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Best Mouse Pad: 2019’s Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for You

Mouse pads have evolved over the years. In the past, mouse pads were made for multi-purpose. However, as consumer demands increased and new technologies began to evolve, mouse pads began to evolve too. This has led to the advent of different kind of mouse pads such as, Mouse Pad, gamer mouse pads, customized mouse pad, Razer mouse pads, gaming mouse pad, SteelSeries mouse pad and many others. If you are having trouble navigating the screen of your computer wrong mouse pads or bare tables may be the culprit. However, getting the right mouse pad will do great help especially when using the wrong table. In this review are 10 of the best mouse pads from different manufacturers. We hope our choices will help you in getting the right mouse pads.

Mouse Pad: Something you don’t know about it.

Mousepad has been around for 50 years. Kelly in 1969 designed the first mousepad. However, it didn’t become popular until 1982, when the majority of the users of Xerox ball mouse adopted it. At the time, the users referred to it as “special pads” probably because of the enhancement it gives to a mouse. Mousetrack was the first company to manufacture mouse pads on a commercial scale and sell it to consumers. Mousetrack gained more popularity and patronage when Apple decided to use its mouse pads with its logo embroidered on it. Though, close to the final years of the 1980s, the company was faced with stiff competition from different manufacturers making lower quality mouse pads.

Gaming Mouse:Ultimate Buying Guide, Tips And How to choose a gaming mouse.


Are you in need of a mouse pad? Do you find it difficult to choose an appropriate mouse pad that suits your needs? Worry no more. We have done research and testing and have come up with a list of 10 best mouse pads for 2018 in 6 different categories. The categories are; Best budget and bestselling price. Best gaming mouse pad. Best customized mouse pad. Best mouse pad with wrist rest. Best large extended mouse pad. Best Razer mouse pad and Best SteelSeries mouse pad.

The best mouse pad we pick are;

How we picked and tested

This list of best mouse pads has been carefully reviewed and tested we have come up with a list of the top mouse pad of 2018. The review is based on extensive research and rigorous testing. It is a guide to help you choose the appropriate mouse pads. This research was done based on the following.

·        Efficiency

By efficiency I mean, high speed, more precision. A mouse pad isn’t really mouse pad without helping to optimize your mouse.

·        Comfort

During testing, we put your comfort into consideration. Gaming experience ought to be fun, not uncomfortable. It is important to check for comfort when buying a mouse pad.

·        Durability

Replacing a mouse pad too often isn’t ideal for anyone. Apart from self-durability. A mouse pad ought to make a mouse last longer as well as prevent the scratch on a desk.

·        Style

For our best-customized mouse pad. Apart from giving optimal function to your mouse. We carefully selected cute mouse pads that would add a glow to your desk. And add life to your mouse experience.

·        Affordability

We understand that there are some folks wouldn’t want to spend too much on a mouse pad. Hence we also took price into consideration while compiling this list.

Best mouse pad we picked in 2019: IN-DEPTH REVIEWS

Our picks for the best mouse pad in 2018 covers seven categories.  They are; Budget and Best-selling category, Gaming, , customized mouse pad, mouse pad with wrist rest, large mouse pad, Razer mouse pads, and Steelseries mouse pad.


No matter how great the type of mouse you use is. The importance of a mouse pad cannot be overemphasized. The quality of your mouse pad has a great impact on how your mouse performs. Over the years computer mouse pads have evolved just like everything else. As a result of the emergence of this new gaming era, mouse pad users are asking for more from there mouse pad. And we realize that It can difficult to choose a mouse pad from the numerous once available in the market. Hence we have put together a list of 2018 best mouse pad to guide you to make the right choice.


For our three top picks for this category, we carefully selected mouse pads that are very affordable and efficient. Manufacturers of these set of mouse pads have beaten down the prices to very affordable rates. While still retaining its effectiveness. Here are the best mouse pads you can get for the price category


The large size of this mouse is hard to overlook. Every mouse user knows that it can be frustrating to have to pick up your mouse, put it down and center it so often. Apart from time consumption, doing this all the time can be very annoying. But with this mouse pad, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your mouse all the time. The large size of this mouse pad makes it easier to work all day. Another great feature of this mouse pad is that it has an extra smooth surface which helps you strike the perfect balance between speed and control. Yes, that’s right! Its smooth surface allows you to be more accurate, consistent and efficient. The smooth surface allows your mouse to slide across the pad with ease.


