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Best Tablet For Kids:Complete Buyer’s Guide (2019)

Best tablets For Kids

The best tablet for kids comes all its features optimized for children. From the body shape to the user interface a good tablet for kids can be easily recognized by its appearance. If you are a parent, it makes sense to get a tablet meant for kids for your kids. These tablets are made help your kids appreciate a computer faster than those without it. Also, you’ll get parental control over your child’s tablet when it is one meant for kids.

Why you will need a tablet for kids

To help your child in learning

People see tablets as a communication tool. However, it is also a good learning tool as well. With the best tablets for kids, your child will get exposed to lots of learning tools and online materials. Also, your child can have fun playing Monument Valley 2 and streaming shows such as Teen Titans. Learning and playing with a tablet can improve your child’s working condition.

To keep your child away from your tablet

Your iPad may be so expensive that you wouldn’t want to give it out to a careless kid. Thus it makes sense to get a new tablet and give it to your son instead. Besides, you may have some sensitive content on your iPad, and your kid may want to have it for games. However, getting an iPad meant for kids will go a long way in preventing your kid from invading your privacy. Just think about it.

To keep your kid busy

When your kids were toddlers, you probably gave them a toy to get them busy. However, they’ve grown up beyond that stage, and they won’t appreciate a toy. So they start looking at your iPad to get some fun. That’s when you’ll appreciate the use of a tablet for kids. With the best tablets for kids, you get your child busy all day while you focus on serious tasks.

Best Tablets for Kids: Tablet, Lists, Top Picks

What makes a tablet meant for kids? Is it because of the description on the packaging of the product? Not really. Just like clothes, the best tablets for kids are made with a kid in mind. In other words, everything in a kid tablet is meant for kids from its design down to the software installed. In this article, we shall review 7 of such kinds of tablets. The tablets on our reviews are our top picks from different manufacturers.

How we picked and tested

The best tablets for kids are ones that tailor their designs to suit the needs of kids and their parents. To this end, we considered body designs and preinstalled software when sorting out for kid’s tablets. We also considered memory and other hardware components of the device. The screen resolution, the screen size, the ROM capacity, and the RAM size, are the main hardware aspect we considered. As for the software aspect, we considered ease of upgrade, the current OS version, and the OS type. The best tablet for kids comes with the cleanest and upgradeable software made for kids.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

About this tablet for kids

The Fire HD is one of the most revolutionary tablets in its niche. It has an HD screen, and 32 gigabytes of storage. The kid-proof case also helps in protecting the tablet against careless drops from children. There are three color options for this tablet; blue, pink, and yellow. Unlike its 7 inches sibling, this tablet promises a longer battery life compared to its predecessors. On our testing, it lasted us 5 hours longer than its 7 inches sibling. This implies more fun for your kid while you focus on serious tasks at hand.


  • It comes with mature screen resolution and lots of storage.
  • The design is well suited for kids having curved corners for easy gripping.
  • Over 15,000 apps and games for kids included.


  • The tablet is just too fat by tablet standards it could have been made slimmer.
  • It is heavier than a normal tablet
  • No Google Play app installed

Bottom line

The Fire HD 8 is truly made with kids in mind. From its software to hardware, everything about it tells us one word –Kids.  If you have a kid, there is less need to bother about the size and weight when buying it.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

About this tablet for kids

The Fire HD 7 used to be the best tablet for kids until it was displaced by the Fire HD 8. Nevertheless, its defeat to the Fire HD8 has not stopped it from being a great tablet for kids. It still comes with great features of the Fire HD 8. Regarding screen resolution, the body builds, and software installed, this tablet is the same as the Fire HD 8. However, it is different in ROM size (16 GB of ROM for Fire HD 7 and 32 GB ROM for Fire HD 8).


  • 7” inches screen provides enough screen estate for fun and entertainment
  • 256 GB expandable memory gives you the chance of storing large files on the go.


  • Tablet is as fat as its predecessor with its case worn on it
  • It is quite heavy by tablet standards.

