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Best Mechanical Keyboard:The Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews(2019)

Best Mechanical Keyboard

Whether you are a gamer or simply someone who has to type on a mechanical keyboard all day, most of us are familiar with the use of mechanical keyboards. The best mechanical keyboard 2019 are considered ideal for writing and gaming as they are built in a more durable manner which makes typing accurate and fast.

There is a good tactile response to be had from such keyboards. Even if they tend to produce noise they will give you accuracy as well as the speed that count the most. For such reasons most people still prefer to opt for mechanical keyboards over other versions such as a rubber dome or membrane keyboards.

Why you should buy a mechanical keyboard?

There are several reasons why you should stick to a mechanical keyboard for instance:

  • Even though cheaper keyboards are available mechanical keyboards are more lasting and they provide greater speed in typing and accuracy as well.
  • If you are a gamer, you would want a keyboard with accuracy and speed.
  • Typing fast requires a keyboard made of durable material that would allow you to type accurately and provide a good tactile response.

The above requirements and reasons are enough for you to want to invest in the best mechanical keyboard. They are also heavier and more durable and hence, are long term investment as compared to other lighter keyboards that are available in the market. If you work on the keyboard extensively then it is necessary to invest in a mechanical keyboard. The feel and sound are also what a writer would love.

12 The best mechanical keyboard I picked in 2019

There are 12 best products highlighted in the sections below. These have been picked out of the broad category of mechanical keyboards with a focus on different features such as connectivity features and other aspects that make them unique. You can go through the product reviews of the top product featured in each of these segments to get a fair idea of what you can expect out of mechanical keyboards in these subcategories.

How I picked & tested?

There are certain features that are essential to a mechanical keyboard of sound design. One of the primary factors is the feels aspect. The feel of rubber dome keyboards is different to the scissor switches or those that come with buckling springs. Topre is the high-end technology to look for.

Other aspects of a good mechanical keyboard are the built of the switches. That translates to good tactile response when you are typing. Also, the noise that is produced should be moderate as per earbuds for gaming and the keys should be of durable built to last the test of time.

Best mechanical keyboard: table & list

Here are some of the popular and well-reviewed products to consider in this segment:

  • Razer Ornata Chroma.
  • Logitech G413 Carbon.
  • Das Keyboard X40 Pro Gaming.
  • Logitech G610 Orion Brown.
  • Havit HV-KB390L Low Profile.
  • SteelSeries Apex models.

These are some of the best sellers in this product segment. In the sections below we highlight top products in different subcategories of mechanical keyboard with mic in the market.

Part #1 Top picks best cheap mechanical keyboard 2018

Quick tips: Choose your best budget mechanical keyboard

When budget is a constraint, you want a mechanical keyboard that would give you value for money. There are several products that are priced affordable, but you need to look out for a product that would give you long lasting performance as well.

Top1 CORSAIR K55 RGB gaming keyboard

CORSAIR K55 RGB gaming keyboardAbout this CORSAIR K55 RGB

This particular product is affordably priced and at the same time, it offers several quality features such as mechanical keyboard with mic. It comes with an attractive design with backlit keys, wrist support and keys that are of durable built. The key features of this product are highlighted below.

Features you might like

Features of this product are as follows:

  • It comes with a three zone back lighting design with ten kinds of RGB lighting modes.
  • There are macro keys, six in number that enable key re-mapping and other actions.
  • There are dedicated multimedia buttons that provide volume and direct control of audio which helps produce the right effects when you are gaming or watching audio visual content.
  • The keys are quiet and responsive that provides a good tactical response.
  • Computability of the keyboard is with Windows OS 7, 8, 10 as well as Windows Vista.
  • There are two USB ports of 2.0 configurations.
  • Anti ghosting and multi key response makes typing accurate and fast.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

The model could give you more, but at the price that it comes from, the feature it offers makes it a great choice for anyone looking to invest in a modest mechanical keyboard.

Part #2 Best wireless mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best wireless mechanical keyboard

Why you would choose a wireless mechanical keyboard? There are several reasons a mechanical keyboard of the wireless variety would be a great idea. It helps you move around and still be working on your typing or gaming with great accuracy. Here we review a top product in this category.

