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Best RAM For Gaming: Top Memory For Your Serious Needs (2019’s Ultimate Guide)

Best ram for gaming

In this article, we look at the different configurations of best RAM for gaming available in the market today as top memory for your serious needs. In general, for running standard games and being able to do computing tasks at basic speed, you need 4 GB RAM on your computer or PC. As a thumb rule the 8 GB RAM will help ensure speed as well as performance while a step up to 16 GB is often an indulgence.

Quick tips: Best RAM For Gaming

Here we summarize what are the main aspects of RAM you need to look at, especially when you wish to game frequently as well as want speed and performance from best RAM for gaming.

RAM or random access memory allows a computer to multitask, whether it is running video games, different entertainment apps or computing tasks. It also stands for the capacity of the computer. PC gamers would want to have good RAM, which will allow them to run several programs at a time. RAM acts as middle ground between CPU cache and slow moving large storage of your hard drive.

RAM of 8 GB capacity will be able to support your gaming requirements such as running Steam application, games of your choice, music and so forth. DDR is short for double data rate, which mean two transfers happen in every clock cycle. The version of DDR needs to be compatible as per the motherboard fitted with a computer.

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3 Best RAM I picked in 2019

The following are the best RAM products in the market today:

  • Corsair Vengeance 16GB.
  • Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16 GB.
  • Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8 GB.

Other models that are high selling in this segment include:

  • G. SKILL Ripjaws X series 8GB.
  • Kingston HyperX FURY 8 GB.
  • Patriot Viper Elite 16 GB.
  • PNY Anarchy 16G.
  • G. SKILL Trident Z 16 GB and others.

How we picked?

The above list was picked on different parameters. For instance, Corsair Vengeance comes with speed and capacity as well as 16 GB space; that enables all multi tasking jobs with ease. G Skill comes with performance aspects that balance out the price. In case of products like Crucial Ballistic it comes with 16 GB capacity without asking for a premium to be paid for the increase in speed. Kingston HyperX Fury provides high latency runs and large amount of memory, whereas PNY Anarchy provides good looks and throws in performance as well.

The key players: Choose your best RAM: In-depth reviews

On the basis of what is discussed above, we bring you best RAM products in the market which would suit your varying requirements. While a minimum of 4GB RAM is required for running any gaming application, for avoiding any performance related issue you need to have 8 GB RAM. Varying RAM products with 8 to 16GB capacity are discussed here.

Part #1 Top 3 best selling RAM for gaming 2019

Here we showcase the best RAM for gaming. You can check out the different aspects of each, what they have to offer pros and cons of each and so forth.

Quick tips for this top pick

The first in this category is Corsair Vengeance, which is a premier product in the market today and considered best RAM. Read up on the brand, what makes this product special and the features you can expect from it. That in turn will help you understand what you can get from this product.

Editors’ choice: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

best selling RAM for gaming 2018Corsair Vengeance series needs no introduction. This particular series of products come from Corsair Microsystems that was launched in 1994. Today they have DRAM modules that are designed for overclocking and Corsair Vengeance series are built for applications that need overclocking.

About this best RAM for gaming

This particular RAM for gaming offers the following:

  • The LPX memory is designed for overclocking at high performance standards.
  • It is made of pure aluminum that allows heat to dissipate faster.
  • There is an eight layer PCB that allows heat to be managed and allows headroom for superior overclocking.
  • It comes with DDR4 form factor. This makes it compatible with X99 as well as X100 series, which in turn offers greater bandwidth, higher frequencies and low consumption of power.
  • The RAM product comes in different colors that make it easy to match it with your components, motherboard as well as your style.

Pros & cons

Pros of the product include the following:

  • It is a RAM of high performance.
  • It comes to DDR4 3200 rating.
  • Two cooling fans included to reduce DRAM and motherboard temperatures.

Limitations of the product include:

  • The product includes overclockability of a limited nature.

