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CPU Hierarchy: Three rounds of great competition


As we all know, CPU is the most crucial part for one laptop or desktop, which will greatly influence the performance of laptops or desktops.  Thus, selecting high-end CPU is just as importance as selecting suitable laptops or desktops.  Usually we can see here are some basic information labeled at the brands, like core i7, core i5.  However, only knowing this information is just the tip of the iceberg.  The most useful thing is about CPU hierarchy, which finally determines if this laptop’s CPU can afford your need.  I believe most of you may confused what CPU hierarchy is and how it affects your choice, so here I’ll explain a detailed profiling about CPU hierarchy for you.

Tips & Thought: CPU Hierarchy

What is CPU hierarchy?  Generally speaking, for every kind of CPU, its average performance in the test suite ordains its CPU hierarchy.  Normally we take game data as test subject in the test criteria, however, we clearly understand that different games have their different programming, so some specific title may likely perform totally differently.  For instance, you may find some games may be severely graphics subsystem-limited, and some games will react positively to more CPU cores, and some games perform better with larger amounts of on-die cache or even a specific architecture.


Top CPU Performance Hierarchy Table

But how do we figure out this laptop’ CPU hierarchy satisfy your need for an idea laptop or desktop?  Actually we can get more about CPU hierarchy according to the CPU placements, because some can show similar model deliver.  It’s a good way to search on Google for desktop CPU hierarchy or laptop CPU hierarchy.  But what you need to take notice is that you need to choose discrete CPU chips that don’t share memory with CPU, because integrate CPUs will take your system RAM.

CPU hierarchy tables ranks CPUs by performance, considering average fps in HD resolutions, and then decide the highest tier for you need.  However, if you just update your laptops or desktops, make sure the CPU hierarchy fits the system, otherwise, the update may be a kind of waste.

Part#1 CPU Hierarchy 2018: 5 Tier

If you are still confused with CPU hierarchy, for the following information I’ll suggest you five tires of CPU hierarchy, through which you may have a throughout valuation towards CPU hierarchy.  For the very first tire, best CPUs suit the serious gamers.  And the tires go down to the most budget CPUs for less demanding users.

Tier 1: The Absolute Best

Quick Tips

This absolute best CPUs are so far the highest-end processors in the market.  They powered by smaller chips, but offer the most power at the quickest speed.  For example, if you playing, this tire CPUs can constantly achieve 60 fps no matter on 4K resolutions or you surround display setup.

About These Absolute Best CPU

For this absolute best CPU hierarchy, although I agree they are the most powerful processors, actually these CPUs for the very first are produced not for gamers, but for workstations or severs.  So if you only take this tire CPUs as gaming need, it seems a little bit waste.

In this tier, AMD and Intel are the best two choices, they compete each other.  AMD’s Ryzen Thread ripper CPUs and Intel Core i9, their performance is alike.  It’s said that Ryzen thread ripper CPUs response faster than the Core i9, and also with a more accessible and affordable solution.

Tier 2: Superb Performance

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     For the second tier CPU hierarchy, they afford less power than the first tier, but also they can provide super performance.  For gamers, they can provide the same powerful performance at much more affordable prices, which is awesome.  These CPUs also suit for workstations, because they also satisfy the basic need.

About These Superb Performance CPU

It’s true that playing games with desktop PCs is far better than laptops.  For desktops PCs, this second tier CPUs will be the best choice.  They come with high core counts.  For this tier superb performance CPUs, most of them use the mainstream sockets, which include AM4 and LGA 1151 for AMD and Intel generally.

This tier CPUs are popular, the competition among them is a little bit fierce.  For example, in the very early 2017, AMD already had released Ryzen 7 models, but Intel also had prompted to improve the core i7 models.  All in all, Ryzen CPUs have more advantages in multi-tasking, however, Intel’s solutions are faster.

Tier 3 – Good Performance at Reasonable Prices

Quick Tips

The third tier CPU hierarchy belongs to those CPUs with excellent performance at more reasonable prices.  They are the most popular in gaming laptops or desktops until now.  You do need to worry it’s cost, even you do need to worry its performance.  This third tier CPUs also can achieve 30 to 60 fps in 2K or 1080 resolution.

