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Best Gaming Computer Under 500 Dollars:Expert AdviceTop Lists (2019)

Gaming PC Under 500

The biggest problem when you are on a tight budget is getting the most bang for your buck. This issue amplifies when you are a PC gamer. You want to have an excellent gaming computer under 500 for the best price. It means that the PC must be able to run your favorite games smoothly and without any hitches. Moreover, it should withstand new releases for a couple of years at least.

At the same time, PC gaming will not be the only thing you will want to do on the device you are buying. Streaming movies, playing music and simple web browsing are sure to come up at one point in your life. Therefore, you want a device that can give you a smooth experience, good loading times, and great build quality. Pay less than $500 and you get all this? Is it impossible? Not necessarily. However, in this ultimate buying guide, we will still list those best budget, best value, high-performance gaming pc under 500 dollars you can buy in 2019.

The bitter truth of picking a sub 0 Gaming PC

You can get a good deal on a gaming computer, of course. In this day and age, you even find apparently decently equipped machines that say to handle gaming well. However, are all the statements that producers add in their product descriptions true?

Well, yes and no. It is true that most machines handle most games that you give them. However, you do make some compromises here and there. You either get a smaller amount of RAM or a lower quality case. Those are not the only parts you could get a lower quality though.

Picking a sub $500 PC means that you have to know what you are going to use it for and how much you are going to be using it. It means that you know your gaming habits, what type of games you like to play, what other activities you might want to do on the PC. If you are unaware of these criteria, a PC from this price range might let you feel completely disappointed.

Does this mean that sub $500 PCs are a bad choice? Of course not! They can be beautiful machines. You have to know what you are going to use them for; Realistic expectations will give you realistic and satisfactory results.

The Best Gaming Computer under 500 picks in 2019

Some companies want to get a quick buck by marketing their products inappropriately. That means that from a fast web search, you will find hundreds if not thousands of devices marketed as Gaming PCs. Here are the most popular user picks for a gaming PC:

  1. ASUS
  2. HP Pavilion 550-110 Gaming Desktop
  3. Cybertron PC Borg-Q Gaming Desktop
  4. Cybertron PC Trooper-X6 Gaming Desktop
  5. Lenovo IdeaCentre 300s Slim Gaming desktop
  6. SkyTech Shadow AMD-730 Gaming Desktop
  7. Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Gaming Desktop

What are the components embedded in a high-quality gaming PC under $500?

You will need to decide between a quad-core or a dual-core processor in your Gaming PC. However, I will suggest that you go with one that has the quad-core processor, which is Intel.

Gaming Desktop and gaming Laptop, which one is best?

For more than a decade, Gaming laptops are the focus of many Gamers. However, the portability of the laptop is not what makes a good Gaming PC. Instead, the good processors, video cards, power saver, and the great performance of the system is what you should be looking for

I am frankly telling you that, an unpretentious desktop Gaming PC that costs $500 or less can easily bury the existence of a laptop gaming PC that costs thousands of dollars with its apparent high-performance and slick design.

Part#1 Top 3 Best Budget Gaming PC Under 500 For 2019

Since the global market crowded with most advanced technology, Gaming PC should be available to buy at a reasonable price below $500. It may seem impossible to get a Gaming PC under 500 dollars. However, getting a budget Gaming PC under $500 that will serve you far better than costly gaming pc of $1000 or more is achievable. I will show you the Editor’s choice from budget gaming desktop under 500 dollars.

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Top1: CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA882 Gaming Desktop Reviews

About this Best Gaming PC under 500

B01IPY2XC0 ,CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA882 Gaming DesktopMy review is on Cyber Power PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Gaming Desktop, which costs under $500. This product is even more amazing and stronger than its appearance. I was surprised by its performance regarding overall speed, favorite games, power saving, etc. If you want to save your money and get many things done, I will advise you to go for this computer. It costs less, the durability is excellent, the power saving is superb, and it is built to last.

