Best Gaming Computer Desks:Definitive Guide & Review (2019)

Do you enjoy gaming to the core? If you are like me, one has the best gaming experience only when there is a perfect gaming computer desk at the place. As a matter of fact, the best gaming computer desks have enough space to keep and organize everything that you need.

Further, these desks keep the clutter to a minimum and help you experience gaming truly to its core. Here in this article, we will have a look at best gaming computer desks in 2018.

Why You Need A Gaming Computer Desk?

There are various reasons why you must have a gaming computer desk in place with you. Here I have explained a few reasons why having a gaming computer desk is important:

Provides comfort

When you are gaming, your body should be relaxed and comfortable. This is what is achieved with a gaming computer desk. A gaming desk keeps your computer at the right level and helps you maintain the right posture.

Today, gaming computer desks provide a lot more flexibility and are designed ergonomically. You can adjust their positions and alignment as per your requirement, and play games comfortably.

Keeps clutter at bay

The best gaming desks are equipped with proper storage spaces and drawers which help you in organizing all the stuff properly. You might have extra peripherals that you no longer need, or you might want to keep other devices handy with you.

Whatever the reason is, a gaming desk helps you in organizing the stuff and keeps your gaming space free from any clutters.

These were just a few reasons why you should have a gaming desk with you.

Best Gaming Computer Desks I Picked In 2018

As we have already had a look at the importance of gaming computer desks and why they are necessary. You might already be convinced of having one.

But, believe me, buying a gaming computer desk is no easy task. The reason – there are a lot of gaming desks available in the market today and buying just one is going to make your task tougher.

This is why, here in this article, I have compiled a list of best gaming desks that we have with us today. Read on to find out.

How I Picked The Best Computer Gaming Desks?

While choosing and suggesting the best computer gaming desks, I have kept a range of factors in mind. Some of such factors include:

  • Portability of the gaming desk as you are sure to re-position it from one place to another
  • The durability of the desk as you are not going to buy it again and again
  • The comfort provided by the desk as you are going to play games on it for hours

In addition, I have also kept other important criteria like budget, shape, weight it can withstand and the like in mind.

The Key Players: Choose Your Best Gaming Computer Desk, In-depth Reviews

In this article, we will have a closer look at the best gaming computer desks. I would help you reach the right conclusion and would help you in making the right choice in this article.

I have here provided the in-depth reviews of the gaming desks which would help you in understanding the pros and cons of each desk easily and would help you take a well-informed decision.

Part #1:  Top 3 Best Gaming Computer Desk 2018

When it comes to buying a gaming computer desk, durability and comfort should be the two factors which should be on your mind.

Additionally, the size of the table, its overall look, build and its quality also matter a lot. In this section, I will talk more about the best gaming computer desks that we have with us today.

Editor’s Choice: Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk Review

About This Gaming Computer Desk

Gamers are always looking for a device that can help them explore the true potential of gaming, and for such a gaming device, the gamers usually don’t think twice to pay the price. And in addition to this, they need a desk that can help them to keep their gaming arrangements in place.

The buyers who are looking to buy a desk that can easily keep the things tidy for them, the Atlantic Gaming Desk will be a great buy. Although it is not as special as the gaming setup the most hardcore gamers will love, but still, it fulfills the basic needs of being an ideal gaming desk and in most of the cases, it provides an extreme level of comfort gamers are looking for while playing their favorite games.

Let’s dig deeper into the features that Atlantic Gaming Desk offers to the gamers, and most importantly why you should consider it buying, as a gamer.

Features You Might Like

As said earlier, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is not as fancy as multi-display gaming setups that can be a dream for gamers, but still, it has some features that a gamer would love to see in his gaming device. Some of such features are listed below:

  • Brilliantly designed for a flawless gaming setup
  • Charging station and power strip holder for those who are having a gaming laptop that performs better when plugged in
  • Monitors up to 40 lbs. This means you can easily fit a 32-inch monitor on the desk.
  • Drink and headphone storage


Pros: What We Liked

  • Brilliant cable management
  • Silver metallic steel and carbon finish table top for durability and style
  • Game storage rack that can hold up to 5 games of your choice
  • Stable non-marring legs make it one of the most stable desks available for gaming

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • If you are a hardcore gamer who love to play multi-display games or have a lot of gaming accessories, then you may find this desk too small.
  • It can hold only 80 pounds in total. So, you should only keep the essentials with you while gaming.

