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Best Webcam For Streaming:Top 10 Hand Picked Reviews(2019)

Best Webcam For Streaming

Web Camera or Webcam is a video camera that is used to send live videos and images over the internet. Webcams have been extensively used for video calling, for creating videos and for streaming. For streaming, webcams are on the top of the priority list. Webcams that came into existence in the year 1994, have undergone many technological advancements and have upgraded themselves as a small yet high-tech device to serve various purposes. Thus, picking up the best webcam for streaming suitable for one’s need is a tough task.

Do You Really Need a Webcam?

Before you go on to purchase a webcam, must be acquainted with the knowledge of things you can do with the webcam.
Here are some cool things a webcam does that might excite you to buy a webcam:

Your webcam can serve as a surveillance system –

Security is a major concern for everyone these days and so to install a surveillance system to ensure security, webcams are required. One can also turn a webcam into a motion-sensing security camera.

Unlocking your Windows screen with your face –

Using your webcam to unlock your Windows screen is quite cool. Logging to your Windows with face recognition can always be enabled using a webcam connected to your PC.

 Used in Optical Character Recognition –

Scanning an image clicked using a webcam for the purpose of OCR is tricky but quite possible.

Video Emailing –

A not so common thing out there, video emailing can be done using a webcam to share video messages back and forth with friends and family.

•Creating spectacular videos –

Cresting great time-lapse video is possible by using the webcam.

Webcams I Picked in 2019

With the technology moving an inch further with every passing day, webcams to have witnessed technological advancements with companies launching a plethora of webcams available in the market in different price segments and serving different purposes. In 2018, companies with a view of making new advancements with respect to the technical aspect, have brought in the latest technical upgrades for the webcams making it difficult to choose one webcam from a range of webcams.

How I Picked and Tested?

There are many models of webcam present out there in the market and choosing one can be a tricky decision. So, it becomes pivotal to make it a point to first understand the purpose and the budget prior to making a purchase. So, firstly it is important that you set a budget for buying the webcam. The price range of the webcam is really wide and higher your budget, the better are the technical specifications and quality of the webcam.

Considering your need to buy a webcam plays a vital role when deciding the budget. For your mobile devices like laptop, you will need a laptop-compatible webcam while if you are a Mac user, a webcam that supports your Mac operating system is what you will need. One more factor is light-sensitivity of the webcam. Always browse for webcams that work well in low light. Ensure that you purchase a camera that comes with a warranty so that any damage will be covered within a warranty period.

Best Webcam for Streaming: Top 10 Picks and Reviews

As I said above, companies manufacturing webcams have come up with s strategy of launching the best webcams for every price segment and also assuring the high-quality of the webcam. Choosing the best of webcams is thus an uphill task for any potential buyer. Hence, we have come up with the Top 10 and best webcams for streaming purposes.

Editor’s Choice: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Reviews
About This Webcam

B006JH8T3S,Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, Widescreen Video Calling and Recording, 1080p Camera, Desktop or Laptop WebcamLogitech HD Pro Webcam C920 comes with a spectacular black design that flaunts a 1080P camera with LEDs and microphones on both the sides of the camera. Mounting the camera on the laptop or monitor is not an issue and is pretty simple. The built-in tripod is also provided to place the camera on any stand. The clarity of C920’s 5-megapixel (5168 x 2907) cam is super good and is capable of taking clear, sharp pictures with great detailing and color accuracy. The video chat capability at 1080P allows recording videos with great clarity and detail but the color accuracy not as good as still pictures.

Moreover, the 78-degree field of you fits in a second person into the frame. It is to be noted that C920 supports video recording for Mac only at 720P. The webcam is in accord with the Logitech’s Webcam Software for Windows, but this program is not provided for other OS like Mac OS X, Chrome OS and Android. However, the software is buggy and crashes sometimes.

Pros and Cons


  • The webcam takes pictures with great clarity and sharpness.
  • The webcam can also record videos with great detailing.
  • There is no kind of optical distortion.
  • With the C920’s motion-detection capability, the webcam can be used as a security cam.
  • The audio recorded with the built-in microphones is pretty loud and clear with efficient noise-cancellation.


  • Though the webcam is power-packed with great features, the drawback is its slow buggy software. The C920 webcam provided with Logitech’s Webcam Software is prone to hang while performing basic tasks like viewing photos and videos.

Bottom Line

Offering outstanding picture and video taking ability, the webcam also lends wider viewing angles. The audio experience is also great. Despite the slow software, the cheap price of the webcam makes it totally perfect for tele-conferencing or video conferencing or Skype chats and is possibly one of the best webcams for streaming out in the middle.