  • It is lightweight which makes it great for all surfaces, and for traveling
  • It is washable and doesn’t fade
  • It has a great color locking effect.
  • It is not expensive, give great value for the price.
  • It works for both laser and optical mouse.
  • It is ideal for daily use


  • The fabric is thin; it is not as thick as some other mouse pad of the same price
  • It doesn’t come with a wrist rest
  • The pad has a strong chemical smell which goes away with time though.


If you are looking for a mouse pad and you are low on budget, this is one mouse pad you shouldn’t ignore. The pros exceed the cons. And the price tag is quite enticing.


A firm grip on your desk is one of the strong points of this mouse pad. It has a solid rubber base which ensures it lays flat and stays in place. This mouse pad also has a fine quality surface which gives it the perfect precision and accuracy. Another feature of this mouse pad is that it works with optical and laser mouse.

For mouse pad lovers, with a passion for small mouse pads, this mouse pad is just great for you. It has standard size 7.5 x 0.12 inches.


  • It has a comfortable standard size
  • It has a firm grip on the desk, doesn’t slide around.
  • Its rubber surface guarantees good movement of the mouse.
  • The mouse pad is very affordable


  • The mouse pad is thin.
  • Its rubber base makes it have a strong petroleum jelly smell.


This item would be ideal for users on a budget. If you’re a looking for a mouse pad that can offer the basics, and nothing too fancy, then this is the mouse pad for you


A desk pad or blotter is a table protector used when working on a desk so as not to damage the desk. If you don’t want to tarnish your desk due to mouse movement, writing or painting on it, a desk pad is what you need.

Apart from protecting desk, Paxcess desk pad blotter also has an aesthetic value that adds a touch of style to your office.

Of the different desk pads in the market, the Paxcessdesk pad blotter stands out, with its outstanding features.

The Paxcessdesk pad blotter has a good writing surface, what makes this surface good is that it is firm enough to write on a single piece of paper.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It absorbs heat without damage.
  • It stays firm on the desk.
  • The Pen doesn’t poke through the paper while writing on it.
  • It gives comfortable support to the mouse.
  • It can be cleaned
  • It is great for your keyboard.


  • The prize is quite on the high side, compared with other desk pad with same features.
  • It develops bumps with rigorous use.


The Paxcessdesk pad blotter works great, and it is beautiful too. With a large size that can accommodate both keyboard and mouse. And still, leave plenty of room for other things. I say this desk pad works its money value.


A gaming mouse pad was made keeping in mind that it would be used for long hours of play. Without hitches that could interrupt the progress of the game. The manufacturers of the Amazon Basics Gaming Pad certainly had that in mind.

The amazon basics gaming pad has a large size, which is hard to overlook. The large size would be of a great benefit to gamers who use long movement. The large size of this pad also makes it to serves as a space to keep gear. And the problem of running the mouse off the pad while gaming is solved.


Before now gaming mouse pads were not considered to be too different from the ordinary mouse pad. But in recent times these gaming mouse pads which we have selected for this category had changed the game! With new features and incredible sizes that will put you at the top of your game. We understand that enormous gamepads flood the market and it can be difficult to choose from the myriad of gaming pad hence this list is compiled to guide your choice of gaming pad.

Go for size. You don’t want to let the fear of running off the mouse hinder yours from making a move during a game. Use smooth surface mouse pads. This will give you speed and better control of the cursor. If you are after comfort, choose a cloth mouse pad.


The mouse pad 001 galaxy customized mouse pad gives you the liberty to personalize your mouse pad. This great customized mouse pad brings fun to your office or home desk whichever one you want to use it for. This custom-made mouse pad is a great way to put your design into a mouse pad. One other thing about this pad is its smooth cloth surface, which is comfortable and woven. For easy rolling and to prevent sliding.

The size of this mouse is also very nice it comes with a standard size of 8 inches. It also comes with a stunning photo which makes it beautiful.