Top1: Velocifire TKL Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Velocifire TKL Wireless Mechanical KeyboardAbout this Velocifire TKL Wireless

This is a mechanical keyboard that offers the advantage of wireless connectivity. For those, who wish to have more room to move around or sit at a comfortable distance from their laptop or desktop will love the features that this product has to offer.

Features you might like

Features of this product are several such as:

  • It comes with a wireless adapter that needs no cables.
  • It can be used to type accurately and with a speed even if you are sitting at a distance from it.
  • The durable brown switch offers you a good tactical response without creating any loud noise.
  • The tenkeyless design of the keyboard makes it one of the standard layouts that become a programmer’s best friend. It has no numeric keys and has a compact design layout that is convenient to use.
  • Anti ghosting is another useful and standard feature that ensures that key rollover does not take place on the keyboard.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This is a product that is worth looking into among best mechanical keyboard, especially when you have not tried a ten keyless keyboard before. Its wireless connectivity is a great and useful feature..

Part #3 Best mechanical gaming keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best mechanical gaming keyboard

Here we showcase a mechanical keyboard that would be ideal for gaming. Those who are gamers at intermediate or advanced levels would be spending considerable hours gaming. For them certain aspects are required that would help remove the stress from their fingers and wrist. Hence the right ergonomic design of a mechanical keyboard is a must.

Top1: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for BusinessAbout this Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

This keyboard offers a unique layout and design that ensures adequate support to the wrist. At the same time the keyboard adapts to your fingers and typing tendencies naturally, allowing quick and accurate typing. The keys on the mechanical keyboard with mic can handle long hours of gaming or typing with equal ease. Here we see the features as well as the pros and cons of the product.

Features you might like

This keyboard has features that make it ideal for work as well as play for extended hours:

  • It comprises of a split keyset layout that provides adequate support for the forearms and wrists.
  • The palm rest area is cushioned to promote support to the wrist.
  • The domed keyboard design gives it an ergonomic finish.
  • The number pad is kept separately for greater flexibility.
  • The keyboard has a natural arc layout.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This is a mechanical keyboard with mic that ensures that you can game or type at work for long hours without feeling the stress on your hands or palms. It is affordably priced as well, which also adds to your advantage if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that is ergonomically designed.

Part #5 Best Mac mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best mechanical gaming keyboard

Choosing the best mechanical keyboard should be easy as long as you keep certain factors in mind. For instance, you need to have the adequate wrist support that would ensure that your hand is well rested even during long gaming hours. We review the features of a premier keyboard that has certain unique features and is an advantage for Mac OS users.

Top1: Das Keyboard 4 Professional 

Das Keyboard 4 Professional About this Das Keyboard 4 Professional 

This is a reputed brand that is known to offer products that combine great features and pricing. The features of the product along with advantages and limitations of the same can be found below.

Features you might like

Main features of this product are:

  • It has mechanical key switches of the Cherry MX technology.
  • There are two ports of USB 3.0 as well as 2.0 technology provided.
  • Media control dedicated buttons along with a volume knob.
  • Specific key functions for Mac OS.
  • N key rollover feature over USB that eliminates need for a PS2 adapter along with UV coated keycaps.
  • Sleep button for energy saving mode.
  • Designed to be compatible with Mac OS X.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you have a Mac OS desktop then this is the keyboard, you can look at. The premier features such as dedicated media buttons, sturdy construction and sleep function justify the pricing and it is a durable device to bank upon.

Part #6 Best Bluetooth mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best Bluetooth mechanical keyboard 

Here we look at a Bluetooth enabled mechanical keyboard. Most mechanical keyboards come with wired option and wireless feature is only found with some keyboard designs. With the built in Bluetooth connectivity, it can help you use the same wirelessly with good accuracy. There are wired options as well that builds in versatility of features in this mechanical keyboard.

Top1: DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Backlit Wireless Bluetooth 4.0About this keyboard

This keyboard offers you the usual computability and mechanical switch advantages along with Bluetooth connectivity. This also makes it compatible with a variety of devices and increases usability of the same. The varied and unique features of this mechanical keyboard along with pros and cons of the product are reviewed below.