About These Good Performance CPU

Much like with the previous two tier CPUs, AMD can compete with Ryzen 5 CPUs around the middle of 2017, but the competitive performance with the second tier.  AMD has two solid CPUs, such as AMD Radeon RX 580.  It also offers full brilliant full HD performance and decent QHD.  It does come with lots of power, however, it saves quite a lot.  So for this tier, CPUs are the most satisfied, because there is no question for these middle range CPUs to give you excellent performance.  If you can accept slightly high cost, AMD Radeon RX 570 can be another ideal choice, it outperforms in graphic quality on CPU hierarchy chart.

Tier 4 – Great Value for Those on a Budget

Quick Tips

     The fourth tier CPUs are not powerful as the third tier, but much more budget.  Compared with others, if you just want one to bear your basic demand, just like daily work or simple games, they are good enough to meet your need.  I debt they should be your most cost-effective option.

About These Value CPU

For this tier, AMD’s budget CPUs should be at the presence, such as the AMD Radeon RX 560.  You can even play some AAA titles with it.  There is only one thing you need to know is that don’t get the cut-down 14 compute-unit version, but do buy the 16 computing unit version.

Also Intel Core i3 CPUs takes important roles at this tier.  Even you could understand that Core i3 CPUs released earlier than AMD’s Ryzen 3, but updated later.  AMD has very viable solutions, while Intel Core i3 CPUs owe quad-core status.  While now the price of this tier, we can see from Amazon, these CPUs are so lovely.

Tier 5 – Affordable Solutions for the Less Demanding Gamer

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Finally, for the fifth tier CPUs, they are the most affordable CPUs, however, they are the weakest in power.  So if you’re no-games users, they will be an ideal option for office work.  But if you really want to play some simple games, probably they can achieve 30 fps at most.  If you just want to support watching videos or simple software, they are good enough with such budget price.

About These Affordable CPU

For this most affordable CPUs, both Intel and AMD offer quantity of options, like AMD Radeon RX 550 and AMD Athlon.  Their integrated graphics cards even allow run some of games.

The AMD Radeon RX 550 is a comparable card in the same price range.  It supports you watch smooth YouTube or Doom at over 80fps sometimes.  So it’s also will be great for DirectX 12 titles or games.

AMD Athlon now are redesigned for the AM4 socket, which introduced with Ryzen.  And on the other hand, Intel also has Pentium and Celeron CPUs, which are based on the latest LGA 1151 socket.

Part #2 Desktop & Laptop CPU Hierarchy Lists (Updated)

From the information above, we already take a look for the latest CPU hierarchy.  And we also know which tier can be the best, which tier is the most affordable.  However, as I mentioned before, when you update your laptop or desktop, only knowing the hierarchy isn’t enough, and you need to considering the system.   So next, I’d like to introduce you more about desktop CPU hierarchy and laptop CPU hierarchy one by one.

Desktop CPU Hierarchy

When you want to update your CPU of your desktop, one thing is to select out the most powerful and the most affordable CPU.  Now you’ve already know how to find the CPU, but don’t forget to consider your need and the hardware limitations of the system, such as the warranty, the cool system.  The best way for you to select the most suitable one is to check reputations, clock speeds and RAM bandwidths, as well as CPU hierarchy.

Don’t forget, for the graphics card with higher memory, sometimes, you may not request for too much, unless you’re doing the work request for large resolutions.  If you only want an ordinary one, there is no need to buy the expensive one with better resolution between two same kinds of CPUs.

Laptop CPU Hierarchy

AMD and Intel launch more powerful laptop CPUs every year.  Laptop CPU hierarchy is also the same as above.  High-end CPUs can greatly afford your demand for heavy games or multiple-task software in full detailed settings and high resolutions, such as AMD’s RX 400.

The mid-range CPUs are good for playing some normal games smoothly with their medium level settings and HD resolutions.  However, for the less-demanding gamers or those have no need for games, the lowest setting CPUs are good enough for daily work, such as AMD’s FirePro.  Selecting one ideal laptops is an art, take your need for the first, and then find the best one.

CPU Roundup Time:

Since you’ve already handle the features for each CPU hierarchy now according to previous introduction, now I believe you may have generally your own idea towards what kind of CPUs you may be fond of.  Even at this time, I must strongly recommend you to round up top CPUs which are more likely aimed to games or graphics-heavy software.