  • This mouse pad has a smooth surface.
  • It doesn’t move about on the desk or table.
  • It is not too small or big.
  • It makes the mouse perform optimally.
  • It’s very


  • It has sharp edges which could be harmful on the wrist.
  • It has an odor.


Are you in search of a beautiful mouse pad with vivid colors and are looking for a mouse that is cheap? This mouse is for you.


One of the reasons this mouse was included on our list of best mouse pad 2018 is its large size. This large size gives it room to fit into your desktop properly. The mouse pad provides a lot of space for mouse movement. If you are the type that makes long mouse stroke, you’ll find this mouse pad convenient for use. You will no longer worry about running off the edges. The large size of this mouse pad also makes it able to house both your mouse and keyboard comfortably. Ideal for gamers as it fits game accessories.


  • This item is great for heavy usage
  • It enhances mouse movement
  • Can accommodate both mouse, keyboard and game assessors.
  • It has a smooth surface.
  • It doesn’t collect particles
  • Prevents your desk from scratching.


  • Mouse stitches are a bit rough.


This is very good gaming extended mouse pad. It is very comfortable for use it is also very affordable. It is also durable. So, if you are a heavy gamer or a heavy mouse pad user, this is just the ideal pad for you.


This mouse pad works well with both laser and optical gaming mice it gives your mouse accuracy and precision. This mouse stays firmly on the desk. It has anti-skid rubber base which helps it stay attached to the desk

An interesting feature about this mouse pad is its stitched edges. They are not only beautiful, but it makes the mouse pad last longer. Also, this mouse pad prevents your desk from scratches. It also protects your glass desk from fingerprints. This mouse pad also comes with stitched edges that prevent it from fraying. The product is not expensive; it gives you value for your money.


  • It’s ideal for heavy use.
  • It is durable
  • It doesn’t stain
  • Easy to clean
  • It doesn’t move on the desk.
  • Smooth surface.


  • It has a rubber smell.
  • It is thin and lightweight.


The Corsair MM300is a great gaming mouse pad, does well with laser and optical mouse. It works well with Logitech gaming mouse. This mouse can compete with mouse pad from Razer and SteelSeries.




Do you want to add a personal touch to your workspace, then these our list then customized mouse pads are just great for you. They have beautiful colors and lights that just lights up your world.  Of all the various customized mouse pads available in the market or top picks are;

Razer Firefly Chroma hard customizable RGB polycarbonate hard gaming mouse pad with about 16.8 million color combination.


Well, Razer Incorporated is not new to the computer market. They are well known for making PCs and computer accessories. With prices for low and high-income earners. However, this Razer product has caught our eye for some reasons that you would love.

This item gives a mouse high performance, more precision as well as speed. What’s more? This mouse pad comes with like a million colors.  Its amazing lightening functionality gives your desk that amazing glow. You can’t help gazing at all day. It makes your gaming experience more fun.


  • It has lots of colors and lightening functionality.
  • It has a consistent surface.
  • It comes in a large size measures 31.98 by 10.04 inches
  • Thick in size 2.5mm.
  • It can withstand harsh pricks, and prevent a scratch on the desk


  • It is quite expensive.
  • The cloth peels with heavy usage.


Well, Razer has done it again, with this beautiful mouse pad that adds fun to your everyday life. While giving your mouse that effortless speed and accuracy it needs. It’s good to have.


Here is another customized mouse pad you should consider buying. Apart from it being very affordable. It also works for all mouse types. This mouse pad ’s surface is just amazing. Makes your mouse move with ease and precision. This mouse pad also adds a glow to your desk with its vibrant and clear lights while staying firm on your desk.


  • It has vibrant colors
  • Its Smooth surface which makes your mouse glide effortlessly.
  • It works for all mouse types.
  • It doesn’t move about on the desk.


  • It’s a bit thin.


Great mouse pad for everyday usage, it gives you the basics and more. It is very affordable too. If you are on tight budget and you need a customized mouse pad, then get this.



Are you having problems with your wrist after prolonged use of the mouse? Getting one with a wrist rest is a great idea for you. A mouse pad with a wrist rest usually has a contour at the wrist side for placing your wrist on it when you’re tired of suspending it. The contour gives the extra comfort when navigating your desktop using a mouse. In this review, we have 3 of the best mouse pad with wrist rest. We hope our picks will be helpful to you in making the right decision.