Bottom Line:If you are a casual gamer, or have limited gadgets for gaming and want to keep things well-organized, then there is no better option than the Atlantic Gaming desk for you. However, it is not for hardcore gamers who love to play with a lot of gaming accessories or have a massive display.So, it is totally up to you to decide what your gaming needs are, and whether this gaming desk fulfills it, or not. The only thing that we can say is this desk is a great option for the casual and new gamers with limited accessories.

Arozi Arena Gaming Desk Review

About This Gaming Computer Desk

Gaming desks, for a gamer, are like a home. They spend a lot of time on them and love it when they are stable and can easily handle all their gaming stuff.

So, ideally, a gaming desk should be sturdy, stable and most importantly, it should be reliable. In case, you also prefer the durability over the design, then you should opt for the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk without a second thought.

The best phrase to describe the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is that it is a no-nonsense gaming desk for the gamers. You won’t find any fancy racks or charging deck for keeping your stuff organized in place, but one thing that you can blindly rely on is the durability.

Features you might like

The desk has been designed brilliantly by the designers and provides the best support to your gaming setup. Here is the list of features that we loved about Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk while reviewing:

  • Simple yet practical design
  • 160 cm wide tabletop makes it perfect to arrange your gaming world on to it
  • Extremely easy to assemble and transport
  • Adjustable feet for added stability

These were the few features that would be loved by a gamer. So, these were the things you were looking for, then choose your favorite color, and buy it right through.

Pros: What We Liked

  • Extremely easy to assemble. Just use the screws and your desk is ready to be used
  • A wide range of colors to match your preferences
  • Custom mousepad with microfiber cloth padding that makes gaming extremely enjoyable

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • The desk has some stability issues when it is fully loaded. So, either avoid it loading completely, or have something to compensate the wobbling effect.

Bottom Line:So, if you were looking for a gaming desk that can easily handle your heaving gaming setup, then we suggest you go with Arozzi Arena Gaming desk. However, if you were looking for an organizer that can help you keep your gaming zone clean and tidy, then we would definitely suggest you go with a desk with separate compartments for organizing your gaming setup

Atlantic 82050334 Carbon Fiber Texture Space-Saving Gaming Desk Review

About This Gaming Computer Desk

Atlantic has a reputation of creating brilliantly designed desks for gaming, and with the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro, the company has again raised the standards for the other manufacturers and gifted the gamers with yet another brilliant product to enhance their gaming experience. The Atlantic 82050334 has tons of reasons why you should opt for it while looking for a new gaming desk. Some of the features that we liked during our review process are listed as follows

Features you might like

  • The desk is amazingly durable and stable even when fully-loaded.
  • The table has been designed by keeping every single thing in mind that a lazy gamer can ever ask for.
  • Particleboard laminate mounted to steel leg supports makes it a light yet extremely reliable gaming desk that will last for years without any major issues.

There are several other features too that you will love about the product, and most importantly, Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is extremely easy to assemble. So, for those gamers who love to play like a boss, this product would be a perfect buy.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Cleverly laid-out design for gamers
  • Has the designated section for the speakers
  • Brilliant cable management to make your gaming hassle-free

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Tabletop should have been designed to deal higher weight capacity.

Bottom Line:To conclude, we can only say that the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is a perfect choice for all those buyers who love to see a perfect design, stability, and durability in their gaming desk.You can’t ask for more from a product that is made perfectly by keeping every need of a gamer in mind. So, if you love to play games in a well-organized manner, then you should look no further than the Atlantic 82050334 .This brings us to the end of this section. I hope that the related pros and cons of each gaming desk were clear enough to take the best decision.However, I understand that budget could be a constraint at times. This is why we will discuss best budget gaming desks in the next section..