Quick Tips

At first, several quick tips for you to select CPU:

  1. Generally speaking, the higher RAM is, the more space is. However, when you consider high RAM, make sure the Bandwidth matches well.
  2. If you want to CPU release the most power, consider the CPU matches your monitor’s system. There is no need to update high-end CPUs for old dual-core processors.  For four-core processors, normally you can update with modern CPUs.
  3. If you’re supposed to run multiple-tasks or heavy games at multiple display or 4K, you may need 3/4 linked CPU configurations, sometime 2 linked is also enough, too.

Intel I5 Roundup

For mid-range CPUs, Intel i5 roundup should be the most affordable but powerful.  Normally Intel i5 costs around 200$-300$, and it can offer high performance in games.  Take Intel i5-8400 as an example, it brings a super-designed six-cores to the mid-range, providing class-leading gaming performance.  The price is quite lovely under 300$.

Intel I7 Roundup

Intel i7 is a little bit higher than Intel i5 because of its better performance and configuration.  For example, Intel Core i7-8700K, it comes with six cores, also with a 3.7 GHz base clock.  But for this Intel I7, you need to budget it in a new Z370 motherboard.  Because of such good clock, maybe you can consider good air coolers, too.  The only one thing different is this class processors need discrete CPUs.

Intel I3 Roundup

Intel i3 roundup is the lowest among the three, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good.  For most Intel i3, they come with two-dual cores, which also offer enough power for office work, sometimes you can also play some simple games.  So I would introduce Intel i3 to those who don’t request for gaming need, and don’t want to spend too much on CPUs.

AMD Processor Roundup

Another CPU giant must be AMD.  Same as Intel, AMD also launched series of processors.  Most of them can be strongly competitive with Intel’s.  as I mentioned before, AMD Processors mostly release much power in heavy games or multiple-task software.  Basically, if you only want to find a replaced CPU for daily work with lowest cost, probably AMD processor roundup will be your best choice, such as Ryzen 5 2400G.

How To Build A Gaming PC

If you’re a green hand in building a gaming PC, probably I should give you more notice.  First, CPU is the heart of your PC, so you can spend about a third of your money on it.  As for other hardware, like motherboard, power supply or cooling solution, two thirds are enough.  Second, think what CPU hierarchy you want, and then select your top CPU among this tier CPU.  Last, consider the system matches all of them, if your card fit the space.

Best CPU For Gaming

CPU is the most important parts for PC, especially when play games.  It handles complex tasks.  According to CPU hierarchy, you can find the top CPUs in each tier, however, it’s hard to say which CPU is the best.  Because when you play multiple-task games, there will be higher request for high-end CPU, but correspondingly high-end graphics display, and all of those hardware match your PC system.

Intel & AMD Processor Hierarchy

Both Intel and AMD CPU hierarchy take important roles in the market.  In each tier, their CPUs stand out.  For them, their CPUs differ from each other’s.  For Intel, you need to focus on its architecture.  For each generation, higher the number follows, generally better the performance is.  And for AMD, the number after letter R, is also a standard, too, except for the letter X.

The CPU of Tomorrow

As people more tend to enjoy themselves in technology, they gradually request for better PC, especially for higher-end configurations.  Also there is a reform among CPUs.  Nowadays CPUs, the latest ones would be equipped by multiple modular chips in this one package, Nvidia also already launched this kind of multi-chip CPUs this year.  This kind of CPU, is much stronger than the previous traditional CPUs.

Theoretically, it will be different if PC updated by multi-chips CPU, so the setups are totally unique.  So how do multi-CPUs shape themselves among others will be a question for CPU producers.

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The Final Verdict

Have you already gotten your most demanding information about CPUs to select your most suitable CPU?  No matter Nvidia, AMD, or Intel, each has its own advantages.  To be honest, CPU hierarchy is just a starting point on your journey to find your perfect CPU.

PCs update so fast, so do CPU, I recommend you the latest probably can be better.  If you could accept more expensive CPU, your experience on it should be far more wonderful.  Think about when you playing games at ultra-settings on 4K resolution at 120 fps, isn’t it cool?  So choose the best one you prefer most, it will make your experience much better.

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