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Best Xbox One Headset:Ultimate Buying Guide(2019 Updated)

“Call of Duty” might be a game you always love playing with your friends or maybe you think making use of a mouse alongside a keyboard is usually fun and better than using a controller, whatever you prefer, I guess you will still need the right kind of headset that suits your Xbox well. The amount of Headsets in the market is too many to choose from, but I am here to give you a guide on the best Xbox one headsets which come along with guaranteed performance and comfort for their price tag.


“I have cool speakers, and I think they sound perfectly well so do I still need a gaming headset?” You might ask but let me just break it down for you; yea! Speakers are cool but don’t you think you want an additional sound quality for when you are chatting with other competitors online or maybe when trying to listen for your enemies’ approaching footsteps. You want that right? That’s why you need a headset; Headsets offer a whole lot of advantage such as: Blocking external noises, limits disturbance, superior sound quality, team communication and cost performance – all of which you would love.


Before we go knee deep into this guide, I would just like to share with you 3 of my best gaming headset picks which are all very affordable but will serve you grand features to fulfil grand purpose. Please it is important you note that this doesn’t mean there are no other headsets more fantastic than the ones listed here but trust me I did a lot of research before coming up with this list. So in no particular order, I present to you my best picks for the best gaming headsets one which are the;

  1. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Amplified Gaming Headset.
  2. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset.
  3. SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset.


Before buying any of the above listed gaming headsets, there are features you should be sure to take note of if you really need one. The quick non-detailed list of headsets above was carefully chosen by me to fit some criteria, some of which were:

–          The audio quality of the gaming headsets which is a major aspect I looked at before making my picks.

–          The build which is also a very important thing to be looked out for in gaming headsets. As for me I like big but comfortable headsets and those are actually the best.

–          Finally, the bonus features that accompanied the gaming headsets such as Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

  1. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Amplified Gaming Headset. Though it has a large size and it is wireless, it is made of a very lightweight material – which I stated earlier as a good feature. It features soft and comfortable ear foams. The audio quality alongside sound reproduction for this headset comes out to be great.
  2. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset. This headset tries its best to put sound quality as a priority on its list which it did a great work at achieving but still has some work to do on its surround sound. Not wireless though but the gaming headset is of a lightweight and very comfortable to go with for a long period of time.
  3. SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset. This is almost the best out of the 3 in this list, offering a great virtual surround sound for your gaming monitor. It is like the rest, is made to be lightweight with a durable headband and mic along with it.



Alright with all that being said, I think it is time we dive into the main and important aspects of this guide. In this section I am going to be discussing with you the best Xbox One headsets for 2018 which I carefully researched on before making my conclusions and I hope they do help you.


Well if you must know, I made a few specifications for my research on every headset you would find in this list some of which are comfortability, cost [trust me, everything on this list is budget friendly] and compatibility with the Xbox One. So in case you don’t eventually find the kind of headset you are looking for here, be sure to put these specifications into consideration when you are in the game store – it will really help you.


BENGOO G9000 STEREO GAMING HEADSETFirst to start with is the Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset which is not bad for a gaming headset; actually it is a splendid gaming headset. One reason why I think I turn out to like it is because of its outstanding and appealing color which you will definitely not find on any other gaming headset in the market. I believe it is the headset with the perfect fit for anyone – adult and teenagers – and perfect for all Xbox games and Play Station games inclusively. What’s more is that the Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset can be illuminated to make it look good under dark conditions and with the great earmuffs that cover the ear well; you get a well attenuated sound.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Well now you know what the Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset feels like, if you are a regular guy or gamer carrying a lot of responsibilities or even a few of them or you are a gamer on a budget, then I advise you get these headset. Yeah! It comes along with a lot of value for you money. Ignore the cons, this headset is not bad at all, you should try it yourselves. Good sound, comfortable to wear and comes with a warranty; what’s more is even if it is broken when you are out of warranty, their customer service will still be there to help you fix it.