Part #2:  Zoom in: Best Budget Gaming Desks 2019

Tight on a budget but don’t want to give up on your dream of having a computer gaming desk? Well, fret not! You can still buy the gaming desk while being in the budget.

In this section, I will talk about best budget gaming desks which provide the same comfort and functionality like others but are also easy on your pockets.

Let’s have a look.

Editor’s Choice: Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Computer Desk

About This Budget Gaming Computer Desk

Atlantic 33950212 Gaming desk Pro is best suited for the hardcore gamers. The measurement of the Desk is 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches and it is 29inches high from the floor. The desk has sufficient space for a gaming laptop, headphones, speakers and controllers. The desk comes with an elevated monitor stand that can support monitor up to 32 inches.

Features you might like

  • It is made up of silver rods with a silver coating and charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top.
  • The front of the desk is curved which makes it aesthetically beautiful and provides comfort.
  • The desk has a back shelf which provides an ample space for the mobile phones and tablets.


Pros: What We Liked

  • The desk is strongly and solidly built.
  • The desk offers lots of space with so many features listed above.
  • In spite of so many features, the desk is compact and occupies less space.
  • The speaker brackets measure 4.25 x 5 inches which are ideal for most of the speakers available.
  • The desk has a storage drawer with enough space to keep papers and other stuff.
  • The elevated TV stand allows you to use your laptop and TV together.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • It is quite difficult to assemble the desk all alone. Additionally, it is time consuming.
  • Drawer provided for the storage is not mounted perfectly.

Bottom Line: Overall, it is a great gamer desk with lots of space and storage for all the controllers and gadgets. It is ideal for the gamers and at the same time for the adults as it helps in keeping the things in an organized manner.Simply put, it is a dedicated battle station where a gamer cannot just put the laptop and monitors but also the speakers, headphones and other electronic devices in the most organized way. It’s enough space, unique features and economical price steal the show.This was the best budget gaming desk that I would recommend you to go for. For the given price, this gaming desk would prove to be a true value for money.

Part #3:  Zoomin: PC Gaming Desks

Looking for the best PC gaming desks? Well, I got you covered. In this section, I have presented the best PC gaming desk as per my opinion.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

About This  Gaming Computer Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming desk is designed specifically for the dedicated gamers. The desk is a quiet large gaming desk measuring 63 x 32.28 inches with a curved front.  The surface of the desk is covered with a cloth mouse pad weighing 7 pounds. The weight and non-slip surface on the bottom ensure the mouse pad to stay in place.

Features you might like

  • The design of the desk is kept simple with 2 steel legs and a connecting steel frame with the medium density fiberboard surface bolted to it.
  • The load capacity of the desk top is 176 pounds when evenly distributed
  • It is comfortable to take up the load without worrying about the breaking of the desk.


Pros: What We Liked

  • The desk is sufficiently wide to hold up to 3 monitors easily.
  • The height of the desk is adjustable to 2 levels.
  • The cable management is great and the pre-cut holes help in avoiding clutter.
  • The microfiber cloth used for the mouse pad is durable and water resistant.
  • The desk is strong enough to take up the heaviest gaming components.
  • The desk is easy to transport since the design is simple and separated into 3 different sections.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • The mouse pad gets dirty very easily and washing it is a big waste of time.
  • Although it comes with adjustable height, it can move only a couple of inches in between which makes it pointless.

Bottom Line:Looking for a large surface to hold all your components? Or, it has to be a strong and sturdy one? Then, Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is legitimately a great option. It’s spectacular, the performance is great and it is strong enough to withstand even the biggest gaming components.It’s enough space to hold multiple monitors, great wire management system and its sheer size make it ideal and perfect for gaming.That said, this desk is sure to function as a best PC gaming desk for your gaming needs.

Part #4:  Zoom in: Gaming Station Computer Desk

Have a gaming station and looking for a computer desk for it? Look no further! I have just made an attempt to make your task easier by providing the best gaming station computer desk.

Let’s check out.

Editor’s Choice: Eureka Ergonomic Desktop and Gaming Workstation Desk

About This Gaming Station Computer Desk

Eureka Ergonomic desk is beautifully designed with lots of space for the gamers. It is 46 inches wide with a blue trim all around. Additionally, a huge keyboard tray is provided.