Tips for using mouse pads with wrist rest

To prevent inflamed tendons adjust your chair height for the desk to be at the same height as the elbows.

Editor’s Choice: VicTsing Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest, Mousepad with Non-Slip PU Base Mouse Mat

The VicTsing Mouse Pad is a great Mouse Pad made of PU rubber and an anti-slip base. On our testing, it held firm to the table and didn’t seem to move from its position when our mouse was rubbed on it. The rough surface gives it a good grip on the mouse for better response. Also, the narrow end of this mouse pad has a contour on which you can rest your wrist on. The contour makes it more comfortable to use for a long period especially when you’re gaming.


  • The cushion is filled with gel. The gels on it conform to the wrist and improve comfort on prolonged
  • It has a pea shape, having a wide fore and a relatively narrow rear. The shape provides a wide area for side to side movements
  • The top of the mouse is covered with smooth fabric. The fabric facilitates a comfortable contact with your hand and a good grip on the mouse.
  • It is made of organic materials that are friendly to the environment.


  • Only two color options are available
  • There are no size choices
  • It has a strong smell when used for the first few days


If you care about wrist rest, then this pad is great for daily use. Also, if you care less about fashion and are comfortable with the fixed size, you will be good with this mouse. We recommend it for people seeking extra comfort.

Vornnex Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support Wrist Cushion Support

If a wide mouse pad is what you want for home or office, then you are good to go with this product. It is made with ergonomic foam which gives the palm of your hands a comfortable feel. This mouse pad is much wider than the VicTsing Mouse Pad. However, not everyone will like a big mouse pad. Nevertheless, if you desire a bigger mouse pad and you have a wide table for it, then go for it.


  • It has an ergonomic feel and a wide surface area, making it useful for home and work purposes.
  • At the rear of the mouse pad has a contour for resting your arms. The contour enables comfort which further makes it ideal for office use.
  • It has a great build quality and a premium look.
  • The base is made of rubber. Rubber base prevents skidding after working on the computer for prolonged hours.


  • Pad is too wide for small tables.
  • Single size option
  • Single color option.


The Vornnex Ergonomic Memory foam mouse pad satisfied us on our testing. The smooth feeling and the wide base is something that got us excited about it. However, we wished that we had the option of choosing another color other than black.

Check out this product on Amazon

Editor’s Choice: BelkinWaveRest Gel Mouse Pad, Black (F8E262-BLK)

The BelkinWaveRest Gel Mouse Pad is an ergonomic choice with a good grip on a mouse. It gives a comfortable feeling (thanks to its wrist rest at the rear). Furthermore, the base of the mouse is made of rubber which sticks firmly to the table.


  • It is made of durable polyurethane surface which gives exceptional tracking
  • The mouse pad is relatively light when compared to others.
  • It has a mouse rest which makes it comfortable for prolonged use.
  • The base of the material is made of rubber, and it enables the mouse to grip firmly on the table.


  • Relatively narrow wrist rest
  • Contour at the base is too deep for small palms.
  • The mouse pad is too long for people with small palms.


The BelkinWaveRest Gel  is great for people with large palms who desire something bigger. Its build quality and size are some factors that got us excited about it.

Part # 4 Zoom In: Largely extended mousepad for home and office use



Unlike many pads with rest which may sometimes discriminate a leftie, Largely extended mouse pad is ideal when you intend to switch sides. You can use your left hand on the other side of the computer. If you’re looking for a mouse pad here are some reasons why you’ll need a large extended one:

  • If you prefer a large mouse pad
  • If you’re a gamer
  • If you’re a leftie
  • If you desire to rest your keyboard on it.
  • You are a designer working with CAD programs

If you fall into any of these categories of persons, then you are good to go a largely extended mouse pad. Below are some of our top picks in the largely extended mouse category

Editor’s Choice: LIEBIRD Extended XXL Gaming Mouse Pad – Portable Large Desk Pad

The Liebird extended XXL Gaming mouse pad measures 31.5 by 11.8 inches. Its size can accommodate both the keyboard and a mouse. Its smooth surface has the picture of the globe on it in ash colors and a black background. At 2.5 mm thick, this mat can withstand harsh pricks and keyboard scratches for a long time. It is one of customer’s favorite on Amazon having 4.5 stars after 516 reviews.