  1. Powerful, excellent performance and enjoyable are the exceptional benefits of purchasing this Gaming PC. It is painted in charcoal, dark gray color, polycarbonate exterior with excellent well-finished bodywork.
  2. It has an AMD FX-7500 APU processor with the high regularity of 3.30 GHz. Also, the screen is a 15.6-inch, energy-efficient HD beauty, complete with a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution.
  3. Integrated with an AMD Radeon R7 GPU. In this price range, you will be lucky if you find a machine with anything better. Moreover, it has multitasking capabilities within the laptop, which supports 16GB of RAM and it easily handles graphics exhaustive games that are great-looking.
  4. Enormous hard drive size of 1TB. On a budget like this, aim for the biggest! It also has a storage capacity that makes it a unique and exceptional amongst Gaming PCs.

Other Features you can look at for gaming PC

The Video Card

The Video Card is designed to hasten the construction of images in a border safeguard and expose the fine-looking graphics on the screen of the Gaming PC. This is achieved by the card quickly changing and manipulating memory. As a gamer, the video card is one of the most important pieces of kit, so you would not be caught dead with a sub-standard one. You are simply in for a better gaming experience with a great-quality video card – in short, the quicker the card, the smoother and more attractive the graphics they produce.

I will also suggest that you go for a video game on a resolution below 1080p at the lowest 1GB of memory or highest of 2GB at the bare minimum of 1080p. Once it is more than 1080p, it will require the minimum of 3GB to run without a glitch. However, the most favorable is 4GB.


It is rare to find a gaming PC under $500 come with 32 GB RAM. Instead of going for adding additional memory to your Gaming PC, which has no significance, is advisable to go for the one with 16GB of RAM. Because most of the video games on the market today will be easily running with only 8GB-RAM.

Bottom Line:Without reserve, Cyber Power PC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Gaming Desktop is the best Gaming CP under $500 because it has all the essential features that you would go for gaming PC. It is the Editor’s choice as it has superb RAM and graphics. You would love having this PC as the main system in your home.


Top 2 HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop under 500 Reviews

About this Best Gaming PC under 500

Let’s face it – HP does not have the best reputation for quality. Their products have been shunned and avoided in the gaming community. They are often called “not up to the task” in handling the technical and graphical demands of PC gaming. Others have said they are not even worth the money.

That was until they introduced this little beauty.

The HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop is aptly named. It is all your friends will feel for you when they see it. Envious.

If it were possible for a gaming desktop to have sex appeal, this one has it in spades. Its sleek, sharp and streamlined design is so attractive it belongs in a glass case.

Then we move on to the technical aspects, which are just as gorgeous. AMD Ryzen(TM) 3 2200G Processor. 8 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM . Such power. There is nothing this PC cannot do to meet your gaming requirements. With a speed of 3.2 GHz, I will admit there are processors with better speed, but not a better price to go with it.

Let’s remember – we are looking for Gaming PCs for under $500.


  • AMD Ryzen(TM) 3 2200G Processor and DDR4 memory – “Lag” is a word this PC does not recognize. Even works with the more demanding games like Fortnite and Overwatch.
  • 1 TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive – this might be considered okay for a gaming desktop. Its impressive performance makes up for its smallness. It might suit a beginner gamer who does not own too many games to take up the space a 1TB hard drive would provide.
  • 8GB hard drive – if you need lots of ram memory because you have LOTS of games to run, this may be not as good a choice,Yet you can upgrade it up to 32 GB.