Top 2 Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam AMAZON ASIN: B01LXCDPPK

B01LXCDPPK,Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam – Full 1080p HD Camera – Background Replacement Technology for YouTube or Twitch StreamingAbout This Webcam

The Logitech’s C922x Pro Stream Webcam is a successor of the company’s one of the best webcams C920 web camera. The all-black casing design is super awesome and flaunts microphones on both sides of the 1080P camera lens. The webcam is provided with easy mounting feature and a 6-foot long cord and features a 360-degree swivel mount. The webcam comes packed with a tripod. The C922 is highly efficient to take sharp photos and videos with great audio quality. The detailing and color accuracy of the images and videos is good. Though the picture and video quality are not up to the mark in low light, the sound quality is extremely top-notch with even sounds of footsteps recorded with precision. The webcam uses apps designed particularly for streaming and the set-up is somewhat tedious. However, with a great price, you couldn’t ask for more

Pros and Cons


  • The video and audio quality of the C922 webcam are excellent.
  • Logitech’s partnership with ChromaCam allows for dynamic background removal by creating a green-screen effect behind a person. This is specially provided for game streaming but can be used for other streaming purposes as well.
  • The web camera comes with a pocket-friendly price.


  • The major problem with this webcam is its poor performance in low light. The pictures and video quality are greatly compromised by lack of light.
  • The set-up of the camera can somehow prove to be a little hassle.

Bottom Line

Logitech’s C922x Web camera is apt for teleconferencing and Skype talks with the webcam offering excellent audio and video quality experience. Though the set-up is a bit complicated and requires the software, but once done it works phenomenally catering fascinating features like dynamic background removal. Not as good as a real green screen, but the webcam is absolutely great for the money it is priced for.

Top 3 Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 AMAZON ASIN: B008ZVRAQS

About This Webcam

B008ZVRAQS,Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000This is one of those webcams that offer the qualities of an HD camera at an extremely affordable price. The webcam is designed with a full plastic body but with a rubberized mount that is easy to clamp on laptop screens and desktop LCDs. However, the web camera lacks a Y-axis, which means it allows for only back and forth movement and restrains up and down position for the webcam. It is to be noted that the basic requirement for the webcam is Windows 7, Vista or XP with a minimum dual-core Intel PC running at least 1.6 GHz. For using 720P video recording, it requires a 3GHz dual-core Intel  PC  and 2GB of RAM. The web camera is bundled with Windows Live software which is simple to use. Recording 16:9 widescreen videos with 30 frames per second at 720P is a good but not a great experience. The webcam is enabled with built-in, uni-directional noise-cancellation feature for recording audio. The webcam was launched within the budget-friendly range of webcams.

Pros and Cons


  • The webcam is available at a bargain price in the market.
  • The noise-cancellation feature is provided for a better audio experience.
  • The clamp for attachment is suitable for desktops and laptops.
  • The colors in the video are bright and good with the use of TrueColor Technology.


  • The webcam actually does not give the ideal feel of a true HD cam.
  • The audio is average with many higher-end cameras providing much better audio experience.
  • The HD-3000 webcam does not give higher resolution video chats.
  • One may also encounter buggy live effects.

Bottom Line

The HD-3000 web camera is a basic webcam to fulfil the basic audio and video recording or video chat needs. The webcam available at the most affordable prices in the market proves to be one of the best webcams for people with desktop PCs looking to suffice the basic requirements.

Top 4 Logitech C930e Webcam AMAZON ASIN B00CRJWW2G

About This Webcam

B00CRJWW2G,Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam - 90-Degree Extended View, Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype CertifiedThe C930e Webcam by Logitech comes with a sturdy black-silver design featuring the camera lens, LED lights and speakers. For protection from scratches, a door that can be pulled up and down is provided. The webcam comes with an arm and a hinge to clamp it on the laptop or the desktop PCs and is also provided with a tripod hinge under its side to place it on a normal camera stand. The webcam is highly efficient to take crisp photos and videos even under low light and darkness. The wider angle of 90 degrees allows for a greater field of view to comfortably squeeze in another person or to show the background. The sound quality comes with a great noise cancellation ability. The C930e webcam is specially designed to meet business requirements and hence does not have compatibility with Logitech’s software. The camera’s software component needs a separate download or comes bundled with the Skype for Business plug-in. Since I didn’t have a camera program installed on my OS, I had to search for a software program to click snapshots and record videos.