Features you might like

The features that this keyboard offers are several such as:

  • It comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver which offers fast, wireless connectivity.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10, IOS 7 and above, Android 4.4 and above and others.
  • The keyboard has a tenkeyless layout with 71 keys.
  • There are customizable backlighting.
  • Keycaps of high quality ensure clean keys that will not fade easily.
  • NKRO features ensure non ghosting properties.
  • The mechanical switches of blue, brown, red and black are designed to endure 50M key presses.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This keyboard offers several features that do justify the premier pricing as of a best mechanical keyboard. The wireless Bluetooth technology along with customizable backlighting is unique aspects of this high quality keyboard.

Part #7 Best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

The tenkeyless keyboard comes of use for several people, especially those who are into programming and need a mechanical keyboard with a compact layout. With numeric keys not present in this keyboard design, this product ensures that one has a handy and compact keyboard to use. The features, pros and cons of the product are discussed here.

Top1: HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAbout this keyboard

This mechanical keyboard offers a minimalist design and layout that is a requirement of many programmers and gamers.  HyperX is a brand that is reputed and offers several computer accessories and hardware. The tenkeyless design of a mechanical keyboard can come of use for gamers as well as programmers who are looking for a compact keyboard layout. It offers certain distinct features that can be advantageous to some.

Features you might like

There are several features that are state of the art in this keyboard such as:

  • It has an ultra minimalist tenkeyless design.
  • It is ideal for those who are FPS pros.
  • The keyboard comprises of a durable and stable steel frame.
  • The mechanical keys of Cherry MX variety offer reliable and accurate response.
  • It comes with a game mode.
  • NKR functionalities with anti ghosting option.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This mechanical keyboard of the tenkeyless design offers a great option for programmers and others who are looking for a compact keyboard. It has durable, quality features which come at a standard price. The portable and compact keyboard layout makes it a versatile product to use that can be paired with a desktop or a laptop.

Part #8 Best corsair mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best corsair mechanical keyboard

This is a reputed brand whose products guarantees certain standard features. Here we review the features of a top selling keyboard of this brand that will help you understand what you can expect out of its products. Pros and cons of the product are also discussed subsequently.

Top1: CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAbout this keyboard

If you are looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard, this particular model has innovative and modern features that would make it useful for gaming as well as for typing and other kinds of work. All that is desired in a modern gaming or programming keyboard are present in this model as can be made out from the features of the keyboard detailed below.

Features you might like

The features of this keyboard are several such as:

  • It is a fast, mechanical keyboard design of this brand.
  • There are anti ghosting properties ensured on the Cherry MX speed keys.
  • The key switches can take on ultra fast speed and offer a great tactile response.
  • The keyboard is made of a light aluminum frame that ensures durability.
  • Lighting controls are present.
  • Macro key customization and lighting customization features are present.

It comes to other aspects like multimedia controls, wrist rest, which is detachable and soft touch.


Advantages of the product include:

  • It comes with authentic switches of Cherry MX technology.
  • It is made of a light aluminum frame.
  • The RGB lighting is colorful and vibrant.
  • It has dedicated media keys.


Limitations of the product include:

  • Its functions can be complex to figure out for a beginner.
  • It is high priced as compared to similar products in the category.

Bottom line

This keyboard comes with many standard and advanced features as well. Hence it is suited for programmers and gamers as well. However, one needs to know what they want out of their keyboards to invest in this piece. The programmable features could be complex to figure out.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This keyboard comes with many standard and advanced features as well. Hence it is suited for programmers and gamers as well. However, one needs to know what they want out of their keyboards to invest in this piece. The programmable features could be complex to figure out.

Part #9 Best Logitech mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best Logitech mechanical keyboard

Logitech being a reputed brand, choosing a mechanical keyboard from their range of computer accessories would be a wise choice. That is why we bring you this product from Logitech with details about its features, pros and cons which will help you decide whether it is a product that you want.

Top1: Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAbout this keyboard

As with any product of Logitech, you can expect durability, quality keys and convenient features from this Logitech keyboard product. The features and other aspects are discussed in the section below.

Features you might like

The features that this product offers are the following:

  • It is a keyboard that is performance oriented. It is a full size layout that has Logitech G technology incorporated in it.
  • The Romer G mechanical key switches are a unique feature of this keyboard.
  • There is an option to create customized RGB lighting for the backend.
  • The media controls on the keyboard offer full control of audio and visual content.
  • There are function keys that are customizable
  • It is compatible with Windows OS with different versions such as 7, 8, 8.1, 10.



Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This keyboard from Logitech offers several modern features and convenient aspects.  Logitech is known to offer reliable and quality computer accessories and this is definitely a mechanical keyboard with a durable make. However the Logitech G technology does not make much of a difference for which the premier price tag might seem a bit steep for the customers.

Part 10 best Razer mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best Razer mechanical keyboard

Razer has gained a reputation for the kind of products and accessories it offers in the segment of computer hardware and accessories. Hence, a mechanical keyboard from such a brand will have a lot to offer. Whether one is looking for typing accuracy or good tactile response, or feel from the keyboard, there are quality features to expect from this keyboard.

Top1: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016About this keyboard

This keyboard from Razer has certain unique features that make it differentiable from other brands. Razer is known to offer products that are of premier quality and come with great design features. Here we explore the different features of this mechanical keyboard, pros and cons of the product as well, so that customers can take a decision when looking at the best mechanical keyboards in the market.

Features you might like

Features that this keyboard offers are the following:

  • The Razer mechanical switches of this keyboard are designed for gaming.
  • The keyboard offers optimal distance, responsiveness and speed on the mechanical switches.
  • There are backlit keys that are programmable.
  • The keyboard switches are designed to withstand 60 million strokes and more.
  • The top cover has a textured finish on the keys which ensures that fingerprints do not remain and the keyboard can be maintained easily.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This keyboard is of sturdy quality and offers all standard features. If you are looking for something innovative you would not find anything out of the ordinary, but it is a well priced product to consider.

Part #11 Best RGB mechanical keyboard

Quick tips: Choose your best RGB mechanical keyboard

RGB is known to offer great products in the segment of computer accessories. When it comes to choosing a mechanical keyboard this computer hardware manufacturer offers products of great quality. You will find certain products that are unique of this brand’s.

Top1: RGB Mechanical Keyboard

RGB Mechanical KeyboardAbout this keyboard

Being a mechanical keyboard from RGB you can expect advanced backlighting features and other aspects that would make this keyboard stand apart from others. In the sections below, we explore the different features of this keyboard along with pros and cons of the product.

Features you might like

This keyboard flaunts the following features:

  • It is a keyboard design that has 104 keys.
  • There are customizable mechanical switches with Ombar blue lighting.
  • The keys showcase durability, responsiveness, tactile feedback that is great along with the right level of click noise.
  • The rainbow backlighting aspect is unique of this keyboard.
  • It is made of aircraft grade aluminum that makes it a lightweight and durable construction.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Being a mechanical keyboard from RGB, it offers premier backlighting features that make it a favorite for many. The keys are built for durable and long lasting performance. Though it is an elaborate design the keyboard comes at a standard market price. It would be a good option for those who are looking for a sturdy keyboard for their desktop that need not be carried around.

Part #12 Best mechanical keyboard switches

Quick Tips: Choose your best mechanical keyboard switches

When you are purchasing a mechanical keyboard the switches are vital components to consider. For that reason this particular set with MX brown switches would be a good product to consider. These come with certain standard features that ensure durability, millions of keystrokes without showing signs of wear and tear.

Top1: Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Brown Switches 

Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Brown Switches About this keyboard

This particular keyboard brings focus on the MX brown switches which are of a premier quality. These are lighter versions where they make no audible clicks. The feedback is however fast and responsive and the keys are built to survive over 50 million strokes. That makes it not only good for fast paced gaming, but also for typing work which can be done quietly and with good accuracy.

 Features you might like

Features that this mechanical keyboard offers are several such as:

  • The MX brown switches come with tactile response that is great even though the audible click is not present.
  • Switches are made of great quality and durable enough to survive 50 million strokes and more.
  • The keys are designed to be versatile, gaming as well as typing.
  • The keycaps make the key impact resistant, durable and lightweight.
  • The anti ghosting feature is present.


Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This mechanical keyboard offers MX switches that promise great performance. When you are looking for a keyboard that would be durable and survive millions of keystrokes, this is the product to purchase. Also, the quality MX switches of a mechanical keyboard provide great tactical response and feedback.

Making a decision: What’s your choice?