Bottom line

Corsair comes with a quad channel memory kit which helps it to provide great performance which makes it best RAM. There are cooling fans that add to its value, but are necessary in builds where there are no inbuilt fans for the CPU.

Top2: Crucial 8GB Single DDR3/DDR3L

Crucial 8GB Single DDR3/DDR3LAbout this best RAM for gaming

The features of this product include the following:

  • Crucial RAM products come of SDRAM technology.
  • You can opt for DDR3/DDR4 as per the requirement of your PC; to do so enter the model number of your PC to ensure compatibility before purchase.
  • It will help users see a distinct improvement in system performance, such as loading programs faster, running data intensive applications and increasing responsiveness.
  • Crucial products are known for their Micron’s quality which ensures greater reliability.

Pros & cons

Pros of the product as DDR3 RAM include the following:

  • It is easy to install.
  • Guarantees fast delivery.
  • Reliable performance guaranteed.

Limitations of the product include:

  • Some users complain about lack of increase of speed.

Bottom line

The verdict about this RAM product is that, it is easy to procure and install in your system. You will benefit from increased performance and the different desktop applications that it can support are varied which can run at the same time. It is also found effective for running different multimedia applications. Hence, all such aspects make this product a good buy in the category of RAMs.

Top3: Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3/DDR3L

About this best RAM for gaming

This particular RAM product for gaming comes with the following features:

  • It helps to increase system performance.
  • It is compatible with most MAC computers.
  • Memory stick modules come to test at function and component levels.
  • Apple’s requirements and quality standards are met by this product.
  • It is easily installed.

If you are looking to upgrade the memory of your Mac system this is a product to consider. Apple computers have specific requirements in terms of memory which include certain speed, component densities as well as programming specifications. Memory that is engineered for Mac is necessary for such computers and that is what crucial products provide.

Pros & cons

Advantages of the DDR3 RAM include:

  • Ease of installation, especially if you are upgrading your computer RAM yourself.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Reliable performance.

Cons of the product are:

  • Some users state that they do not find an appreciable difference in speed.

Bottom line

Crucial products are reliable and you can get versions that would be compatible with your Mac RAM system. It is one of the reputed brands in the market and comes with features that ensure multitasking with ease.

Brief summary

The above section showcases products of the popular brands when you are looking for best RAM. From Crucial to Corsair, this section showcases the best selling RAMs of these brands and the features they offer. We now look at some of the best sellers among RAM categories in the market.

Part # 2 Zoom in:Best DDR3 RAMBest DDR3 Ram

As most computers of today and models manufactured few years earlier operate with DDR3 RAM, this is a model that is sought out the most. Here we review a RAM of this configuration and an ideal product in this category is the Crucial 16 GB kit. Here we explore the different features it offers along with pros and cons of the same.

Quick tips

This is a reliable unit when you are looking to purchase RAM of DDR3 configuration. It is a device that can be used by mainstream users as well as gaming enthusiasts in their computers. RAM of this configuration can operate at speed of 1600 MT/s. It is easy to install this RAM unit which comes with a heat spreader feature ensuring good thermal performance. No overheating issues usually arise with this device.

Editors’ choice: Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3/DDR3L

About this best RAM for gaming

The features of this DDR3 RAM are the following:

  • It offers a crucial laptop memory that enables easy and affordable way to improve performance of the system.
  • Programs load faster with this RAM.
  • Responsiveness are increased.
  • Data intensive applications run with ease.
  • Multitasking capabilities of your laptop are increased.

Pros & cons

Advantages of this product are the following:

  • It is easy to install.
  • Performance is reliable.
  • Fast delivery is ensured.

Limitations of the product are:

  • Some users state that they find no appreciable increase in processing speed.

Bottom line

RAM of this brand and configuration is usually compatible with most PCs and laptops. The product guarantees increased performance, multimedia applications and ease of speed for standard gaming as well. It is the cure for a slow computer that is easy and affordable as well. It is a Micron brand product that promises reliable performance. It also offers SDRAM technology that is the best bet for your computer.