Pros and Cons


  • The camera possesses amazing audio and video quality.
  • The field of view for the webcam is spectacularly wide allowing for greater background viewing.
  • The webcam’s audio quality is it is excellent and its prime feature that is powered by the amazing noise cancellation feature that filters out even the slightest noise in the background.


  • The webcam though boasts of sharp images and videos, the colors are slightly inaccurate.
  • The major drawback of the webcam is the absence of a software to shoot images and record videos.

Bottom Line

The C930e is designed especially for business and hence provides a sharp picture and video quality and a superlative audio quality with noise cancellation feature. However, the colours in the videos and images are inaccurate and there are several other webcam models backed with same features present in the market at much cheaper prices.

Top 5 Logitech C270 Webcam AMAZON ASIN: B004FHO5Y6

B004FHO5Y6,Logitech 960-000694 C270 Widescreen HD Webcam and 3 MP designed for HD Video Calling and RecordingAbout This Webcam

Logitech C270 is yet another budget-friendly webcam that offers HD video quality. The HD video recording is done with a resolution up to 720P. The in-call video quality is offered with a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixel. A design different from the usual webcams, the webcam has the small camera lens on the left, the microphone to its right and a green LED light that flashes when broadcasting a video. Though HD, the quality is not that great. The pictures too witness noise from compression and also visible blocking on certain areas. Using lights under darkness introduces quite a lot of noise. But the sound quality matches my expectations. With the Logitech driver, one can adjust white balance, exposure, brightness and zoom in factor. With a price as cheap as this webcam, the C270 proves to be a good buy for basic usage.

Pros and Cons


  • The cheap pricing of the webcam is the most attractive part about it. For basic usage, the webcam does the trick.
  • The webcam has excellent audio and sound quality with its great microphone.
  • The pictures shot with the webcam are with inaccurate colors.


  • There is noise production when pictures are shot in low light.
  • The camera is provided with fixed focus thereby restricting to change the focus and thus images are always a tad-bit soft.
  • The webcam comes with a poor exposure control.

Bottom Line

The C270 is a budget-buy for basic usage with decent image and video quality (under good light since it produces noise under low light) and clear sound quality and a design different than the usual models in the market. However, if I think of recording videos for YouTube, this webcam is not suitable.

Top 6 Logitech 960000585 – HD C310 Portable Webcam AMAZON ASIN: B003LVZO8S

B003LVZO8S,Logitech HD Webcam C310About This Webcam

Logitech C310 webcam is one of the webcams that falls into the cheap and affordable range. The web camera with a plastic arm for placing it on the top of the screen. However, mounting the webcam on screens with rounded backs was a tad bit problematic for me. The webcam lacks the mount for a tripod. Clicking pictures with the 720P webcam gives sharp images but somehow a little grainy. The grainy effect increases in low light. The video recording does the work for Skyping with friends but cannot be used for any other purpose. Moreover, this webcam lacks wide-angle lens. The noise in the background is not filtered out making the sound quality poor. The webcam allowed me to store images and record videos on my hard drive even when I didn’t have any separate camera app, so it is extremely software compatible.

Pros and Cons


  • The picture quality of the C310 is really crisp producing sharp images.
  • The inexpensive price of the C310 is a point that goes in the favor of the web camera.


  • Mounting the camera on the screens can prove to be troublesome, especially in case of monitors with rounded backs.
  • The performance and the quality of the webcam are really poor in low light.
  • The web camera is not empowered with noise cancellation resulting in a poor sound quality.

Bottom Line

With my experience of the C310 webcam, I would probably not use it for YouTube or another streaming purpose due to its average video recording capability and poor sound experience. It is only for general usage that the camera can be used since it falls under the affordable category.

Top 7 Logitech C525 HD Webcam AMAZON ASIN: B004WO8HQ4

About This Webcam

B004WO8HQ4,Logitech HD Webcam C525, Portable HD 720p Video Calling with AutofocusLogitech C525 is a webcam that is power packed for its price. The HD video quality streaming at full 720P is of excellent quality. Making use of its Logitech’s Fluid Crystal technology, that automatically adjusts the frame rate, color and sharpness for the video, it is ensured that the video quality is not compromised at all, even under low light. The webcam comes with the cool feature of using various effects and filters. The web camera is easy to set up with just simple mounting and installation of the web camera. The fact that the camera can swivel a full 360 degrees is what I liked. The webcam is compact in size and is hence is portable for long travels or trips.

Pros and Cons


  • The C525 webcam is tremendous fun as it comes bundled with a lot of fun effects and rendering a unique and personalized way of communication.
  • The video quality is pretty decent.
  • The webcam is portable during travels.
  • C525 is an affordable webcam offering HD video recording capabilities.