The mechanical keyboards that have been reviewed above offer distinct advantages in their own ways. However, as per an expert’s choice, you could opt for the mechanical keyboard from Corsair. This is a product of a reputed brand and is well priced. It would offer you the right options. However, you might want to make a choice between a standard keyboard layout and a tenkeyless design as per your personal work preferences.

Tips & buying guide times: Everything about best mechanical keyboard

Whether you are a serious gamer or want to stick to the old school mechanical keyboard for typing accuracy and feel, there are certain aspects about mechanical keyboards that you should know about. These will help you make an informative decision when making such a purchase.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are made of sturdy frames and keys that provide a good tactile response. Even if the keys are loud, they provide speed and accuracy in typing that is required for work, school work as well as in gaming. For such purposes that it serves the mechanical keyboards are preferred over the membrane and hybrid gaming keyboards.

Nowadays, PC keyboards, especially those that come inbuilt with laptops do not provide the resounding click as mechanical keyboards do. Since that is a tactile response that most people look for, the mechanical keyboards are still around and for good reason. They are built with sturdy keys and switches that can withstand greater number of keystrokes. Mechanical keyboards also come with advantages such as being able to type with greater accuracy and more quickly. They also last longer than any standard keyboard that is provided with an inbuilt laptop keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards come with physical switches that are present below the keys. These determine when a user has pushed or depressed a key. When a key is pressed, its switch is put down. When the switch is pressed down the keyboard sends out a signal to the PC stating that a certain key has been pressed. Keyboards that are made of membrane layers comprise of rubber and dome shaped switches. When a key is pressed the rubber switch pushes and connects the top with the bottom membrane. An electrical circuit is created which leads to inputs sent to your PC. The keyboard design is spill resistant and inexpensive, but the audible feedback or the tactile response that you seek is not found in such a keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards of different reputed brands like Das keyboard models, Corsair and other brands might have different design elements such as weight, layout and build quality which make differences in how you feel working on them. For instance, the satisfying click noise is what many like about a mechanical keyboard. In other cases, laptop keyboards from Lenovo come with a mechanical feel that makes typing satisfying for most users. The physical feedback that one gets from pressing the keys helps the brain to understand that one key has been pressed long enough and hence you move onto the other one. Every keystroke usually feels pronounced in a mechanical keyboard.

Since there are actual switches underlying the keys, mechanical keyboards are loud. When you are typing away this could lead to a lot of noise being created; however the different mechanical keyboard brands offer products with varying levels of noise. Hence it is best to check the level of noise before you make a purchase.

Mechanical keyboards come with a variety of features. These comprise of backlighting that can be customized, function keys and macro keys which can be customized or programmed, no ghosting rollover functionality and so forth. Hence, if you are looking for a keyboard that would help you make your gaming experience faster, programmable keys become a useful feature. In certain cases the backlighting also helps in such instances. Again, dedicated media buttons can be a useful feature when you are working on audio visual content or for gaming purposes as well.

Well-known mechanical keyboard brands

Here are some well known keyboard brands that are known to offer mechanical keyboards of great features. Among the best selling brands and products in this category you will find the following:

  • Langtu X1000.
  • Jar Owl J2.
  • Redragon K552.
  • Aukey mechanical keyboard.
  • Corsair Strafe mechanical gaming keyboard.

All these keyboards come with the standard 104 key layout while some are of the tenkeyless design. You can check out the different features that each of these keyboard products offers. That in turn will help one to figure out which keyboard they want to look at or purchase as per their personal preferences. The build quality, layout and features that they offer differing. Some offer programmable keys and customization features. Hence, at the time of making a purchase, choose a model that has functions that you can use. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard, for instance, you will enjoy a keyboard that has separate medial buttons or programmable keys. For those who are into programming would want a tenkeyless design.

Decide what you’re using it for

When you are purchasing a mechanical keyboard, there are several sub varieties to consider. For instance, the mechanical keyboards come with specific switches. These could be specific to the OS of the computer you would be pairing it with as well as specific gaming keys you might want. Certain keys are designed differently. For instance, they require you to fully depress them before the keys work or respond. In other cases the keys need to be depressing only a little to give a quick click. Writers need keys that have shorter travel distances while gamers want keys that would respond only after they are fully depressed, which ensures that there have not been any accidental presses.