Features you might like

  • The design of the desk is equipped with strong mechanics with a high quality surface.
  • The desk has rubber stoppers under the base that prevents it from sliding. The desk comes with the adjustable height feature.
  • It can fit height up to 6 ft. 5 inches with the gas powered springs avoiding cranking and clicking.
  • There are two handles on either side of the desk.
  • Holding the handles will allow you to adjust the height and releasing the handles will lock them in place.
  • The desk offers an easy lifting and locking mechanism to adjust it from sitting to standing. The desk is very smooth and effortless.
  • Positions from sitting to standing and vice versa can be switched comfortably without any noise.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Adjustable height according to the required posture. This unique feature helps in avoiding many health problems.
  • The keyboard tray is large enough to accommodate a mouse and other components.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Easy installation and setup.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • It takes lots of space.
  • It cannot be transported as it is very bulky.
  • There are no separate docks for smartphones or any other components.
  • It can take a max of 35 pounds. Thus, restricting to use multiple monitors or monitors with lots of accessories.

Bottom Line:Overall, the Eureka ergonomic desk is best suited desk with sit and stand positions ensuring proper posture and the perfect comfortable fit. Additionally, this sit stand desk improves the energy level and productivity.It provides ample room for other necessary accessories and components and carries smooth operations with simple controls. All you need is an empty room with an extra pair of hands to set this model up. It’s spacious, sturdy and height adjusting feature steals the show.

Part #5:  Zoom in: Gaming Console Computer Desk

Looking for a gaming console computer desk? Did you check a range of them, but was not able to reach a conclusion? This gaming console computer desk would surely meet your requirements. Have a look.

Editor’s Choice: Atlantic 82050334 Gaming Desk

About This Budget Gaming Computer Desk

Atlantic 820503340 Gaming Desk is one of the best gaming desks available. The desk is 47.6 x 23.5 x 27.3 inches and provides ample space for speakers, headphones, and other game controllers.

Features you might like

  • The desk has carbon fiber texture surface for smooth and easy mouse movements which are easy to maintain.
  • Additionally, it has a curved surface in the front which makes it attractive and comfortable to use.
  • The desk has powder-coated cylindrical steel legs for solid use.
  • It has power strip basket to ensure that wires are not visible.
  • It also has a wire storage basket for games.
  • The extra attachments provided with the desk are optional thus making it suitable to be fitted even in small spaces.


Pros: What We Liked

  • The desk is sturdy.
  • The desk is very easy to set up.
  • The black carbon fiber surface is very easy to clean.
  • The design of the desk is space saving. It ensures small footprint.
  • The desk provides enough space for all the accessories.
  • It is one of the most durable desks available.
  • The cable management is great and an easier task.
  • The desk allows personal customization of the parts.
  • It’s functional and versatile.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • The height of the desk cannot be adjusted to different levels.
  • The speaker stands provided are not perfect to withstand all sizes of speakers.
  • It is expensive.

Bottom Line:If you are looking to set up a couple of monitors while saving space in your room, this Atlantic Gaming desk is best suited. The desk is functional, durable and easy to set up. This desk not only has enough space for the monitors and accessories but provides enough storage space as well.The desk is well known for its cable management.  Its lightweight, elegant and attractive design with concise setup makes it the most suited gaming desk for the gamers..

Part #6:  Zoomin: Z-Line Gaming Desk

A Z-line gaming desk not only looks stylish but is comfortable as well. Its sturdy legs and the overall built would make sure that you have the best gaming experience.

In this section, I have revealed the best Z-line gaming desk as per my experience.

Editor’s Choice:Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk review

About This Z lined Gaming Computer Desk

Gaming desk is an essential thing to buy for almost every gamer. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore, the gaming desk helps you to enjoy the games to the fullest.

As per the need and budget, the gaming desks can be of different shapes, sizes, and price range. However, if you are planning to buy a simple yet a very practical product for your gaming room, then it would be none other than the Ergonomic .