Bottom line

If you want a cheaper version of the Fire HD tablet for kids then it makes sense to go with the Fire HD 7. It still offers all the benefits and features of the Fire HD 8 regarding software, warranty, and guarantee. The only difference you may notice is the screen size and the ROM size.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7″; 8 GB Wi-Fi Kids Tablet

About this tablet for kids

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is a 7 inches tab bundled with software designed for kids. Unlike the Fire HD tablet series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E lite Kids comes with Google play installed. With Google Play, you can access millions of applications on the android store, and that includes games and E-learning materials for kids. Under the hood is a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, 8 GB ROM, and 1 GB RAM. It also comes with a rear camera which can shoot up to 250-megapixel photos. The whole tablet can be shielded from accidental drops with its protective casing.


  • Relatively slimmer than Fire HD series tablets
  • Comes with educational materials that are in agreement with STEM and Common Core Curriculum
  • The tablet comes with built-in parental control feature for parents to keep track of what their kids are doing.
  • The tablet comes with beautiful casing and appearance making it attractive for children.


  • It is priced at almost the same price range as the Fire HD 8
  • It has lower specs than that of the Fire HD 8
  • Relatively heavier than the normal tablets

Bottom line

We understand that kids are very careless with electronics. Thus tablets for kids ought to protect with a casing. However, Samsung made an effort in slimming down the size of kids tablets. Also, this tablet comes with fewer restrictions when compared to the Fire HD series since it can access different app stores without violating Samsung’s terms.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Kids Edition

About this tablet for kids

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have all the money to spend Fire HD series tablets, then this tablet may be for you. Being a kid tablet, it comes with all software bundles you’ll expect from it. That includes eLearning materials, games, and apps that are made to suit the needs of kids. It also has a parental control feature bundled with it. With a parental control feature, you are always in the know of what your kids are up to with their gadgets. Like many other tablets for kids, this one comes with Green bumper to protect the tablet breaking down.


  • Slimmer than the Fire HD series of tablets.
  • It is bundled with educational materials for kids which adapts to kids changes as your kid grows older
  • The software can convert to normal Samsung Galaxy tab three lite when your kid becomes older. This is done after your kids graduate from Samsung kid’s mode.
  • It comes with 7 inches touchscreen, 8 GB of ROM and 1 GB of RAM


  • Android OS version is 4.2 which is way too old in 2018
  • 1 GB RAM is just too small for adult use, but it’s great for kids anyway
  • Kids may not use it when they grow older.

Bottom line

While your kid is still a kid, this tablet will still be useful for him/her. Nevertheless, as he grows up, he may no longer find this tablet useful. Thus, the ability to switch from kid’s mode to adult mode may never be appreciated by your kid. However, you can still install your favorite apps and games from the Google play store. So if you have a kid, it won’t be bad if you get this tablet for him/her.

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display, 8 GB, Black

About this tablet for kids

When it comes to tablets for kids, there are lots of stock in Fire series. So far we’ve just reviewed two of them with HD screens. This product doesn’t have an HD screen anyway. Also, it is not branded as a kid product, but it may still be useful for a kid – especially when he’s grown up. The Fire 7 tablets provide a good screen estate which enables flawless reading of eBooks, Kindle books, ePubs, etc. It also comes with a battery pack that keeps it powered for up to 8 hours.


  • It has an IPS screen which enables it to display objects at ultra-wide viewing angles.
  • It supports Alexa voice assistant for easy control and quick access to information and entertainment.
  • Under the hood is a 1.3 GHz quad core processor which provides room for multitasking.
  • It is thinner and lighter than most tablets.


  • 8 hours battery life is just average
  • 3 GHz processing speed may cause lag when playing games.
  • No free bundles for new buyers

Bottom line

As your kid becomes a teenager, he may learn to be more careful with a tablet. Thus, a big, fat, and overprotective tablet may no longer be the best fit for him or her. So if you have a teenager, this tablet is a great fit for him/her.