  • The major drawback of the web camera is the missing audio effects.
  • The web camera also lacks a widescreen capture, thus unable to fit in more than one person.

Bottom Line

For personal communication like a Skype chat with friends and family, the webcam is super fun and at the same time is pocket-friendly. Though it has some glitches like the unavailability of the wider viewing angle, C525 can record videos with pretty decent quality and can be used for recording videos while travelling.

 Top 8 Logitech 1080p Pro Stream Webcam AMAZON ASIN: B07661NX9M

B07661NX9M,Logitech 1080p Pro Stream Webcam for HD Video Streaming and Recording at 1080p 30FPSAbout This Webcam

This webcam is specially designed and developed for professional quality video streaming. The webcam is particularly made for enriching social gaming experience and entertainment sites. This web camera boasts of HD video recording, providing a frame rate of 30fps for 1080P or a frame rate of 30fps at 720P. Made of glass lens, the webcam offers extremely sharp pictures and video recording. Also, it is coupled with the powerful autofocus feature. In poor backlit or low light surroundings, the webcam is able to perform really well. The price is a slight higher than other webcams but with such features, the price cannot be bargained for.   

Pros and Cons

  • Crisp and clear images and videos are produced with the webcam.
  • The webcam gives high performance under low light with automatic low light correction.
  • The webcam is also powered with autofocus capability.
  • It is compatible with most of the operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, Chrome OS, Android 5.0 and Mac OS X 10.9 or later.


  • The webcam is slightly overpriced.

Bottom Line

If one is looking for video streaming on social platforms like shooting a YouTube video or a video podcast, this camera is highly efficient with good image and video quality. However, with the price pitched high, the webcam may go out of your budget

Top 9 Webcam Streaming Ausdom AW620 Pro Stream Webcam AMAZON ASIN: B07BBCVK3L

B07BBCVK3L,Webcam Full HD 1080P OBS Live Streaming Camera Computer Video Calling and Recording PC Web Camera Built-in Microphone for YouTube or TwitchAbout This Webcam

This webcam is again of the webcams specifically designed for high quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment websites. The design of the webcam allows for easy mounting on PCs or laptops. The build quality is absolutely excellent along with top-notch resolution. The video recording can be done in HD 1080P at 30fps and 720P at 60fps. The webcam features a built-in microphone capable of recording audio in rich Stereo Audio. The webcam with power-packed features is within the budget price range.

Pros and Cons

  • The webcam is inexpensive yet boasts of high-end features.
  • The built-in stereo microphone is great that enhances the sound quality.
  • The webcam is capable of taking sharp videos and images.
  • The price of the webcam is pocket-friendly.


  • The webcam has a poor camera viewing.

Bottom Line

The webcam is capable of taking HD videos with crisp and sharp quality. The audio experience is enhanced with the built-in microphone. Though one may experience a low-quality camera viewing but the reasonable price is makes it amongst the best webcam for streaming.

 Top 10 Growfast Full HD Webcam 1080P/ 1536P AMAZON ASIN: B07925CYP5

About This Webcam

B07925CYP5,Full HD Webcam 1080P 1536P, Widescreen Video Calling and Recording, Digital Web Camera with Microphone, Stream Cam for PC, Laptops and DesktopThis webcam is one of those webcams that is loaded with fabulous features to ensure a rich video recording experience. For clamping purpose, the webcam is provided with a tripod clip that can be mounted on all kinds of screens. The most exciting part of the webcam is the 1536P web camera that is coupled with 7 element optical glass lens for providing clear images. The web camera is bundled with the feature of facial enhancement. Moreover, a stellar stereo audio backed with built-in two digital stereo MICs and noise reduction makes the sound experience top-class. The 100-degree angle view provides wider field of view and no optical distortion. For superlative performance under low light, automatic light correction attribute is given.

Pros and Cons


  • Wider angle of viewing makes extra space for a person to fit, apt for video conferencing.
  • The webcam performs well under low light.
  • A high-quality audio is a feature of this web camera.
  • The webcam paves the way for faster uploads and streaming with its advanced H.264 Video Compression Technology.


  • The webcam faces some glitches while connecting to some of the Operating System.

Bottom Line

The web camera is ideal for video calling, video podcasts, webinars and also live streaming. Providing brilliant sound quality experience and good sharp images/ videos even under dim light, the webcam makes it to the best webcams for streaming.

