before choosing a great gaming mouse.

1. Play Style

It’s all about gamers’ preference.

If you are highly specific about the genres like RTS, FPS, MOBA, etc., you have to be keen while selecting your gaming mouse. All-rounder mice may work well for some game and not for the other.

A shooter recommends a mouse with higher DPI, while MMO and MOBA players suggest a gaming mouse with more programmable buttons, and so on.

2. Price

A good quality gaming mouse will cost from $50 to 150$ based on the features it offer. They offer great functionality and ergonomics across game genres.

There are gaming mice available from $20. But those are manufactured by third-tier manufacturers. This doesn’t mean these are inferior. Low price is justified with limited customization, software support, and it may not last long.

But be aware that the price varies from seller to seller, and you can save money through enough research on best deals. You could even wait for a newer model so that you can get the older models at discount prices.

3. Grip

Three types of mouse grips are palm grip, claw grip and finger grip.

The palm grip is the most commonly used and considered the most comfortable. But this is not great when it comes to accuracy in clicking

Claw grip allows faster movement and precise clicking. This grip is great for gaming, but little uneasy on long gaming sessions.

Fingertip grip is more aggressive and racy position that offers the greatest accuracy than claw grip. But fingertip grip is the most tiring grip than the other two types.

4. Illumination

Custom illumination over the mouse is not going to yield any performance difference during gameplay. But there are options to set different colors for different game profiles.

It can act as an indication for the selected profile. Apart from this, custom LED colors makes the mouse look fancy

5. Weights

This parameter is overlooked by casual gamers. But for serious gamers, they go through many trial and errors to achieve the best handling setting. It’s just like a racer tuning his car.

Less weight enables faster movement, and it is ideal for games that require less sensitivity and DPI levels. On the other hand, for high sensitivity shooting games that require lower DPI levels, more weight offer better control over the gaming mouse.

6. Laser sensors Vs Optical Sensors

Every day players will not find any difference between a laser sensor and an optical sensor. The only difference here is, optical mouse uses an LED and a laser mouse uses laser beams.

The optical mouse is better in terms of comfort. But it cannot be used on glossy surfaces. If you need great accuracy, have a good mouse-pad.

Laser mice can operate on any surface. Generally they have higher DPI values.

I recommend optical mice for gaming.

7. Connectivity

There’s a myth that wired gaming mouse is better than the wireless. It’s not true. Today’s gaming mice are equipped with advanced tech, and capable of matching response time of a wired mouse.

A good quality wireless mouse can offer the same precision of wired ones. Get wireless for better flexibility.

For easier connectivity, consider buying all the gaming peripherals from the same brand. Brands like Logitech, Razer and Corsair allow you to control multiple devices through single software.

Bottom Line

Buying a perfect gaming mouse from plenty of varieties around is a cumbersome task for many. Filter your search through genres, ability to customize, comfort level on your palm, claw, finger, and any other extra goodies you look for.

The bottom line is, the gaming mouse should have all functionalities you need, and should comfortably use it for a longer period of time.

8 Things To Be Considered Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

1. Laser or Optical Sensor?

The “laser or optical sensor” debate is a never-ending one. Some suggest going for an optical mouse, while the other backs for a laser mouse. There are few factors to be considered before choosing the right mouse.

Mechanically, Optical mouse uses an LED for lighting and an optical sensor. Laser mouse uses laser beams for signal reception.

An Optical mouse has better accuracy than a laser mouse. One thing to consider here is, laser mouse has higher DPI. Then why the optical mouse is better?

Too high DPI is something most of us don’t use. Optical mouse packs necessary DPI levels with higher accuracy. Laser mouse wins in the adaptability towards any surface. Yes, laser mouse can operate on any surface, where the optical mouse cannot work well on glossy surfaces.

2. DPI – Dots per Inch

Dots per Inch (DPI), is the setting where you can control the proportion of cursor movement to the movement given to the mouse.

In simpler terms, higher the DPI, little movement of the mouse makes a larger cursor movement on the screen. Lesser DPI allows you to move the cursor in a slow fashion even if you have moved the mouse fast.

DPI plays a vital role in gaming. For a precise sniper shot, lesser DPI allows you to focus the target better. Higher DPI gives you a shaking view. Most gaming mice allow you to adjust the DPI levels even during gameplay.

3. Wired or Wireless?

For normal users and casual gamers, I recommend a wireless gaming mouse than a wired one. Wireless connectivity enables more flexibility on operating the mouse.

Wires tend tangle, can disturb you when moving around, and you are confined to use only short distance from the PC. While wireless allows you to move as you want.

Wired mice are not running on battery, and there is no possibility to get disconnected due to power shortage.

Wireless mice are running on the universal Bluetooth 2.4 GHz technology, and possible to get lost from the radar at any given moment. While the wired ones are always alive until you physically unplug them.