Let’s find out what is special about this gaming desk, and most importantly, whether you should buy it, or not.

This Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk is an ultimate choice for those gamers who are looking to buy an ultra-modern, durable, and spacious gaming desk for their gaming needs. Apart from having killer looks, the Eureka’s Z-Shaped Gaming desk is quite durable for everyday use. The table has a solid wood tabletop and the legs are made up of high-quality steel.

So, you won’t need to worry about the durability or stability issues by purchasing this gaming desk.

Features you might like

  • Eureka’s Z-Shaped Gaming desk has many other features that make it a perfect gaming desk for the gamers. Some of the most exciting ones are listed as follows
  • Brilliant design with strong built quality
  • Portable
  • Just right height level for the gamers


Pros: What We Liked

  • LED lights to take your gaming experience to the next level
  • The z-shaped design makes it perfect gaming.
  • Has enough space to keep your gaming accessories in place

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Requires assembling
  • Offers just the basics as a gaming desk

Bottom Line:To conclude, the Eureka Z-Shaped gaming desk is one of the best portable gaming desks you can opt for, and apart from that, it will act as a good overall companion for your gaming if you have limited gaming accessories. So, if you are gamer with just the basic gaming accessories, and want to buy a terrific looking gaming desk for yourself, this product is a must buy..

Part #7:  Zoomin: L-shaped Gaming Desk

Just like Z-line gaming desks, L-shaped gaming desks are also perfect. The best part of these gaming desks is that they save space and can be accommodated even in the coziest of places. Thus, you won’t have to compromise on your gaming experience anymore!

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Gaming Computer Office Desk

About This L shaped Gaming Computer Desk

Believe it or not, investing in an all-purpose desk is always a better choice than buying a desk specified for only gaming purposes. The all-purpose desk is designed in such a way that in addition to providing a perfect support to your gaming hub, it can also handle your other stuff that may be needed while you are gaming.

So, we would suggest you buy a desk that not only fulfills your gaming needs by storing your gaming accessories, and other gadgets but also provides you utmost comfort while you are in front of your computer screen.

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Computer Office Desk is a perfect desk for gaming and other purposes and apart from the gaming room, it can perfectly fit in your office room. There are several features that make it a perfect buy for gamers. Let’s have a look at some of these features that will help you decide why it is a must buy for you as a gamer.

Features you might like

  • L-Shaped design can easily accumulate multiple displays for gaming.
  • Unique 3-piece design, so that you can easily adjust it according to your needs.
  • Strong MDF tabletop is perfect for your heavy gaming accessories
  • Brilliant looks


Pros: What We Liked

  • Highly customizable
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Large enough to accumulate two large displays
  • Table top can handle up to 105 pounds weight

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Needs a lot of assembling
  • Styrofoam fiber used is not of optimal quantity.

Bottom Line:If you have a corner space in your gaming room that is not being utilized for long, then we would like to transform that place into your main place of action by placing this amazingly practical desk there. The best thing about this desk is that it can be customized easily according to the available place and needs.So, if you are looking for a durable, practical and great looking desk for your gaming room, then don’t think further and buy this ultimate product for gaming and other purposes.

Part #8:  Zoomin: Corner Gaming Computer Desk

Short in space? Or, looking for a coziest gaming computer desk which can adjust in the corner of your room? Well, I understand you.

A corner gaming computer desk can not only save enough space for you but also looks perfect and fits the interior of your place easily. I have here talked more about the best corner gaming computer desk that we have with us today.

Editor’s Choice: Walker Edison Corner Desk

About This L-shaped Gaming Computer Desk

For those buyers who are looking for an extremely beautiful desk for their office, or gaming room that not only enhances the overall looks of their room, but also adds a lot of practicality to the room, the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is a perfect buy.

And, we are not saying just because of its looks, but apart from having great looks, the desk performs extremely well in other aspects of being an ideal desk for gaming and other purposes too.

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is a brilliantly designed desk that adds practicality to the room. If you are a gamer, then it will act as a great gaming desk that can easily accumulate your multiple display gaming arrangements. It can easily carry all your gaming accessories without letting you feel cluttered.