If I were You, I Will Choose for the following 3 Reasons:

After viewing all the top 10 best webcams available for streaming, I needed to decide on one of the above webcams. For me, the winner is Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. The following are my reasons that have made me pick the C920:

  • The webcam offers great video recording experience without any form of optical distortion and also is coupled with the great motion sensing feature.
  • Wider viewing angles enable greater field of view making room for another person or background to fit within the frame.
  • The sound quality is pretty amazing with efficient noise cancellation and loud and crisp sound.

5 Important Features when Choosing a Webcam

Before making any purchase, it is essential to know every detail that needs to be checked before buying it. Similarly, every webcam has its own set of specifications and features. These features serve as comparison points amongst the many best webcams available on the market. Moreover, the specifications also determine the price of the webcam. A webcam loaded with the latest and smart features is priced higher them a webcam that falls short on certain feature aspect. If I want a webcam for basic Skype calls with my friends, a webcam low on feature and inexpensive will work the best. However, if I want videos for business video conferences, or for posting on YouTube, a web camera that has high-end specifications is needed.

Following are the features that I had kept in mind and probably you should also take a note of prior to purchasing the webcam:

Frame Rate – Frame rate is essential while choosing the webcam. Frame rates define the smoothness of a video quality. This is decided on the basis of a number of frames displayed per second. A 30-fps webcam is the standard use. However, if you are seeking a webcam that offers the ultimate smoothness and a better quality moving video, look out for webcams that offer a frame rate of 60fps.

Lens Quality – The lens quality needs to be absolutely perfect to shoot the best of videos and pictures. It is the foremost thing in the process of video recording. The best buy would be choosing a webcam with glass lens over a webcam with a plastic lens.

Megapixels – Pixels are the small dots of colors that come together to form the visual image. The higher the pixels, the higher is the clearer is the quality of the image. Go for a webcam that offers a resolution of 640 X 480 pixels for a good picture. If you have HD functionality it is better to look for a webcam offering a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixel.

Continuous Autofocus – Autofocus is a feature that enables the webcam focus on you rather than the movements and the activities carried out in the background. Thus, for a better image quality and video recording autofocus serves as a power feature.

Low Light Quality – Recording and shooting videos during evenings or under low light conditions may distort the quality of the image. Adjusting screen brightness and contrast can damage the quality of the image/ video on the screen even more. Choosing a webcam that performs well even in low light conditions is something that Logitech’s ‘Right Light’ has developed ensuring that the image quality is not affected by deficiency of light.
For a better video experience, it is to be made sure that the speed of your Internet is good. Moreover, the processor of your monitor or laptop and the input/ output capability also influence the quality of the video. The faster these work, the better the quality of the video/ image.

Choosing Webcam? It’s your turn now

You are opting to buy a webcam since your laptop webcam is not giving you the desired effect for video recording or sound quality. Thus, if you are looking to buy one that meets your needs. Whether you are buying for business video conferences or for webinars or video podcasts or simply for video chatting, your purpose defines what you need and what you should get.

What you definitely need?

Always search for webcams that offer high resolution. A high-resolution webcam would mean less grainy pictures and video streaming. A video capture rate if 720P or above can prove to be ideal. A high definition web camera offers the best webcam for streaming. Also, take notice to take go for a web camera that has a high frame rate. For video streaming, frame rate above 15 fps would do the trick. A 30-fps webcam would be one of the best webcams.

What should you get?

Pick a glass lens webcam instead of a plastic lens. Moreover, select the webcam that lends features like auto-focusing and automatic light detection for a good video recording experience under low light. A webcam with the ability of motion sensing can be used for a security system.

So, choose your pick amongst the best webcams and consider all your requirements prior to purchasing one.


The prices of the best webcams I listed above vary with some falling under the cheap price range to some falling in the affordable e price range. The greater the features, the costly is the webcam. So, if you are a basic user then a webcam within the low-price range would work, but for business or other streaming purposes, look for a camera that is power packed with great features.

 Ready for Our Webcam Recommendations?

I have particularly matriculated all the pros and cons of each and every webcam. I have purposely mentioned the purpose for which a webcam can be used and the affordability of each of the best webcams for streaming. We recommend you to buy a low-priced webcam in case of basic Skype chats and a higher priced webcam for business and other major streaming purposes.

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In this article, I have pointed out the best webcams that are bundled with features and good pricing. Likewise, if you want to get acquainted with the best of PC accessories in detail, you can surely have a read more on PC accessories.

Final Words

I have enlisted all the best webcams streaming in detail and also listing down pros and cons for each of the webcams. Depending on the usage, budget and purpose, pick your webcam and have the best experience for recording videos with top-notch quality.


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