Brief summary

This product from Crucial offers reliability and performance. The DDR3 RAM model makes it compatible with most computers. With such features you would not go wrong when investing in this model.

Part #3: Zoom in: Best DDR4 RAM

The new generation of PC memory supports the DDR4 RAM. It was initially introduced in the year 2013 and it is the latest best RAM version that exists in most modern and latest PCs. There are several improvements that it offers from its predecessor such as better speed which can run at 2133 MHz and more while the previous version runs between 800 and 2133 MHz

Quick tips

This DDR4 RAM model from G. Skill TridentZ series has been showcased here due to different features that it offers along with an attractive design. Read up about the features of this RAM model in the section below along with pros and cons of it so that you know what to expect when you invest in a RAM DDR4 model.

Editors’ choice: DDR4 RAM model from G. Skill TridentZ series

Best DDR4 RAMAbout this best RAM for gaming

This particular RAM from G. Skill TridentZ RGB series offers the following:

  • It comes with 16 GB bandwidth that offers enough performance and speed for high level gaming.
  • There is a light bar that is totally exposed which has inbuilt RGB LED lights.
  • The heat-spreader design of the RAM is unique and made of high quality.
  • The memory kit comes with great lighting and performance that comprises of a full spectrum to showcase rainbow lighting.

Pros & cons

Advantages of the product include:

  • Fabulous LED lighting.
  • The RGB lighting technology is superior and unique.

Limitations of the product include:

  • The software is still in Beta format.

Bottom line

This product of the DDR4 RAM format offers great speed and performance. What comes as an extra plus are the RGB lighting effects. The lighting effects would look great when you incorporate the same in a transparent CPU case. Besides the great design features the DDR4 RAM comes with great performance and promise of speed.

Brief summary

This particular DDR4 RAM model would be suited or compatible with certain CPUs only. Hence it is necessary to check the same before you make a purchase. This particular 16 GB model would be a good purchase when you are making an advanced gaming rig.

Part #3: Zoom in: Best MAC RAM

There might come instances when you wish to upgrade your MAC RAM. Here we talk about a MAC RAM that would offer minimal performance for multitasking computing requirements and gaming. The features of the RAM are discussed as well as the pros and cons of the same on the model selected in this category.

Quick tips

When it comes to choosing Mac RAM, you need to ensure that the version is a compatible one to your Mac. The application that showcases memory pressure graph or Maverick would indicate whether you are running low on RAM available for usage. Accordingly, one can check the type and speed of RAM. All such details can be found from the “About this Mac” section on the Apple menu. Check for the versions that would be available for your MAC before you make a purchase. There are different versions and models available out there and a 4 GB model is showcased here for your reference.

Editors’ choice: SQ Series – Memory – 4 GB

Best MAC RAMAbout this best RAM for gaming

This particular RAM from G. Skill includes the following:

  • The model is about DDR3 specification as it is a model compatible with most MacBooks.
  • It is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro as well as the iMac.
  • Its capacity is 4 GB.
  • It can be used with an Intel Core i7 processor as well as MacBook Pro 2012.

Pros & cons

Advantages of the product include the following:

  • Speed is good with this product.
  • 4 GB RAM offers the usual performance and multitasking capabilities.

Limitations of the product are:

  • 4GB RAM will be able to support multi tasking to a limited extent.
  • Speed cannot be increased.

Bottom line

This particular MAC RAM is a standard product to opt for. It would offer you all standard features and reliable performance.

Brief summary

In this section we took a look at what you get from a standard RAM for Mac. It would help you decide on the configurations that would make it ideal for you to get the maximum performance out of your Mac system.

Part #3: Zoom in: Best RAM for gaming

There are different factors that make a difference between RAMs ideal for gaming. Lag is a dreaded aspect when it comes to fast gaming performance and hence you need to ensure that your computer does not slow down as you load high definition games on it and wish to play the same.