So, instead of buying a specific gaming desk, we would suggest you go with Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk for the best value of your money.

Let’s have deeper look at the features, pros, and cons of the desk that will help you decide whether you should buy it, or not.

Features you might like

  • Streamlined yet durable frame that can easily hold your heavy gaming setup
  • Includes a CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray that makes it ideal for the gamers who love to spend hours in gaming
  • Tempered glass edged makes it look perfect for modern gaming
  • Highly customizable


Pros: What We Liked

  • Durable design, angled glass edges for practicality
  • Can easily accumulate two large sized monitors. Perfect multi-display gaming
  • Best product for those who love to keep their gaming uncluttered
  • Extremely lightweight desk

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Lacks cable management panel
  • Needs a lot of assembling

Bottom Line:To conclude, we can say that the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is a great buy for those buyers who are looking for a more spacious desk for their gaming or office usage, and the thing that makes it a perfect buy is the craftsmanship. The desk may look weak at times, but believe us, it is strong enough to handle your gaming setups extremely well

Part #9:  Zoomin: Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk

Looking for an adjustable standing gaming desk which can adjust its height as required? Well, an adjustable standing gaming desk can fit your requirements, especially when you have various computer users at home and all of them have different heights.

This is where this gaming desk comes to your rescue and lets your friends and family enjoy the games seamlessly!

Editor’s Choice: Varidesk 49900 Gaming Desk

About This Gaming Computer Desk

Multi-display gaming is getting immensely popular among the hardcore gamers who think that one display is not enough to get the maximum output from the modern gaming titles. However, accommodating two displays in a single desk is a tough task, even if you have a large gaming desk in your gaming room.

In order to do that, you need a special gaming desk that is intended for multiple displays. One such gaming desk that performs very well in accumulating the multiple displays for the gamers is the VARIDESK 49900.

The unique design of the VARIDESK 49900 makes it a dream gaming desk for almost every gamer across the globe. The desk is designed to fit two displays and is durable enough that you won’t feel any shake or wobble while playing your favorite games on it.

Although the desk is for two displays, it is extremely portable and can be easily adjusted in a small gaming room, or a corner of your house where you have set up your gaming world. Here are a few features that make it a great choice for the gamers and the reasons why you should buy without a second thought.

Features you might like

  • Specially designed for multi-display gaming
  • Adjustable height makes it a better choice for buyers who have different PC users at home
  • No assembly required.
  • Two-tier design for comfortable gaming
  • Can be easily placed on another table to provide better space management


Pros: What We Liked

  • It can really be for those gamers who are tired of sitting for hours to enjoy their games to the fullest.
  • Install it on top of your existing gaming desk, and you will get a whole lot of extra space that you can use to keep more gaming accessories.
  • Durable enough to store two large displays

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Lifting and lowering the desk may be cumbersome when the desk is fully loaded
  • Not an ideal desk for sitting positions

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Part #10:  Zoomin: Wooden Gaming Desk

A wooden gaming desk has its own charisma. Not only a wooden gaming desk looks beautiful, but it also compliments the décor of your house flawlessly.

Additionally, a wooden gaming desk also prevents any electric shocks and the like from happening. In this section, I will discuss more one such wooden gaming desk that you choose on the go!

Editor’s Choice: Little Tree Computer Desk

About This Gaming Computer Desk

The Little Tree computer desk is a modern corner computer desk suited well for gaming as well as office works. This is a large L-shaped desk with 67” x 59” x 24”, providing enough space for gamers to keep multiple monitors and other accessories. The shape of the desk makes it perfect to fit in a corner and provide maximum workspace.

Features you might like

  • Open shelves are provided on the right side corner of the desk for the storage purposes.
  • Heights of these shelves are adjustable accordingly.0.63” thick panel with an E1 environmental protected board with the high glossy finish is provided which is very easy to clean.
  • The desk comes with a free CPU stand.
  • Anti-slip leg pads are also provided at the bottom.