VERSIONTECH G2000 STEREO GAMING HEADSETNext on this list would be the Versiontech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset and the right kind of gaming headset for anyone who likes to pay strict attention to every sound detail such as a surge, blast or even the footsteps of an enemy in a gameplay. The Versiontech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset is powered to produce a very good and solid stereo sound that renders you with every detail of your video game. Like the earlier mention headset, this headset also has LED lights designed around the earcups that indicates the atmosphere of gaming even after it has been built to be cozy and comfortable on your ears and perfectly kicking put external noises leaving you undisturbed in your gameplay.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

To cap it all up, I would say that the Versiontech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset is one of the smartest option for the Xbox and for those on a budget. Really it could be given a four over five star rating for the values it is being accompanied with such as it compatibility, being reliable, all round sound system and the cozy comfort as well. But the thing is when you remember that it the headset is not wireless, I bet that bothers you if you are a lover of flexibility during gameplay.


HYPERX CLOUD STINGER GAMING HEADSETNow this headset is a very budget friendly headset and this can be easily known merely by just looking at it; you will find out that it is made and designed from plastic only – no aluminum or steel whatsoever, just pure plastic. Though it might be made from plastic alone which makes it cheap but trust me, the Hyperx Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset does not work like “cheap” and does not look like “cheap”. First of all, the plastics are coated with matte which gives it a very sophisticated look. It comes with a good microphone that has a noise filter and good audio reproduction. Trust me when I say this is currently the best budget gaming headset you will get in the market today.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Product Name

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you are on a budget and all you are looking for in a gaming headset is an ergonomic feature that you can solely rely on and that fits perfectly with everything you had in mind; then just settle for the Hyperx Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset. I must say, I was impressed with its clarity and effectiveness not to talk of its marvelous design. Whatever you want, this headset provides you with it at a very affordable price so to be honest; if you are not going to buy this headset then it means you have more money to spend.


That is all for this list and in case you did not realize, all the headset put into this section are the headsets I see as those that are budget friendly and still come with an outstanding value for your money so you are rest assured your money is going into safe purchases.


I hope you have been paying attention to this guide so far. If your answer is ‘No’ then please start doing so and if your answer is ‘Yes’ then that is great. Well in this section I would be looking into the best headsets under various categories such as their features or pricings and I really hope you find what you are looking for.

So actually we are going to be looking into five [5] categories which would be;

  1. The best All round gaming headset for Xbox One, PS4 and other platforms.
  2. The best wireless gaming headset for Xbox 1.
  3. The best Xbox One gaming headset under $50.
  4. The best Xbox One gaming headset under $100.
  5. The best Xbox One gaming headset under $200.

And we will be doing all these while considering the same specifications I listed at the beginning of this guide which are the audio, the build and accompanying features.


HYPERX CLOUD GAMING HEADSETFirst of all, what you should know is that this great headset is actually the first of the Cloud series from HyperX and is a good pick for any gamer who would prefer stereo sound to surround sound. Well, if what you are looking for or interested in is the surround sound then check out the Cloud II headset – it is also in this guide.

If what you want is comfort, great performance on whatever gaming platform, sleekly designed  and you have the money; then do not look any further and purchase the Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset.

Now apart from the surround sound feature, let us discuss other features of the Hyperx Cloud Gaming Headset like the comfort it renders. The Cloud I gaming headset comes with a very soft padded headbands as well as big ear pads that leave the ears cozy on a relaxed head all through the long gaming hours.

As for the design of the gaming headset, it will be easy to notice that it has comfort written all over it. From the microphone which is absolutely removable and has a classy feel when touched; so this gives you a chance to have the mic stored when you are either playing alone – outside multiplayer – or when you just want to listen to some jazz music. Then one last thing that had me shocked about this headset is that it costs below 80$, isn’t that cool?

The bottom line is this; if you are looking for quality sound and perfect comforts then buy this headset. It is the best gaming headset for Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC and even your mobile phone.