Quick tips

When you compare RAM check for capacity which will put a ceiling on the tasks that it can handle. The clock speed, latency and power utilization are also factors that determine the efficiency of best RAM.

Editors’ choice: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

Best RAM for gamingAbout this best RAM for gaming

This product comes with the following features:

  • It is designed for high performance and can sustain overclocking as well.
  • The RAM has a heat-spreader that is made of aluminum which ensures that heat is dissipated faster.
  • It also comprises of an eight layer PCB that helps in managing heat as well as ensures that overclocking is provided with superior headroom.

Pros & cons

Advantages of the product are several such as:

  • It provides overclocking and high performance.
  • It spread out and dissipates the heat with the aluminum make and eight layers PCB.
  • It is found compatible across several motherboard build and make.
  • XMP 2.0 support is provided to ensure that overclocking is automatic and trouble free.

Limitations of the product include:

  • You would need to pay a premier price for this superior built RAM.

Bottom line

This product offers the best and all you need to do is check with your computer’s requirements to ensure that the RAM would suit your PC.

Brief summary

When it comes to sourcing best RAM for gaming this is the product you want. It would offer you faster speed and performance and allow your computer to multitask with ease.

Part #4: Zoom in: How to choose a RAM?

Gaming RAM guide part I: What is RAM? DDR?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory which is the part of your CPU that allows multiple tasks to be computed by your PC. When you wish to game on your PC there is a certain RAM you need which can be as minimal as 4GB and increases to 8 GB as well as 16 GB for optimal performance.

DDR on the other hand is double data rate, which refers to double transfers that happen in a single clock cycle. DDR3 would not be compatible with motherboards that support DDR2 only. Every type has certain notch cuts in pins. DDR4 is the greatest and latest type available among RAMs and uses the lowest voltage as well as offers transfer rate that is high.

Gaming RAM guide part II: How much RAM do you really need for gaming?

Usually the gaming rig that you use and configurations you base it upon will help you determine the RAM you need. It would also determine how many tasks your computer can handle at the same time. Usually 8 GB RAM offers 1600 MHz, which means the speed you can expect out of the device. RAM also comes with diminishing returns which need to be taken into account. Also faster RAMs are better. In general, if you are setting up an entry level gaming rig then 4 GB RAM would be enough to get you started as well as help you complete usual work tasks in a good pace.

Gaming RAM guide part III: How to pick the best RAM for your machine?

Besides the capacity of the random access memory there are several other technical aspects that can help you pick the right best RAM for gaming. Indeed, the specifications of the different products as mentioned, which refer to capacity, latency, clock speed and computer computability are aspects that also tell you a lot about a RAM product.


Capacity refers to the memory random access memory space that such products provide. Usually 8 GB RAM is enough to help you compute all kinds of tasks as well as help you in your gaming experience. 16 GB RAM is usually more than what is necessary for smooth functioning and performance of one’s computer. RAM, which is more in capacity, will not help to speed up functions if level of tasks is the same. That is what one needs to understand when gauging the capacity of a machine’s RAM.

Clock speed

Clock speed of RAM is the number of pulses generated per second by an oscillator which sets the tempo for the computer processor. Clock speed measured in megahertz or gigahertz, is usually mentioned in the RAM specifications. Clock speed is often raised higher on certain computers due to certain programs demanding more speed. This can be detrimental beyond a point as overclocking has led to diminishing returns. Some computers are set with RAMs that can support overclocking to a certain extent. However, this might not translate to performance improvements and hence they might be disappointed when overclocking does not lead to expected results.