  • The image on the mouse pad is customizable. So if you don’t like the basic globe picture on it, you can select the different color options of this mat.
  • The mouse pad is wide enough to accommodate a full-sized mechanical keyboard, and a mouse and extra space will be left on both sides.
  • The surface is super smooth. This facilitates a good mouse response speed on your computer and enables the keyboard to stick to one spot on the table.
  • It has a good design quality, it doesn’t feel cheap, it is waterproof, and it has a good aesthetic value.


  • It could create a mark on the table after prolonged use.
  • It attracts dust
  • Might get bad when hot objects are placed on it.


The Liebird XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is one that was designed for people who extensive use of the mouse. You can hardly go off the area of this mouse pad even when you are not conscious about it.

Editor’s Choice: Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad – XXL Large, Wide (Long) Black Mousepad, Stitched Edges

Glorious PC Gaming Race is a manufacturer of mouse pads of different sizes. However, its large extended option has a got our attention. It has a great look and feels. It gives a good response upon touching it on the surface, and we hardly left the left the surface area of the mat even when we were on mouse intensive tasks such as designing.


  • It has a dimension of 36 inches by 11 inches. Its area is wide enough to accommodate the keyboard and a mouse
  • Its surface is super smooth, and it is made of clean cloth
  • Its base is made of rubber material which enables it to stick to one spot on the table.
  • It can be washed with machines.


  • Only the dark black color option is available
  • It is thinner than other mouse pads we’ve reviewed.
  • It is not waterproof.


Overall this mouse pad provides a clean design and a great look. This is one of the features we love it for. However, those who wish to have a customizable mouse won’t find it great anyway. In spite of all that, it’s still a great mouse of home use especially when you consider the space.

PART #4 Zoom in: Razer Mouse Pads: Hardcore Mouse Pads for the Hardcore Razer Fan


Razer is well known for making great gaming PCs and accessories with great build quality. Its products are priced at the mid to high price levels – and that includes their mats. Just like every other Razer product, you’ll find in the market, their logo is embroidered on their mouse pads. Our review of Razer mouse pads consists of two of the best mouse pads from Razer. Though they vary in size and colors, they perform well in terms of improved responsiveness of desktop mouse.

Editor’s Choice: Razer Sphex V2 – Ultra Thin Polycarbonate Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse Mat

If you have lots of Razer products for your gaming PC, then a mouse pad from Razer is a great idea.

The Razer Sphex V2 is a largely extended gaming mouse pads measuring 4.14 inches in length, and 13.99 inches in width. Its thickness is about 0.03 inches. The surface of the mat is multicolored in a gradient style. At the center is the Razer logo embroidered on it. Its base is made of an adhesive material which makes it an anti-slip mouse pad. Its beautiful appearance is one feature that makes it great for home use especially when gaming with Razer products.


  • The mouse pad has a great look with vibrant colors and Razer logo embroidered on it.
  • It has an anti-slip rubber base.
  • The surface is made of durable polycarbonate materials.
  • It is relatively thin when compared to other extra-large mats.


  • Colors are not so bright
  • Price is a bit expensive.
  • Only one color option is


If you’re a Razer fan with lots of Razer products in stock, it makes sense to go with a Razer mat. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the price, and you’ll be fine with it.

Razer Destructor 2 Hard Gaming Mouse Mat – Optimized Tracking Surface Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers

Well if you’re the hardcore Razer fan looking for something simple in design, then the Razer Destructor 2 is for you. It measures 13 by 10.04 inches (which is relatively small compared to the Sphex V2). Nevertheless, it still provides a great space for a mouse – and even a keyboard! The Razer logo is placed on the top right corner of the mouse pad. Its build quality gives a great value for the money and its one of the reasons why we love it.