Pros: What We Liked

  • Great for gamers of any level – particularly recommended for beginners
  • Powerful processor – can handle the more demanding games
  • Affordable – worth every penny, even if at the top end of the budget
  • Attractive design

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • No DVI cables included
  • Wi-Fi adapter or Ethernet cable required – again, not included

Bottom Line:The pros far outweigh the cons for this PC. Undeniable quality. Both, regarding its flawless performance and its value. The one snag is the hard drive size. Only a quarter of 1TB might put a fair few gamers off. If size DOES matter to you, I advise a different PC. However, remember the budget. Remember the price. Remember – no lag

Top3  Gaming Computer Desktop PC AMD FX-4300 3.80GHz Quad Core, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2TB, GTX 750 TI GPU

About this Best Gaming PC under 500

The  Cheap Gaming Desktop comes more like an office desktop tower at first glance. It has a minimalist design that, when you first see it, doesn’t inspire gaming capabilities at all. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance. This desktop tower has some powerful components in its belly.

Features you might like

Just looking at a specifications sheet, the first thing that stands out in this machine is the graphics card. It comes equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GT750 TI 2GB Video Card , one of the great entry-level gaming graphics cards. Although it does not come with a great processor, this should not hinder your gaming experience. The main thing a gamer is interested in is the GPU, RAM, and PSU.

At this price range, you can make compromises regarding the other parts. This desktop tower does precisely just that and gives us one amazing machine for its price. Compared to the device above this one, the Gaming Computer Desktop does not come with a mouse or a keyboard. It does, however, come with Windows 10 Home x64 edition, which is standard for this price range.


Pros: What We Liked

  • – great graphics card that withstands most games at medium to high resolutions
  • – 2 TB HDD with 7200 rpm for fast file processing
  • – 8 GB RAM DDR4, more than enough for gaming and multitasking
  • – great price for the specifications

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • – too simple design that doesn’t inspire gaming capabilities
  • – relatively weak processor
  • – does not come with a mouse and keyboard

Bottom Line:The graphics card alone makes the Cheap Gaming Desktop the best buy. You should be let down by the office design or the rather slow CPU. While gaming, you do not need CPU power as much as you need GPU power. The 8 GB of RAM is more than enough to permit you to multitask and make activities that surpass gaming. All in all, it is a very well built desktop tower that deserves your attention as it caught mine..

Part #2 High-Performance Gaming Desktop under 500 Dollars

Quick Tips: High-Performance Gaming Laptop

If you are inclined to get a high-performance gaming laptop, you need to get more than $500 out of your pocket. In this price range, you will not get much gaming performance from a laptop. A hassle-free gaming laptop starts at 800$ and up. Mind you, $800 is the price point for an entry level high-performance gaming laptop.

Top 1 CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA3120CPG Desktop Gaming PC

About this Best Gaming PC under 500

This CyberPower Pc is a similar model to our first recommendation on this list. It has mostly the same features, the same benefits, and slightly different design. You can satisfy most of your gaming needs on this rig, provided that you do not crank the game’s options to ultra. For approximately $500, you get a decent machine that can play your favorite games at decent resolutions and quality.

Features you might like

As with the first model from CyberPower that I presented, the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA3120A is a beautiful looking desktop tower that comes with a matching mouse and keyboard. It can withstand most applications that you throw at it. However, you have to make some compromises with the more demanding titles.

The PC will be able to run more graphics intensive games, but you have to set their options to medium or even low. The AMD R7 250 2GB graphics card is not from the list of the greatest budget video cards. The products from NVidia seem to be specializing in offering a more significant experience for a better price. The PC’s must not discourage you, however. It has plenty of storage and RAM for you to enjoy all the activities that can be done on a PC.

Pros: What We Liked

  • – comes with a wired mouse and keyboard
  • – slick design that matches between components
  • – plenty of storage
  • – plenty of ports
  • – comes with preinstalled Windows 10 OS

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • – you only have an Ethernet port, no wireless card included
  • – the video card is not the best you can get in this price range
  • – comes with DDR 3 typed RAM instead of DDR 4

Bottom Line:To be completely honest, this machine is worth the money if you simply can’t afford anything else. Sure, the video card is not that great, but it is good enough. You can enjoy most popular titles from the gaming world with this machine, and that makes it worth your money..