Stick with reputable brands

There is a reason that you need to consider factors other than cheap price tags when looking at mechanical keyboards. The construction needs to be proper since the keys should be durable and survive millions of strokes. The products of reputed brands often come with keycaps that protect the keys further. In other cases reputed brand products also offer unique features such as programmable keys, macro keys, customizable backlighting, media controls through dedicated buttons and so forth. Brands such as RGB, Corsair, Razer, Logitech and several other computer hardware and accessories manufacturers are known to offer standard and reliable products.

Know what’s worth paying for

Mechanical keyboards are not created in the same way and the construction and built differs on the materials used and the layout of the switches and keys. Though there are membrane like keyboards or keyboards with scissor style switches, these keyboards are designed to emulate pressure, feedback and sound that is generated from a mechanical keyboard. However, such keyboards cannot give the long standing durability that mechanical keyboards offer. It is also important to check the frame and construction make of keyboards to ensure that you are investing in a worthwhile design.

Learn the terms & lingo

There are certain terms and lingo that one needs to follow on when it comes to choosing a reliable mechanical keyboard. These are:

  • Feels is one aspect that is used to talk about physical switches on such keyboard. The feel is different in case of mechanical keyboards that differ from scissor switches or rubber dome ones. Usually ALPS, Cherry MX and buckling spring are some of the backing technology that creates the right feel in mechanical keyboards.
  • Switches are mechanisms that can help one determine the key they have pressed on the keyboard. It also refers to the tactile response that comes to the fingers when one is typing. There is a certain amount of noise incorporated to provide the right response.
  • X percent keyboard refers to the size of keyboards. Some keyboards come with a tenkey layout that indicates the presence of number pad while the tenkeyless design ensures that the keyboard exists without the number pad. Others comprise about 60%, 70%, 75% layouts that are miniature layouts that come with function keys, arrow keys and the essential 66 keys.
  • Bump is another term associated with a mechanical keyboard that usually refers to the tactile feedback.
  • Travel distance is another aspect that is checked when buying a mechanical keyboard. This refers to the distance between keys at rest and when they are pressed. Laptops usually have keys with shorter travel distances than keyboards used with desktop computers.
  • Click (y) is the noise that is created by the switch when a key is depressed and returned to actuation point.

The above terms are the common lingo associated with the purchase of mechanical keyboards. If you are making a physical purchase it would be wise to check on the above terms or parameters to determine the ideal properties exist on the keyboard you choose.

Decide on acceptable level of noise

This is another important aspect when choosing the best mechanical keyboard. The noise level varies in mechanical keyboards. If you do not want a keyboard that would make a lot of noise when typing, working or gaming, you need to ensure that the keyboard has switches that make less noise. In general, keyboards associated with desktops usually make more noises which are also because of the distance that the keys travel from depressed to actuation point. Hence, such keyboards come with more noisy switches than the keyboards that are designed for laptops. However, if you wish to check the level of noise yourself, you can physically inspect a keyboard before purchasing it.

Ignore the hype

There are always new models that are introduced in the market with new and innovative features. These are often hyped about, but often the difference is more decorative than substantial. Hence, before you rush to invest $150 in a new keyboard that offers Cherry MX switches, programmable keys and backlighting, it might be a keyboard with too many features that you would never use. It is best to try out different models to check the typing experience. This will help ensure that the mechanical keyboard upgrade that you opt for being right.

More buying guide: Read how to build your gaming rig

If you are considering purchasing this keyboard for your gaming rig or are contemplating building one, we have a comprehensive guide available for you. Here we discuss the different components that can help you assemble a gaming rig as per the level of processing power, resolution and gaming experience you wish to have. Different products of different brands are discussed in this guide along with the features they offer and why you should consider them for purchase.

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The above sections showcase how you can pick up a mechanical keyboard of the right features that would suit your work or gaming preferences. From the essential features of a mechanical keyboard to what are the different models available in the market under different sub categories, you will get information about the different models and their features, pros and cons in order to make the right informative decision. A mechanical keyboard that is of good quality and durable usually lasts and stands the tests of time. For such reasons investing in a good mechanical keyboard will be a wise decision as compared to investing in cheap rubber or membrane keyboards. However, bear in mind that mechanical keyboards are of substantial weight and have a large layout. Hence the best mechanical keyboard products are ideal for desktops or when you work on a tablet computer with which you need a keyboard for work.

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