  • It has tiny flakes of silver on the surface which makes it a reflective look and improves game responsiveness.
  • Just like most other mouse pads in the market, the Razer Destructor 2 has a non-slip base on the mat.
  • The design is simple and sleek. It is something that gamers with little taste for fashion will love.
  • The material feels premium and the build quality is great.


  • It is expensive
  • Simple designs may not appeal to people with a taste for colors.
  • It can gather dust over time.


The Razer Destructor 2 is a great choice for the Razer fan with a simple taste for colors. Though the non-Razer fan may find it expensive, it is still a great choice for users of Razer products.

PART # 5 SteelSeries Mouse Pad: For Hardcore Users


If your use of the desktop mouse is as strong as steel, a SteelSeries mouse pad can match your usage of the mouse pad. SteelSeries has gained a reputation for making durable computer accessories. Its mouse pads are some of the best in the market. Prices of their mouse pads vary, and it depends on its type and quality. On this review are two of the best mouse pads from SteelSeries; one is priced below $10, and the other is priced above $40

Editor’s Choice: SteelSeriesQcK Mini Gaming Mouse Pad

The SteelSeriesQcK Mini comes with soft touch and feel. The colors and designs are relatively simple. At the left bottom edge of this mouse pad is the SteelSeries logo embroidered in white color. It provides super responsiveness to the touch upon using it. The most interesting feature of this mouse pad is the fact that it is priced below $10. This alone makes it great for people on a budget.


  • The base of QcK Mini is made of rubber
  • It is smooth and easy to transport. It has a small size which fits properly to any table
  • It can be moved around the home because of its compactness and lightweight.
  • There are lots of size options available


  • The design is basic and simple.
  • It may be too small for people needing a wider mat
  • Only one color option is


If you don’t have all the cash to spare and are looking for a quality mouse pad, then search no further. The QcK Mini is a great choice. While testing it, we found out that our cats love it too!! So we decided to get another one for cats so we could fully make use of ours.

Editor’s Choice: SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

The SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad is a nice choice that lives up to its name. However, there is a caveat to it too – it is priced above 30 bucks!! If you’re not that bothered about the price, then you’ll be fine with it.


  • It is an extended large choice measuring 11.42 x 9.45 inches. A great area like this one can accommodate your keyboard and mouse.
  • The surface is made of clean designs with the SteelSeries logo embroidered on it.
  • On the base of this mat is an anti-slip a material which ensures the mouse pad stays in place as you move the mouse around it.
  • The build quality is great, and it gives a professional look when placed on the desk.


  • Expensive
  • The material is made of hard plastic which can get damaged when you place hot objects on it.
  • It could get scratched


If you have all that money to cough out for a mouse pad, then we recommend the SteelSeries 4HD. It has a good build quality and a professional look for gamers. We didn’t feel we overpaid for a mouse pad when we considered these factors.

Part#6: Guide and Tips Times: How to select the best mouse pad for home or office use

 Having problems with navigating your computer screen? A good mouse pad could be all that you need to solve the problem. Indeed, mouse pad provides an enabling environment for your mouse to have good control of the cursor. Also, the sensor can track movement at speed you desire. For this reason, one takes into consideration the kind of mouse pad to buy.

Now that the optical mouse remains the standard, people barely see the need for a mouse pad. But if you need a better navigation experience especially if you are a gamer, we’ve compiled some useful tips that will be of great help for your needs. Below are some of the things you should consider before getting a mouse pad.


At the moment, you’ll be able to find mouse pad that is either made of cloth, plastic with a rubber base, aluminum, or glass.

For those who desire comfort and portability, a cloth pad is a great idea. This is because they are flat and they can be rolled up easily for transport. However, there is a flipside to this; and that is the fact that you will need a replacement every six months. The reason for this is that they are hard to clean up and the edges may be damaged after long use.

On the other hand, other pads are made of hard materials such as plastic (with rubber base), aluminum, and glass pads. The plastic pad has a smooth surface which makes the mouse glide freely. Cleaning off the dirt is as easy as using a cloth to wipe it off. The aluminum and glass counterparts are also great and give a more luxury feeling when the mouse is glided on it. However, we wish to remind you that they are expensive when compared to cloth pads.