Top2  CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA2600A Desktop Gaming PC Under 500

About This Gaming Desktop under 500

The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA2600A Desktop Gaming PC rose my interest from the moment it was out on the market. Its easy assembly, great specifications and included peripherals and OS make it an excellent choice for many users. Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful machine and see what it can give us for the money.

Features You Might Like

The first thing that catches your eye with this system is its completeness. Out of the box you had your desktop tower, a mouse, keyboard and preinstalled OS. It comes with Windows 10, 64-bit architecture, meaning that there will be no compatibility problems when you run the latest software.

It has a daring design. The red elements on the case, keyboard and mouse gives it great looks. All the parts you receive feel as of one part. Even all the ports fall significantly into place. They are not intrusive. With 5 USB 3.0 ports, 3 x USB 2.0,you can add whatever peripherals you might have lying around. Moreover, it will look fantastic on your desk, apart from feeling great in performance.

Because it is a desktop, and a new model as well, future upgrading of parts will give you no hassle. Although it offers excellent performance for its price range, you can sure add better parts in the future. The case is roomy. You will not need to worry about future upgrades not fitting your case, be it a better video card or a stronger Power Source Unit.


Pros: What We Liked

  • -comes with mouse and keyboard
  • –  it does have 5 USB 3.0 ports
  • – comes with Windows 10 OS
  • – has a nice design
  • – great design unified within all components
  • – the case has enough room to install future upgrades

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • – it does not have a wireless adapter
  • – the graphics card could be better
  • – it only comes in black and red

Bottom Line:For the price, the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA2600A is one of the greatest choices you could make for your next desktop PC. Although it does lack a wireless adapter, you can get a USB-based one and solve this problem. However, let’s be honest, you would not want to do your gaming while on a wireless connection. Every gamer knows this golden rule that the lowest ping comes with an Ethernet cable.

Top 3 Skytech Gaming ST-ARCH-GTX1050-2G Archangel Computer Desktop PC Reviews

About this Best Gaming PC under 500

It looks like it is built for speed. The case from the Skytech Gaming ST-ARCH-GTX1050-2G should be nominated for some design awards because it looks incredible. The design is not the only thing that this PC has to offer. Its specifications are worthy of adding it to this list. You sure get a whole lot for the price you are paying for this machine.

Features you might like

Again, the case simply looks terrific. It is one of the gamiest looking gaming PCs from this whole list. It is slim, yet has enough space for a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050. This video card could be valued the same as the whole computer. It can run most modern games at high graphics without a hitch.

In the package, you get a free keyboard and mouse. It saves you money on your overall build. The rest of the componentry is as good as the desktop tower looks. All the components in this pc carefully selected for the most excellent possible gaming experience.

Other aspects that I liked from this unit is the small attention to detail. The Skytech gaming unit comes with a wireless card, USB 3.0 ports and Windows 10 preinstalled. At the same time, everything is put together in the case. All you have to do is connect your mouse, keyboard, and monitor and install your favorite games.


Pros: What We Liked

  • – outstanding design
  • – comes with a keyboard and mouse
  • – comes with Windows 10 Pro edition installed

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • – some reviews report that this PC might freeze after little use

Bottom Line:Although issues might found with some units, this remains a best-buy. The company’s customer service is impressive. If you ever run into problems with your gaming PC, someone will be there to guide you to a solution. The excellent video card and the great design will make you a happy gamer.

Part #3 Best Value Gaming Computer Under 0

Quick Tips: Choose Your Best Value Gaming Laptop

If you do not have high demands in what gaming is concerned, you can get by with a laptop. In the price range of $500, you could get a decent laptop that, for the most part, you could do your work on; At the same time, some light gaming can be achieved, but only if the titles you want to play are not that demanding.

Top1 Dell Inspiron 5675 VR Gaming Desktop PC Reviews

About this Best Gaming Computer under 500

This Dell Inspiron 5675 VR Gaming Desktop comes at the cross between an office and gaming desktop PCs. It has a funky design, suitable AMD components, and good enough peripherals. Being a Dell machine, you can rest assured that the build quality and warranty service is going to be on point with all of their models.