TURTLE BEACH STEALTH 600 GAMING HEADSETSThe Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headsets is a really good headset – wireless though which is great – for PS4 and Xbox One with a very splendid audio reproduction and does not necessarily cost much. It also gives you either a bright-green or dark-blue highlights which is all dependent on the version you purchase – PS4 version or Xbox version. Also the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headsets comes with a very ergonomic microphone that folds parallel to the ear cup and can be folded down for communication.

The Stealth 600 comes with comfortable ear cups and is built to stand uprightly when placed on the head unlike other or most gaming headsets in the market that were constructed to lean forward a bit resting on the forehead. That might be a pretty brilliant design but it is not the conventional design and that makes a lot of gamers not really fancy it because they think there is something wrong with it.

Nothing can be all good, so the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headsets has its bad sides I think we should shed some light upon. To start with, let me say it would be a great disadvantage purchasing this headset if you are a Windows user; though there are ways which you can get the Stealth 600 to work on your Windows device but it would require some hacking and difficult installations procedures. At the end they might not really work so just skip this headset if your do not own a PS4 or Xbox One. If you want an enhanced sound then go for the Stealth 600.


XBOX GAMING HEADSET UNDER $50: BENGOO X-40 GAMING HEADSETThis is really one hell of a cool gaming headset for Xbox One for those gamers that are low on budget. The fact that this gaming headset appears under the $50 on the price chain doesn’t make it inferior to the other headsets you will find when going up the chain. The design of the Bengoo X-40 is so perfect and fancy looking especially when lit up in a dark room; it gives a classy look and feel that makes it appear more expensive than it really is.

I think you should know early that the Bengoo X-40 is not wireless – at least for its price you shouldn’t be expecting that. As for the sound quality of the headset, I will place that halfway between good and brilliantly good and the reason is because of the bass which I find very deep and heavy. I don’t imply that it is a bad thing because it was even stated on the carton that they are Bass headphones so that is what is should expect. I think I am just no fan of heavy Bass so just kindly disregard my comment.

On lighter notes, the Bengoo X-40 is very affordable and easy to use. It is also comfortable to wear and good for gaming as well as VOIP calls – by the way I enjoyed using it on skype. The only thing I feel is that the sound could be more louder but I think what they built was the exact fit for the price tag.


HYPERX CLOUD II GAMING HEADSETThe clarity that the HyperX cloud series comes with even after an increased bass and aggressive sound is what makes the HyperX cloud series a great and complete success and an outstanding gaming headset that you can come across in the market today. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is just a remodeling of the Cloud I gaming headset mentioned at first, only with a slight difference which is the feature of a surround sound instead of a stereo sound.

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is built to be very stylish and I can conclude that it really stands out for a gaming headset of its price [below $100]. The ear cups for this gaming headset are totally ergonomic, swiveling back and forth on its already attractive design. As for comfort, the ear cups are very comfy with a fit that we can just address as just right but if you don’t seem to like the leatherette covers that the ear cups come with then don’t worry, you will be provided with an option. The Cloud II headset comes along with a plush but still cozy ear cups that can be used to replace the default ones and this is very great – giving your customers a choice.

For its performance, the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset has a fine audio output but I am not really sure if it was just me or the sound was not as all rounded as I expected a surround sound headset to feel like in the ears. Though the thing is, if you want a gaming headset with a very brilliant sound and below $100 – not really below $100 though as the Cloud II carries a tag of $99 in the market –then go for the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset.


TURTLE BEACH – EAR FORCE ELITE 800X GAMING HEADSETNow for the best Xbox One gaming headset for 2018 under $200, I present to you the Turtle Beach 800X wireless headset. The Turtle Beach 800X wireless headset is built for the chronic gamers that one can ever find in the gaming community of Xbox One. Rendering users with a 7.1 solid surround sound the Elite 800X is fully wireless alongside a very splendid design that represents its class.

The Bluetooth headset is really loved because of its long battery life though it experiences competition from another headset in the game which is the Astro A50.

If you are a gamer with class and a lover of the luxurious things then I believe this is the headset for you; the headset grants a very pretty and sleek construction that makes it look like the kind of headset you will find at the top of the price chain for gaming headsets.