Pros: What We Liked

  • The desk is strongly and firmly built. Crossbars provided make the structure more stable avoiding any shaking movements.
  • Leg space underneath the desk is huge making in convenient to switch from one side to another.
  • The desk has a powder-coated finish that prevents the desk from corroding.
  • The height of the desk can be adjusted to different levels required for any uneven floor conditions to maintain a balance.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Quality assurance for 18 months is provided.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • The desk takes large space in your room.
  • The height of the desk can be adjusted only up to few inches.
  • The desk is very bulky and thus cannot be transported.

Bottom Line:If you are looking for a desk for your big keyboard and couple of monitors, then this desk is for you. It can be used as an office desk, training table, study desk, manager table, gaming desk etc. perfect for any place whether office, home, library or any other area.It is multi-functional, stable and offers large space for all the components. These features make this desk a different and most suited desk..

Part #11:  Zoomin: Glass Gaming Desk

Just like a wooden gaming desk, a glass gaming desk is a treat to your eyes as well! A perfectly designed glass gaming desk looks beautiful and can add stars to the look of the room it is placed in.

However, make sure that you take proper care of your glass gaming desk or else, you might end up breaking it. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at the best glass gaming desk that we have with us today!

Editor’s Choice: Z-Line Belaire Computer Desk

About This Gaming Computer Desk

The Z-line Belaire Glass Computer desk is a very popular office desk that gives a very modern look to your workplace. This is an L-shaped desk with 6mm/5mm tempered glass top.

Features you might like

  • The entire desk is easily accessible, all thanks to its unique shape.
  • The overall dimensions of the desk are 60 inches by 24 inches deep by 37 inches high.
  • The reinforced plates on all welding joints are provided making the desk durable for many years to come.
  • The raised shelf is provided for the monitors making it convenient to use.
  • A pull out tray is provided for placing the keyboard and mouse.
  • The pull out tray can be pushed under when not in use. Once set-up, the desk can be moved from one corner to another.


Pros: What We Liked

  • It’s easy to assemble and light in weight.
  • The desk is firmly and strongly built.
  • The pull out tray and raised monitor shelf provides enough space for other accessories.
  • Tempered glass used ensures safety and scratch free glass.
  • The shape of the desk makes it perfect for corner placement and provides large space.
  • The high premium material makes it handle enough weight.
  • A black powder coated frame prevents corroding.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Since the desk is made up of glass, extra precautions need to be taken while placing very hot or cold items, do not sit on the glass, etc.
  • No extra drawer is provided for storage purposes.

Overall, this is a stylish and modern desk ideal for computer users. Its versatile design makes it suitable to be placed in the living room, bedroom, and office or anywhere you have a corner. Raised monitor shelf and pull out keyboard tray are one of the unique features that make this desk ideal to be included in any modern office or any other place.

Part #12:  Zoomin: Gaming Desk Chair

Naturally, when you are looking to have the best gaming desk, you should have an equally comfortable and complimenting gaming chair.

In this section, I have talked about the best gaming desk chair you can buy on the go!

Editor’s Choice: Homall Leather Gaming Chair

eskThe homall gaming chair is ergonomically designed chair with the needed back support. The size of the back is 22.5” x 30.5” and size of the seat is 19.8” x 14.5”. The chair can take a load of about 300 pounds smoothly and silently as ever. The chair can swivel 360 degrees with multi directional 5 wheels that can move smoothly on the floor.

Features you might like

  • The chair is made up of premium PU upholstery.
  • The PU leather used gives the chair a decent look and avoids any sticking.
  • The headrest pillow provided is adjustable and removable.
  • The padding of the chair is very comfortable thus making you work for longer hours and rest at the same time.


Pros: What We Liked

  • The chair can be fully reclined from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • It is a multi-functional chair that can be used for working, studying or gaming.
  • Size of the chair is perfect for people of all sizes.
  • Lumber pillow provided reduces the lower back pain.
  • The chair can support 300 pounds weight.
  • Stable wheels can easily take you from one position to another.

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Armrests are not adjustable.
  • The neck pillow is quiet hard.
  • The wheels may slip if the chair is lifted up.