Features you might like

The first thing you notice is this desktop tower design. It seems to be sending the message “business on top, party at the bottom.” It has an office look on the top of the case, while the bottom keeps it more game oriented with blue LEDs and an excellent case pattern.

Dell opted to add the AMD Ryzen series processor into this unit. It is not a bad choice, but not the greatest one either. It will let you play most games on medium to high graphics. It might stutter if you want to multitask while keeping a game open. It is not that big of a deal because, for this price range, all the PCs I selected might do the same.

You get a mouse and keyboard with the package. The peculiarity here is It has more of an office look. The build quality is nice, but the looks do not seem to give that gaming vibe that Cyber Power has in their peripherals.


Pros: What We Liked

  • – comes with a mouse and keyboard
  • – the peripherals are gaming looking
  • – it has an unusual cool looking design
  • – Windows 10 OS preinstalled
  • – wireless card included
  • AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB Graphics

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • – comes only in blue
  • Certified Refurbished machine

Bottom Line:If you want a PC from a well-known brand that works well enough, Dell might be your answer. It might not have the highest specifications, but it sure is reliable for more than gaming. As with most computers, when the need to upgrade will come, you will have a solid base from this model.

Top2 CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Gaming Desktop

About this Best Gaming PC under 500

I chose this desktop PC because of its potential. It might not be the most powerful of this bunch, but it sure is enough for many PC users out there. It has a reasonable price, meaning people on a budget might feel inclined to get this model instead of others offered by the same manufacturer.

Features you might like

The first thing that I noticed when I booted it up was that it came in a blue color. The other two models from this list came in red. If you look for a design change more than a performance upgrade, then this might be your selling point right here.

As with all Cyber Power systems, this desktop comes with a decent mouse and clicky keyboard. They are good enough for most of your gaming needs. It comes pre-built already. You will not have to do much except connect the monitor and peripherals.

The case has enough room for future upgrades. The cable management in the case well put together. If you ever plan on upgrading a part, you will feel grateful that cables do not come in your way.


Pros: What We Liked

  • – nice blue/black design
  • – comes with a mouse and keyboard
  • – it comes prebuilt and preinstalled with Windows 10 Home edition
  • – it has a good price

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • – the video card is not great at all
  • – the mouse and keyboard have red elements, which disrupts the unified look of the system
  • – poor quality fans might give a little too much noise

Bottom Line:While it does not come with the latest and greatest this price range can offer, it sure can be worth your money. The beautiful design, the included peripherals, and the spacy casing make for a nice upgrade project. If under $500 is all you have, for now, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 is a decent choice that will help your game…


About This Best Gaming Desktop under 500

This company has suffered a couple of blows to their reputation in the last couple of months. Like when a potential fire hazard in some of their ThinkPad laptops caused them to recall a load of their products back in February? Just to name an example;

Also, as a brand, you will find the better – quality Lenovo products are often the pricier ones. So really, don’t expect too much from them for your under-$500 budget.

Still, this should not put you off considering one of their PCs for your gaming needs. $500 is a tight budget for gaming PCs in the first place. With a powerful processor and decent memory size, their IdeaCentre Flagship High –  Performance Gaming Desktop might check the right boxes for you. This one even saves you the trouble of finding a keyboard and mouse to match. It ensures all your requirements are catered for.


  • Intel Core I5 – 6400 Quad – Core processor – Capable of handling some of the more sophisticated tasks, the top benefit for your gaming. There are faster processors out there, of course, but not in this price range.
  • 1 TB hard drive – the perfect size for any gamer, hard-core or otherwise. At the price you are paying, you should definitely not accept anything less – this is a steal!