Specific needs

Mousepads are made for different needs and taste, and as such, you should be considering your need for a mouse pad before getting one. If you are having a health condition concerning your wrist, then you should be using a comfortable mouse pad with a contour at the base to accommodate your wrist.  For gamers and hardcore users who recognize the effect of a good mouse pad, you should get a mouse pad designed for such purposes. The Razer mouse pad is some of our tops recommended when it comes to gaming.

Style and Design

People desire to tell the world around them about who they are. They could want something that reflects their brand or logo of their enterprise. One great way of doing that is a mouse pad. If you’re a hardcore gamer and wish to place the image of your favorite characters on mouse pads, then you should go for a custom mousepad. Also for companies interested in reflecting their custom logo on their work tools, having a custom mouse pad is a great idea. Our top picks of custom mouse pad will be helpful to you in making the right decision for you or your business.

Brief Summary

The mouse pad is something that came into existence just some few days after the mouse was invented. At the time mouse pad made use of wheels as a means of controlling it. Sometimes, the mechanical mouse may have difficulties in navigation. This led to the design of the mouse pad known as “mouse tray” at the time which was made by Jack Kelly. The imperfections of the mechanical mouse pad led companies like Xerox to develop a mouse pad that made use of roller balls. This type of mouse pad gained traction worldwide and was the standard for decades. The roller ball mouse model depended on a mouse pad for rolling. Also, it accumulated dirt as it is used on a table over time, but the mouse pad acted as protection for it. However, subsequent inventions by Microsoft change the mouse pad from roller balls to laser light control mechanism. Since then till now, optical mouse has been the standard mouse on all desktop computer systems.

If I Were You, I will Choose VicTsing Mouse Pad, Here Are 3 Reasons

For me, I will go with the VicTsing Mouse Pad for some reasons I will like to state below

Firstly, this choice is relatively cheap. Priced under $6 it is an inexpensive way to get a super responsive mouse pad. In the marketplace, there is hardly any mouse pad you will find priced at this level.

Secondly, it measures 10.2 inches in width and 8.3 inches in length. The surface area of this mouse alone is more than enough for to cover my swiping needs.

Finally, the design is smooth and just plain.

These features are what make me consider it. Despite the cons, it is still a great mouse for home use and office use.

Ready for our Mouse Pad recommendations? Check out our best picks below:

Best mouse pad 2018 Budget and Best Selling Price: Visiting Mouse Pad

Vistsing mouse pad with stitched edges premium restored mouse mat pad. This mouse pad is our choice for best selling and best budget mouse for 2018. This mouse pad gives you everything you need in a mouse pad. For a very affordable price. It sells for $4 on Amazon!

Best Gaming Pad: Vuttoo Customized Rectangular Non-Slip Rubber Mouse Pad

When it comes to gaming pads, comfort is very important. Hence, we choose Vuttoo customized rectangular non-slip rubber mouse pad as the best gaming pad. Apart from satisfying your mouse pad appetite, this mouse also gives you the comfort you need for your gaming experience. It’s not harmful to the wrist.

Customized mousepad: Razer Firefly Chroma

The Razer Firefly Chroma hard customizable RGB polycarbonate hard gaming mouse pad is hard to beat when it comes to the customized mouse pad. Apart from its smooth surface which optimizes your mouse. The millions of colors that the mouse pad provides adds beauty to your office. It gives your workspace more fun mouse experience.

Best mouse pad with wrist rest: VicTsing

The pea shape of the VicTsing Mousepad is one that adds more aesthetic value to the office. Also, the wrist rest of this mouse pad is comfortable and large enough for daily use.

Best large Extended Mouse Pad: Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

We love the Glorious extended mouse mat for two reasons. First, it provides a wide base that can accommodate the keyboard and the mouse. Secondly, our cats love lying on it too. It is a great mouse pad for the money.

Best Razer Mouse Pads: RazerSphex V2

The RazerSphex V2 provides a wide surface area for mouse and keyboard. Also, it also gives an aesthetic feel on its surface with its gradient spread of colors on it.

Best SteelSeries Mouse Pad: SteelSeries 4HD Professional

Simplicity and value are what this mouse pad is loved for. Also, it has a good surface area for a small keyboard and a mouse. These features make it stand out from the rest.

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