Well there seems to be a slight problem when it comes to the comfort of the Elite 800X headset. It has really cozy headbands and cool ear cups but upon using it, I just had to give my ears a little break sometimes in between my gameplay. They are good but they feel tight against my head leaving me with cramped ears for a period of time – that hurts though.

So as I said earlier, if you are a lover of the flashy things and admire the fact that the headset is wireless then go for the Turtle Beach 800X wireless headset. Mind you, the con I mentioned about the headset being tight on my ears should not stop you from buying it as I want to believe that that was a problem with the particular one I had purchased and that others in the market would not have the same issue.


HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA PRO GAMING HEADSETThis headset is probably and definitely the most standard-looking headset ever built under the HyperX series; simply taking the Cloud II designs – which is an update of the Cloud I model – and adding some tweaks to it making it appear more grand and efficient. It has integrated aluminum forks attached to keep the ear cups in place.

Like the other Cloud headsets you can remove the mic of the Alpha Pro headset and store it away while listen to music or playing solo on your game console. The cable of the headset can also be pulled out in case you need to travel.

As for the comfort, this headset beats my expectation by providing very cozy and cushy ear cups with a pleasant lightweight material build which would make you love to always have it on – like always.

Yeah, I found some bad things about it though. The Alpha Pro gaming headset comes with a perfect ergonomic headband but I feel it still renders a tighter fit unlike the very cozy one found in HyperX Cloud Revolver; that of the Alpha Pro just always makes my ears get too warm and that is not all that comfortable.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro gaming headset has a great performance with a balanced bass, mids, highs and lows all for $100. It is the real deal though it has a lot of competition.


Having an Xbox One gaming console and variety of fun and exciting games might look like the perfect gaming condition to you but have you ever considering purchasing some extra gizmos to take your gaming experience to another level? Well, yeah you might have thought of it but you don’t really know what you need to get, you don’t know what accessories you think are worth your money – I think that is why I am here then; to help you choose the right accessories for your baby [The Xbox One].

Well, let’s quickly take a look at the 3 resourceful accessories I think you’ll need for your Xbox One;

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. This is a really fun controller, just an improvement on the 360’s controller. It features exchangeable thumbsticks and directional pads that feels and fits well on the hand than the regular and conventional Xbox One Controller.

The Xbox One Play and Charge Kit. This is another great accessory to spend your money on, helping you to save more rather than spending all your saving money on batteries. How the accessory works is that you input the simple battery into where the batteries belong and you plug in your USB cable to keep the game controller fresh even when you run out of power.

The Turtle Beach XO Three. This is one of the cheapest but very efficient headsets in the gaming community. So if you are on a budget and still think you need a headset that will work marvelously then get yourself one of these.


The brief summary for all this is that yeah for sure, you will get to see a lot of accessories for your Xbox One in the market such as the Xbox One Chatpad, Kinect Sensor and others but you should know which one to put your money in as not everything turns out to be useful in the end.


Okay my reasons are going to be straight forward. First of all, the accessory mentioned – The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is very budget friendly and pocket friendly [money wise] which means you don’t need to sweat off all of your savings. Also it is established to be of more use and last longer than the other expensive accessories. Lastly because it is an headset; yea I chose it because it is an headset. For example if I am a newbie to the gaming community I will need a whole new research on what some chatpad or some sensor is used for but everyone knows what headsets are.


I believe that if you really followed this guide from the top, then by now you would already know a thing or two about what to look out for when shopping for your Xbox One headset. Well in case you skipped them, I guess I will just go over it again:

– The audio quality of the gaming headsets which is a major aspect.

– The build which is also a very important thing.

– Finally, the bonus features that accompany the gaming headsets such as Bluetooth connectivity, etc. also below are a few more tips.


Earcup Quality- This is a major determinant a headset’s comfort. As I have stated before, the best kind of headsets are those with large over-the-ear design with very cozy paddings. It would also be good if they came along with supportive headbands but all in a lightweight so that you don’t stress your head while gaming.