Pros: What We Liked

  • Affordable – cheaper than its competitors and cousins
  • Huge memory – both hard drive and RAM
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Fast and powerful processor
  • USB Keyboard and mouse included – a time AND money saver

Cons: What We Didn't Like

  • Up the top end of the budget – while it may be affordable, you are exhausting your budget completely with the purchase.

Bottom Line:While this PC suits all the needs of any gamer, shop around and check out the competitors. Your time and money with Lenovo might better spend on a slightly higher budget. You can probably find another gaming desktop under $500 that’ll be as suitable (if not more so) courtesy of another brand.However, the 1TB memory is a redeeming feature. There aren’t that many gaming PCs in this price range with that kind of memory size on offer. If you are happy to settle for a product that might not be up to “full standard” but boasts a huge memory, then, by all means, add to your cart now!

Part #4 Best Gaming PC Ultimate Buying Guide-Round Up

Best Tablet For Gaming:Ultimate Buying Guide

Here’s a crazy idea: even touchscreen tablets can be a great gaming device. They will not only run your favorite PC titles (if they equipped with decent part of course). They will also expand your gaming horizons. With various android emulators, you can download your favorite Android apps and play them as you could on your phone. The best part? It is on a bigger screen with a better resolution!

Best Gaming Laptops Under 500:Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are keen on getting a gaming laptop under 500, then prepare to get more than $500 out of your pocket. Even decent gaming laptops do not come cheap, and there’s no way I can; sugar coat that. You should focus mainly on GPU and RAM when looking for such a laptop. Power should not be much of a concern since you will most likely keep it plugged in for most of the time.

Skytech Gaming Desktops:Ultimate Buying Guide

Skytech has systems that rapidly grow in popularity. Amazon reviews are increasing in numbers daily. Many have great things to say about Skytech. They do offer good products for all-around decent prices. Users have reported that some units might be faulty sometimes. It would raise my awareness levels when buying such a unit. However, customer service is on point with this company, so I am not feeling that worried.

Part #5 – Best accessories for Your 0 Gaming Rig


It should go without saying, really – if you are going to do the whole PC Gaming thing properly, you NEED a fully-equipped rig. Both your keyboard and your mouse should be fit for purpose (a full, in-depth list of our recommendations for both of these can be found here and here). Then think about controllers, headsets, and Bluetooth adapters – dependent on what you are playing, of course.

If you are taking it REALLY seriously, you should even consider the size of your mousepad and monitor(s). Moreover, finally, a comfortable gaming chair. A last-minute fidget because you are uncomfortable could become a matter of win or lose.


MOUSE: Razer DeathAdder Chroma

We would also recommend the Razer Mamba mouse, but the DeathAdder Chroma is more fitting in the budget. Flawlessly responsive and comfortable in hand. You should not furnish your rig without one.

KEYBOARD: Rаzеr Orbwеаvеr Chrоmа – Elіtе RGB Mесhаnісаl Swіtсhеѕ Gaming Kеураd

With a setting designed around enhancing and improving your skills and performance within a game, this gaming keyboard is your equivalent to a customized weapon.

HEADSET: Logitech G230 Gaming Headset

Anyone who loves their multiplayer will lost without these. Whether commanding your troops or keeping in touch with your team, the audio is incomparable. There will be no loss of communication.

Part #6- Build Your Gaming PC Under 500 For The Money


So, you have read through all our recommendations and still aren’t sure? Perhaps you think you are better off building it yourself? Well, look no further. Go ahead and give this a read –

It is an ambitious project, especially for under $500, but worth it if you are going to make use of your finished product


  • COMPUTER CASE – Fractal Design Core 1100 series

Two things to consider when choosing a case. First, will it carry the weight of everything inside it? Second, will it be pleasing on the eye? The answer is “yes” to both questions with the Fractal Design Core case.

  • GRAPHICS CARD – AMD RX 560 Graphics Card

Without a doubt, the most important thing you need for a gaming PC. Obviously, on a budget, you cannot expect too much. However, this graphics card is the best you are going to get for a half-decent machine.