Latency is also known as column access strobe latency or CAS latency. This is the amount of time between an action initiated and when it happens in reality. As data moves from RAM of computer to processor there is a delay which happens in the data transmission. RAM latency refers to this lag which is the amount of time a processor takes to retrieve data which is present in RAM somewhere. Data from RAM takes more time to be retrieved than from cache memory. As latency refers to memory bus clock cycles, when the clock cycles are lower, the latency rate is lower as well. The latency can be speeded up for systems that are prone to overclocking such as how systems are used by gamers.


A platform for RAM refers to the compatibility of RAM with different computer hardware. For instance, the Intel processor used for Mac and Windows computers might be different which in turn will also define the RAM specifications. RAM for Mac or any other computer is best checked by referring to the model number of the computer and checking to see whether the RAM you purchase or are considering would be compatible with your computer.

This also ensures that the best RAM you buy would fit onto your motherboard when you are building a computing rig. The usual rule of thumb to follow is to get RAM about 1.5 volt or 1.2 volt which are of the DDR2 or DDR3 configuration that come with CAS 15 intervals. There are platforms like Skylake or Intel X99 which would support universal modules including DDR4. In most cases DDR3 modules are supported by most motherboards. Even if you opt for ultra fast memory kits, if the manual configuration does not work with your motherboard, you will not get the benefit of full performance. For such reasons the platform compatibility is important.

One card or multiple cards?

RAMs often come with one card or multiple card formats. There are certain performance benefits to be found when you opt for multiple card formats for RAMs. However, before you decide on the kind of RAM to purchase it is best to check with the compatibility of your computer. In case of multiple card or one card format the compatibility with your PC is key. Hence it is necessary to remember that especially if you are building a gaming rig of your own.

Gaming RAM guide part IV: DDR3 vs. DDR4 RAM

DDR4 memory options have now risen in the market, but even today this version is supported only by a handful of computers. DDR3 is still more popular and it is the RAM to go to. DDR4 RAM is limited to the platform of Intel X99 as well as Extreme processors. These are more expensive and are considered to be great for gaming. DDR4 comes at a higher expense than DDR3. It can also take higher and overclocking speeds. There are certain differences between DDR4 and DDR3 as can be found below.

  • DDR4 operates at a lower voltage than DDR3 does. It is designed to run at 1.2 volts, which comes down from 1.5 volts as required for DDR3.
  • DDR4 is designed for powerful gaming machines and other computers that need to be workhorses supporting overclocking to considerable levels.
  • Speed is another factor that differentiates DDR3 from DDR4. The former usually has speed that starts from 800 MT/s while some go as high as 2133. For DDR4 however, 2133 MHz is where DDR4 starts at. With increased speed you also get increased bandwidth.
  • Latency does increase in higher versions, but so does the clock speed which means quicker transfers can take place.

In general, however, till now DDR3 or DDR4 are neither starkly better than the other. Even now, in certain application tests DDR3 is found to be faster.

Ready for our best RAM recommendations?

RAM is one of the vital components for your PC. When you are building a gaming rig it depends on what you expect from the computer in terms of multitasking or the games you wish to play on it. Usually 4GB RAM is enough to compute standard tasks and games. However, for advanced multimedia and gaming performance it is best to upgrade to 8 GB RAM. We would recommend the Corsair Vengeance, which would provide you reliable performance.

Further reading time: Read ultimate guide

You might be developing a gaming rig for the first time or simply upgrading. However the extra edge that you require would depend on the RAM picked. One of the requirements of gamers is high ground gaming. Whether one spends a lot of time playing games as a profession or simply as a hobby, you need to understand what you need to have a machine that does not hinder your gaming experience. The best RAM products will ensure that lag is reduced, the opening and closing time of games is fast and helps your PC to load faster and run multiple applications smoothly.


RAM is usually low cost investment and hence, it is worthwhile to invest in 8 GB RAM, which will make sure that your computer can handle the most game software. If you wish to indulge in heavy gaming then you need to spend a little extra on 16 GB. Even if you are on a bootstrap budget, you need at least 4 GB best RAM for gaming.

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