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi, 32GB, Silver (2017 Model)

About this tablet for kids

Could apple iPad be the best choice for kids? Well, when you consider the fact that iPads are great for learning and your kids are becoming teenagers, then yes. However, our version of the Apple iPad is the base version, with 32 GB of RAM, basic Wi-Fi, and 9.7-inch retina display. Unlike the Fire HD tablets, this one doesn’t sound childish in any way. In fact, it can be used by adults as well. This version of iPad will be useful for eLearning, entertainment, and reading. There is no restriction in any way as you’ll get access to millions of applications on the Apple Store.


  • The front camera can shoot up to 1.2 MP photos brilliantly
  • It comes with Apple Touch ID which gives you access to all your applications.
  • Under the hood is a 64-bit processor which is more fluid and faster than its 32-bit
  • It has a 7-inch retina display. The best display and the biggest screen we’ve ever on this review.


  • Great for teenagers in their 15s to 18s but not for kids under ten years
  • Everything on this tablet is just No educational software or any software for learning with kids.
  • No parental control software preinstalled.

Bottom Line

The iPad is great for eLearning and entertainment. However, it doesn’t come with the educational and entertainment software for kids. So if you’re going to get the iPad for your kids, then you’ll have to go an extra mile to install the needed software. But despite its cons, it is still a great tablet for mature children.

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8″ HD Display, 16 GB, Black

About this tablet for kids

The Fire HD 8 Tablet is just like its Fire 7 sibling. Its notable differences are the bigger full HD screen, longer battery life, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. It comes with a processor of 1.3 GHz which is the same as that of the Fire 7 tablet we’ve reviewed earlier. In the market, there are four color options for this tablet. There is also a 32 GB ROM version for those that require more inbuilt memory.


  • It has a slot which supports memory card up to 256 GB.
  • It comes with Alexa. With Alexa, one can issue commands to make calls, play music, and surf the web.
  • It comes with software which gives you access to lots of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, apps, and
  • It has a slim design and a very lightweight when compared to other tablets.


  • 16 GB memory may be too small to accommodate many HD movies
  • The tablet design is basic
  • 3 GHz processor may be too slow for graphics-intensive tasks.

Bottom line

The Fire HD 8 tablet is a mature version of its Fire HD 8 tablet for kids. Thus, we highly recommend this tablet for your kids as he grows up to become an adult. It provides a mature feature that a careful child would love.

Accessories list and Table

Want more accessories for your kid’s tablet check out our accessories table options below.

Brief Summary

Tablets can be categorized into two – one strictly for kids, and the other for teenagers and adults. Our list of the best tablets for kids consists of tablets for these categories. Our selection was made in such a way that whatever choice you make, you’ll always find it suitable for your children.

If I were you, I would choose the Kindle Fire HD 8 (Kids Edition). Want to know why? Here are three reasons:

  • The Kindle Fire HD 8 is made with kids in mind. The protective cover casing, free educational apps for kids, and parental control all attest to this fact
  • It comes with the full feature of the Fire HD 8 Tablet meant for mature users. You won’t need an upgrade to a new tablet when your kid becomes older.
  • It comes with a 2-year worry free guarantee. By this guarantee, manufacturer pledges to replace your tablet free of charge if your kid breaks it. OMG!!! This is a steal when you consider the fact that you’re getting a full-featured Fire HD 8 in the Kids edition and you’re given a 2-year worry-free guarantee at almost the same price.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Kid’s Tablet

Before choosing the best tablet for your kids, it is important to read a review such as ours. Our review provides not only the best tablets but the bestselling tablets for kids. When you understand the fact that product becomes bestselling for its price and quality, you won’t have questions about the durability of the tablets on our list.

Do Kids Even Need Tablets? Just read on to know

Of course, they do. I have a son who has been using tablets right from when he was seven years old. At the time, he was using it for music which helps him sleep at night. Later on, he started using it for watching movies during a long journey. Now he makes use of it for Marvel Unlimited – a comic app from Marvel Inc.