Fidelity- In the performance of a headset, it all depends on your taste. Are you a surround sound lover or a stereo sound lover? Do you love a default slightly increased Bass or you like everything on the normal? Well, these little things determine the kind of headset brand you should go for.

Battery Life- Battery life is also another important thing to consider while picking your headset. There are headsets for gaming out there that can last up to 10 hours and some to 12; so be sure to make right research on the brand you have eventually selected, read user reviews and don’t always believe what you see on the carton.

Mic- The microphone is also one important thing when it comes to gaming headset as I bet you would not like to be left out of the conversation during multiplayer games. Also if you are eventually buying a headset that has a mic then be sure the mic gives a good audio reproduction.


Xbox Compatibility- Choosing a headset might seem all that easy until you get home and realize that the headset you purchased was not built to work on your Xbox One console. Different headsets were made to work on different consoles so be sure to read through the carton of the headset you plan on purchasing so that you will not end up wasting your money and your time.

Audio Customization- When we are talking about audio customization, we simply mean the ability of the headset to adjust the sound balance. It is more advisable to get headsets that can have their equalizers changed which involves the regulation of its Bass and other audio presets for different gameplays.

Chatting Features- Headset that comes with some chatting features could really serve purpose and come in handy. There are gaming headsets that are known to render some functions like muting, cancelling noises, enhancing sounds, etc. All these and many more features on a headset makes so much sense don’t you think?

Low Distortion- You can experience some kind of distortion in your headset and this happens especially when you try to tether it with your controller. The main problem is the amount of distortions that occurs and this depends on the kind of headset you have purchased. This is why it is more advisable to purchase headsets with trusted brand names.

Comfort- In different kind of headsets, there are different levels of comforts. Ranging from the headband, to ear cups, to tightness, to how well they fit and many more variances. Another thing to note Is that what doesn’t seem like comfort to you is heaven to another person – I know this because I have seen friends that embrace headsets that I despise. Bottom line is that comfort varies.

Price- This is absolutely the grandest thing to put into consideration or else all we have been looking at since will seem like a waste of time. Different headsets actually also come with different values for their money; some are worth it and some are not. This is the main reason why you should read through this review religiously.


All that being said I would like you to know that I made a mistake which you shouldn’t make which is judging a book by its cover; by that I mean judging a headset by its price tag. The truth is there are many cheap priced headsets in the market that are really a good run for your money.


We are coming to the end of this guide now so I would like anyone reading this to be sure that they understand everything I have written so far. I am very sure that if you put all the things listed in this guide to practice, you will have no problem when you are making your own gaming headset purchase.


Well since we have had you all riled up I think it is time I tell you my own choice for the best Xbox One gaming headset recommendation. I present to you the Astro A50 Headset. It is quite expensive and beat every other headset mentioned in this guide when it comes to customization and comfort. Though all headsets have their pros and perks but the thing about the functionality and effectiveness of the Astro A50 is that it seems to bring all the outstanding perks from all other gaming headsets and put it into itself making it into a stellar gizmo. If you want something classy, off the hook and you have the cash for it, then get yourself the Astro A50.

If you are on a strict budget that will not allow you to be able to purchase the Astro A50 then no need to worry, there are other great gaming headsets for Xbox One that you can check out when you go shopping such as:

  • The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro.
  • Plantronics Rig Flex LX.
  • Turtle Beach Wireless Ear Force Stealth 500X.
  • Astro A40 Wireless Gaming Headset.

Some are cheap and some are affordably expensive but all of them come with really good value for the money.


I believe if you didn’t really fancy gaming headsets before reading this guide, you would have started longing to own one by now. That’s great, I mean really great but don’t let that push you to get undervalued headsets. Follow this guide, make some more research if you wish and just buy smart – I really bet if you follow through you would not have the problems that normal starters would have. Wish you good luck and all the fun in the gaming community with your new gaming headsets.

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