The PC Pro version also comes recommended. However, this component is the most likely to burn a hole in your budget. Just to warn you, no motherboard worth buying comes cheap. It is the one we would suggest.

  • PROCESSOR – Intel Pentium G3258

This little gem is going to be a lifesaver regarding your budget – it checks all the right boxes you expect from a good CPU and costs very little.

  • RAM – HyperX 8GB (2x4GB) 2400MHz DDR4

Be careful and shop around a bit before deciding on which RAM hardware to buy. Prices are unpredictable and vary from brand-to-brand.

  • HARD DRIVE – Seagate 1TB Barracuda

Without a doubt the most affordable and efficient hard drive you are going to find in the price range. Do yourself one favor in building this PC and allow yourself that all-important terabyte – don’t skimp on space.

  • POWER SUPPLY – EVGA 450W 80+ Bronze PSU

Finally, you are not going to get far without a power supply. This one from EVGA regarded as one of the more efficient and affordable products out there. Well worth investing in

If I Were You, I Will Choose (Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA882), Here Are the 3 Reasons:

If you are particularly stuck on which gaming PC to acquire, then don’t hesitate to go for Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra GUA882 Gaming Desktop. What it offers far exceeds what you pay for it, and here are three reasons why I’m saying so:

  1. Graphics: Nothing fascinates in gaming more than its sight. If your game is displayed well, then you’re bound to enjoy every moment. Cyberpower PC Ultra GUA882 Gaming Desktop sends your display for the game straight to the top with an NVIDIA 1GB Video Card.
  2. Storage: The PC has an enormous internal storage of 1TB. This space will enable you to store as many games as you would like. You will not have to drop that fantastic game that ranks third in your playlist just because of storage problems.
  3. Screen size: It has got 15.6-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which leaves nothing to the imagination.

Tips Buying Guide Times: How to choose The Best Gaming PC Under 0

It’s not easy to make the right decisions so you may need little help to choose a PC that will best suit you. Don’t worry though; I’ll help to make that choice. Below is a detailed explanation of how to choose the best gaming PC under $500.

10 things every PC gamer should own

Select one with a good processor; the most used PC processors are AMD and Intel. Processors are like the heart of any gaming PC, and therefore always go for a bigger core as the more core a processor has, the better its performance shall be.

Check out for RAM; Games usually require a more extensive RAM in order to allow the processor do well its work. Thus, never avoid to choose a device with a bigger RAM as long as you can afford.

Look on PC’s Heat Design; A times when gaming on your device, many programs may be running at once causing the PC to dissipate heat. It would, therefore, be crucial to check the thermal design power of a PC. Always go for one with a higher design power to minimize heat loss and dissipation.

Having chosen a gaming PC that you like, there some crucial things that every gaming PC must be accompanied by. Before you start enjoying the game, here are ten things every PC gamer should own:

Filling system; some things in life are prone to happen. Such a thing is a calamity that may cause your PC to disappear or cease functioning for good completely. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket to find a replacement. It would be better if you had filed all your receipts and warranties to help whether going for a new PC or replacing some expensive parts.

Mousepad; A mouse is an essential for every gamer. More so, they can decide on whether your gaming experience will be an enjoyable one or horrible. Always go for a sensitive mousepad, and one with a soft surface that will give you comfortable friction while gaming.

Clean room; Nothing is dangerous to a PC machine than a dusty room. Dust slows down the functioning of a PC, and may even go as further as reducing its lifespan. I have personally invested in cleaning machines in my room to keep off the dust from my PC.

Comfortable chair; Comfort is crucial to enjoying that video game you love. A nice chair with a comfortable place to rest your back and arms will be very beneficial to you.

Get a controller; whether while playing GTA or on FIFA17, a controller is a must for me. Nonetheless, not all games will need a game controller. You should have it, though, at your convenience, so that you can get it anytime you need it.