But it is very easy to break your tablets, and they are very expensive especially when you consider the maintenance aspect. Also, tablet requires almost unlimited access to the internet. These issues make me feel like not giving my child a tablet. However, with a good kid tablet having the appropriate parental controls, those aren’t issues at all. They come with protective casing and a means of controlling your kid’s excessiveness.

On our review above is a list of the best tablets for kids. Also, we have a personal suggestion for you when it comes to the best tablet for kids. We hope our choices will be helpful to you in your next shopping for a kid’s tablet.

Specs still matter – indeed they do

Simply because a tablet is made for a kid, it doesn’t imply that it has to be crappy. The specs should be considered when you want to buy a tablet for your kids. To begin, let’s consider the screen size. 8 inches screen with a display resolution of 1200 by 800 pixels is great for reading comic apps and playing movies. But it shouldn’t go lower than that. Thus any screen that falls below the standard of the Fire 7 shouldn’t be considered. The Fire 7 is a small tablet with a 7 inches screen. Thus, bringing down its resolution won’t do any justice to it. It may cause difficulty in reading and entertainment.

Also, don’t ignore the storage capacity and storage type either. We recommend 16GB of memory as the minimum you should consider. Also for the RAM, it shouldn’t be less than 1.5 GB RAM. Finally, don’t forget to consider battery life before buying.

Toy Tablets? Really?

Could a tablet be a toy? Well, Fuhu, Kurio, and Leapfrog have churned out slates which are very restricted and comes with kids apps preloaded on their slates. On the default setting, there is no access to the internet using their tablets. However, these tablets could be converted to the regular Android tablets. They also come with a protective casing that kid’s tablets are known for. These tablets also come with special applications and games from top brands like Kung Fu Panda and Peanuts. However, these apps can be boring for mature kids or curious kids who desire apps outside the manufacturer’s limited stores.

If you’re a parent who is less tech-savvy, you may choose to go with tablets from those companies. One great advantage of having these tablets is that you won’t be thinking about selecting or curating what your kids are seeing.

Set your Kids on Fire with the best tablet for kids

When you are looking for a cheap tablet for your kids, consider the cheap options from the market. They are our top recommended choices. The Fire HD 8 kid’s edition comes with two years guarantee from the manufacturer. This implies that the manufacturer will replace your tablet if your kid breaks it. Even though it is quite expensive than the mature user version (8 inches 16 GB RAM), we still recommend it. The price is no problem when you consider the possibility of breakage. Besides, calling the Fire HD 8 a kids tablet doesn’t make it a toy since it comes it all the features of a mature user version. The Fire series of tablets come with simple GUIs, parental controls, and FaceTime Unlimited. FaceTime Unlimited comes with lots of content that your kid will love. Apart from the parental control dashboard, you can also put multiple user profiles on your kid’s tablet.

Why not Just an iPad? (Or an Android) – Let’s know why

Many people are so familiar with the iPad that they wouldn’t want to consider any other tablet for any purpose. Even though there isn’t any cheap tablet in the market, the version we have on our list is the cheapest from Apple.  Just ensure that it is enclosed in a rubbery case when giving it to your kids for their use.

Regarding watching movies and reading books, Android tablets could be a great choice. On a general note, they aren’t as costly as an iPad.

If you choose an iPad or a regular Android device for your kid, bear in mind that you won’t get the parental control feature out of the box. However, if you don’t want to be around anytime your kid is using his tablet, then getting one for kids is the best choice to make. Indeed they are the best choice for your kids since the parental control features let you control your kid’s activity remotely.

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Woah!!! We’ve finally come to the end of an exciting article on the best tablet for kids. We hoped you enjoyed reading it. Also, we believe that you’ll find a good tablet for your kids on your next purchase. If you find this article helpful to you, kindly subscribe to our email list or follow our social media channels for more helpful articles.

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