4. Left or Right Handed?

Depends on your nature, you must select your gaming mouse. Some gaming mice support both left and right-handed gamers. So if you are in confusion, go for a gaming mouse that supports both sides.

There are many varieties of the mouse for left-handers and right-handers individually.

5. Claw grip or palm grip?

Palm grip is the most commonly used mouse grip type and considered as the most convenient. But this is not great when it comes to accuracy of clicking.

Gamers will not prefer palm grip for gaming. Instead, they select claw grip for faster and precise movements and clicks.

For gaming, I strongly recommend a mouse with claw grip style.

There is another grip type called fingertip grip which offers more precision than claw grip, but this type is the worst in terms of comfort.

So I would strongly suggest choosing claw grip when gaming is the preference.

6. Light it up

Many gaming mice are offering fancy yet useful LED lights. The user can adjust the LED colors through software support provided by the manufacturer.

Some mice can change the light colors automatically when the user switches another game. These mice even save different control configurations and emit different light color set by the user when the profile is created.

Most mid-range mice are provided with this tuneable LED lighting. This has no performance advantage while playing games.

7. Cost of the Gaming Mice

A fine quality gaming mouse will cost anywhere from $50 to 150$ based on the features it offers. They offer great functionality and ergonomics across game genres.

There are many models available as low as $20. But those are made by third-tier manufacturers. This doesn’t mean these are cheap and functionally spurious. Lesser price is justified with limited customization, software support, and may lose its steam soon.

But be aware that the price varies from seller to seller, and you can save money through enough research and negotiations on the trending deals. You could even follow a product, and a little patience will bring down the prices of old stocks and you can buy them at discount prices.

8. Personal Preference

Do not compromise on personal preferences. If you fell in love with a gaming mouse that looks great, and it lacks few features you can tolerate, buy the mouse. But don’t buy a gaming mouse that looks good and lacks basic features you cannot compromise.

So it’s up to you in selecting the best mouse after weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

Bottom Line

So, first understand how gaming mice differ from each other. Evaluate the requirements of the game you intend to play, and make sure the mouse you have chosen fits well in your hand. Don’t forget the above 8 parameters to be considered while buying a gaming mouse.

6 Steps Help You Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

Follow these 6 quick steps to buy a gaming mouse within 20 minutes flat.

  1. Choose the right grip type from palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip.

Palm type for regular and comfortable use.

Claw grip gives better accuracy than palm type but compromises a little on comfort.

Fingertip type grip offers excellent accuracy and speed, but highly uncomfortable during long gaming sessions.

  1. Determine movement surface area needed to play games. DPI decides how fast the cursor moves on your display when you move the mouse.

Too low DPI makes the cursor sluggish, while too much DPI causes the cursor to move very fast even for smallest input given to the mouse.

  1. Determine the game type you play and go for a gaming mouse that is specifically made for the particular genre.
  2. Generally, a too big gaming mouse is designed to provide palm grips, which is not recommended for gaming.

Look for mouse detailing on the pictures and determine it has all options to please you.

  1. You can rely on user reviews. Many users really spend some time to review a product they like. People who are affected by the product will definitely give the negative review with the exact problem mentioned. Look for patterns of disadvantages; blindly go with the product if it has 4+ stars and thousands of reviews.
  2. Once you have decided your mouse, check for direct alternatives in its price.

If possible, visit the dealership directly and try to get hands on those demo gaming mice to get a better idea how it feels in your hand.

Which One Should You Buy

All the top gaming mice are researched and reviewed. I suggest the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. G502 Spectrum carries all the right elements a good gaming mouse should carry. It is fully tuneable, comes with 11 buttons, mechanical keys for durability and has a fantastic design. This mouse packs fantastic DPI and polling rate ranges to server games across genres.

For tournament players and precision lovers, Logitech G900 Chaos spectrum offers great accuracy and comfort. G502 costs around $50 – $60, while the G900 costs $140. But the Chaos spectrum is famous among e-tournament players for its unmatched precision and speed.

The Gaming Mouse of Tomorrow

From the date of invention, a computer mouse has evolved multiple times. It started with wheels and crossed through balls, optical sensors and laser sensors.

Evolution of video games is rapid. Many manufacturers are partnering with gaming industries to create innovative designs and attract customers.

Holography and VR are the future of gaming. The next generation gaming mouse may get equipped to support VR and holographic technologies.

Games with the effect of full body presence through VR need all new control equipment.

Let’s hope for the arrival of immersive gaming in the near future.

The Final Verdict

With all the above in mind, you should be able to point out the best gaming mouse by yourself. You do not need to rely on people for buying a gaming mouse for you. First, you have to know the difference between a normal and a gaming mouse.

Then, list down your requirements, and the game genre you like. Now, filter it further with features like DPI, polling rates, etc. Appearance and lighting purely depend on personal preference.

It might seem a big deal to select a mouse without hesitation. Be sensible and go with functionality rather than gimmicks.

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