Screwdrivers and some screws; you will need to fix or replace some parts of your PC. All you will ever need to do so is a screwdriver, so ensure you readily have them. Also, have some sets of screws with you just in case you lose a screw while doing some fixing or replacement.

Table; you will need to have a place to hold your monitor or PC probably. Don’t drag that old unused table at home. Instead, get yourself a stylish table that will suit your needs.

Flashlight; At times, the bulbs may not be able to illuminate all the parts of a PC. Some lights may get blocked, and a flashlight will come to rescue at such moments.

Cable ties; getting all those cables tied up will make the surrounding of your PC more organized. Also, the ventilation will spare your PC from all the heat and make it a bit cooler.

Webcam; you will have to let the world know how you are a pro in a certain game. To have all those videos and upload them, you will need to get a webcam.

What Specs Do You Need?

There now lots of gaming PCs out there offering a wide variety of prices. You have to make right choices when picking a PC, and below are some specs I have sampled that you will need to look at before selecting one:

Storage: having a PC with a large storage capacity will enable you to store many games at once. You will not need to upload or download them over and again.

RAM: a PC with a larger RAM can run many programs in one go. So, top priority should go to PCs with bigger RAM, because they will not disperse so much heat while running programs.

Battery life: being with a PC with extensive battery life is better. At times, power may disappear, and you’ll need to have a battery to sustain you during such moments.

Screen Size: a large screen size will significantly improve your concentration in the game, and also make you enjoy every moment. In fact, I pretty much love HDE PCs with large screen sizes.

7 Tips Help You Find the Right Rig

  • Ensure that you read reviews from multiple people and websites. Although a PC may be having good reviews, it can probably contain problems which affect you. So, make sure you read all terrible reviews available to get more insight.
  • Make sure you try the keyboard first before purchasing a PC to see if you are comfortable with it.
  • Get PCs with a higher Intel core like Core i7 which will enable you to enjoy virtual reality games.
  • Look for solid storage forms such as SSD for faster game load times and installations.
  • When you have an old computer or old parts of a computer, don’t toss it because they can become necessary in the future.
  • Watch out when handling IO shields to avoid getting an injury
  • Choose wisely! There are multiple brands offering a variety of specs select the one best suits you.

What You Can Get in The Sub $500 Gaming Computer

With the price slightly lower, you can still find a decent gaming computer with that price. We had previously shown you some of the cool PCs that you can get at this price. Moreover, you can as well decide to build your PC gaming computer under $500. You will need to find a motherboard, graphics card, a processor, case, memory, fan splitter, hard drive and a power supply.

What Else Do You Need to Up Your Game?

To improve your gaming on a PC Computer, some things you’ll have to do are:

*Upgrade graphics drivers to boost your FPS.

*Upgrade your graphics card

*Get an SSD.

*Uninstall old programs.

*Upgrade your PC if all of those methods above does not work.

Gaming Desktop Brand: What’s in a Name?

What is the reputation that desktop companies have made for themselves? Below, we look desktop companies and what they are known for;

*Apple; it is smartly designed and offers one of the best gaming experience. That is why its price is always higher.

*Dell; dell computers offer one of the best price flexibility in the market. You will probably get a Dell device for a price suitable to you. Another good thing about Dell is that it can easily repair so you won’t worry about any losses when your computer crashes down.

*ASUS; It is one of the slimmest computers in the market and highly responsive. It is one of the best computers that is being made today.

*Lenovo; Lenovo computers offers light, thin, strong and durable computers all in one package. There are problems with its customer support though.


We have carefully covered almost all of the aspects of gaming pc under 500 dollars. This would have helped you to get an insight into the different gaming PCs that are available under $500. These gaming PCs will help you to have a great gaming experience to relax your mood along with doing your daily routine work like browsing your office file without any difficulty. I hope you’ve had a nice learning experience, and that you will apply all that knowledge to enjoy your gaming experience. Most importantly, ensure that you apply aspects that are well with you and your way of doing things.

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