Overall, the Homall chair is a perfect combination of quality and affordability with all the special features in its design. The chair is designed to fit people of all sizes and ensures the long lasting comfort. Its feature of backrest reclining makes it be the choice of all kinds of people.This nice-to-look-at chair is very comfortable and can support your body well even. Simply put, it is a great chair with all the features one needs to be comfortable and it has them all at a beatable price. In short, there is no good reason to not consider this Homall chair whether for work or for gaming

Guide & Tips Times: How to Choose a Gaming Computer Desk

Gaming desks have become very popular these days. Because of their unique features and applications, there is a countless number of gaming desks available in the market. Although, choosing a gaming desk is a personal choice but there are few tips that you should consider before selecting a desk. Following are the factors that should concern a gamer before paying for a desk:

Material and Structure

There are desks with a variety of high quality materials available in the market like wood, steel, PVC, glass etc. The main consideration in choosing the material of the desk is the stability and the strong built of the desk.

Generally, the desk made up of high grade steel is sturdy. Additionally, to give your desk a modern look, glass is also a good option. Moreover, tempered glass makes your desk a scratch resistant desk. Even the structure of the desk plays an important role in its stability and smoothness.


The first thing that comes up in the mind before buying a desk is the space it is going to take in the room. It should synchronize with the availability in the room. After placing the desk, the room should look neither crowded nor empty.

If there is less space in the room and you are looking for the compact desk, then a standard desk with lots of shelves is a great idea. While on the other hand, if the room has lots of space, even the Z-shape desk can be looked up.


Gaming desks should be such that it provides an easy and comfortable access to all the needed components on the desk. From mouse to the keyboard, from one monitor to another and so on. Keeping in mind the unobstructed access, desks come with many drawers and shelves for the storage purposes.

Desk Layout

The layout of the desk depends on many factors like how many monitors you want to use, how much space you have and storage requirement. Desks with different shapes and sizes are available like standard desks, L-shapes, U-shaped, standing/sitting desks etc. each one of them has different usage and purpose.

Weight Capacity

Another important factor is the weight capacity of the desk. It depends on how many monitors you want to put on your desk. If you want to use only a laptop simply with mouse and a keyboard, then a desk with lightweight and low load capacity can be chosen.

But if you want to put 2 or 3 laptops with other components like speakers, headphones, mobiles, keyboard etc. then a desk with heavy load capacity should be considered. For such heavy desks, it is important that the desk is strong enough to bear the load without any crumpling.


The appearance of the desk is the most important feature of the desk. The physical appearance of the desk enhances the looks of the room. Again, it is a personal choice. For instance, if you want to give your room a modern and stylish look, glass desk is a good option.

On the other hand, if you believe in simplicity, desks made up of wood can be chosen. Although aesthetics of the desk is important, it is important to keep in mind the design and functionality of the desk. One should not compromise with the stability and other features while choosing an aesthetically pleasing desk.

If I Were You, Here is My Top Pick

If I were at your place and were supposed to choose a gaming computer desk, I would have chosen to go for Atlantic Gaming Desk, all due to:

Great build quality as it is made up of silver metallic steel and has a carbon finish table top

It comes with a wonderful cable management mechanism

It is equipped with a gaming storage rack which would help in the easy organization of games and the like

Ready For Buying Your Own Gaming Desk?

That said, are you ready to buy your own gaming desk? I hope that my gaming desk recommendations were useful to you and you were able to make a well-informed decision.

When it comes to buying a computer gaming desk, more often than not, it is a one-time decision as you are not going to make an investment on it again and again until and unless you are a passionate gamer.

Even if you are, it is always better to make the right choice the first time itself. This is why, in this article, I have categorized the computer gaming desks under various parameters – budget, shape, adjustability, gaming station, gaming console and the likes.

The sole motive behind writing this computer desk buying guide was to help you reach a right product which is in line with your specific requirements. I hope that I was successful in this attempt of mine and that this buying guide has actually added value!


We hope that this article would help you in choosing a perfect gaming desk for yourself. But, it is important to remember that health and comfort cannot be compromised. Sitting in a right posture for long hours is very important for the good health.

So, choose a right desk, stay healthy and enjoy gaming.












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