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10 Best Herman Miller Aeron Chair[For Gaming,PC,Office]2019

Conventionally, chronic neck and back pain was reduced by taking as many periodical breaks as possible from sitting and moving around. However, this does not guarantee stress-free sitting. You require a relaxing and soothing chair whether you spend countless hours on the desk bent over paperwork or in front of a monitor, or you are one of those hardcore gamers who enjoy spending long hours glued on their screens.  The workload before you should be enough reason to worry; it’s, therefore, wiser and more decent to make use of the well-made Herman Miller Aeron chairs to avoid the harm impacted on the human back by long sitting sessions.

Herman Miller has earned its reputation over time and become a status symbol in the corporate world.  Their products are praised for making you and the people around you feel what you are doing is important even when it’s not. Herman Miller Aeron chairs are the very pinnacle of comfort meets class as far as long sitting sessions go.

10 Reasons to buy an Aeron Chair

·         Comfort

Most of today’s professions demand that workers stay seated for up to 10 hours during work time. Being stuck in an office chair for too long can, however, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and worsen back pain. It is therefore vital to get yourself a comfortable and supportive seat in Aeron chairs. There are well built, durable and ergonomic for comfort.

·         Support

Aeron chairs are the ultimate in supporting the back, lumbar and shoulder, they feature ergonomic designs that enable them the support needed. This eliminates back pain, back strain and muscle soreness in the lower back and shoulder. This ensures that you get to sit for long hours without feeling the impact.

·         Appearance

The level of artistry applied in making Aeron chairs makes them a stand out in any setting. They feature modern designs, stylish curves and elegant lines that add a sense of style to any office or game room.

·         Environmental conservation

Herman Miller has been applauded for Design for the Environment protocol, the company targets 100% sustainability by 2020. This plan began way back and until now, about 94% of the parts used for the Aeron chair are recyclable. MBDC has tested and ascertained that the parts are safe for the environment. The pieces have also been GREENGUARD certified as clean and sustainable.

·         Warranty

You have certainly no reason to doubt the good job Herman Miller have done in their products as they always back them with a 12-year warranty. This gives more confidence to the buyer and ensures that all faults from the manufacturer and damages during shipment are taken care of.

·         The value

For all this level of quality and craftsmanship, these chairs are truly worth the much they cost. After all, how much do you think you could spend on performing surgeries if your back and neck are affected by poor sitting postures? The 12-year warranty is a plus and the aesthetics in Aeron chair are irresistible. They are truly worth every penny they cost.

·         The Posture Fit feature

This is another of the timeless innovation Herman Miller opted to feature on the Aeron chairs. The makers try to completely do away with bad posture with this feature, you can sit anyhow you wish to but the chair still mimics your body shape and provide adequate support. It may not have been present in earlier models but this feature is surely a worthy addition to the good design that Aeron chairs boast of.

·         Cultural Significance

Hollywood and TV series producers all swear by these adorable pieces of furniture. In the NBC sitcoms production, 30 Rock, an Aeron seat is recognizable in Dr. House’s office. On The Simpsons, Claudia Cregg on God himself is seen sitting on an Aeron chair in The West Wing. Other pronounced appearances that this chair features are in productions like Casino Royale, NBC’s The Office among others. So by owning one of these chairs, you get to enjoy what your movie stars use and get to be part of the cultural movement.

·         Smart Furniture and Herman Miller

Herman Miller is simply the best in this niche. By giving thought their excellent quality and artistry, their environmental consciousness, warranty and diverse products to suit different demands, you realize just how great and unsurpassed this company has become. You will definitely love the choice you are free to take, you get to decide whether to go for fixed or fully adjustable arms or you could still go for armless options. There are seats with Posture Fit lumbar support, different types of bases and casters too, it upon you to decide. This makes it easier for you when you finally get serious and decide to get yourself a decent Aeron seat.

Best Aeron Chairs I picked in 2019

  • Herman Miller the Aeron Chair Size B, Graphite.
  • Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Chair, Size-B.
  • Headrest for Herman Miller the Aeron Chair Classic Edition.
  • Herman Miller the Embody Chair.
  • Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair, Size-B.
  • Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj to Lumbar Pad)
  • Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj to Posture Fit Support
  • Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj to Lumbar Pad – Fully Adj Vinyl Arms)
  • Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj to Posture Fit Support – Fully Adj Vinyl Arms )
  • Herman Miller the Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair ( The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj – Posture Fit Support)

How I picked the Top 10 Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The quality and performance vary and that is why you need us to guide you when choosing the appropriate Aeron chair. We have checked a lot of aspects and these chairs fulfill a lot of them. That follows are some consideration I took to avoid falling prey to substandard and pretentious Aeron chairs out there.

·         Comfort

People are different, what feels fantastic to you may not be another’s favorite. It is crucial to give thought to the necessities of someone’s back before going ahead to purchase any type of seating arrangements. Your body ought to be constantly in perfect balance if you aim to stay relaxed and completely focused on what you are doing. This enhances blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout your body including the nervous system and refines your thinking. You get to increase your creativity and heighten your speed when tackling extra work pressure.

Aeron chairs with foam cushioning tend to be more comfortable but are prone to heavy perspiration when used in hot conditions. The seat pan, the space provided for the user to fit in should be large enough to accommodate the user.

·         Budget

A high price tag is not a replication of the quality of the product. Look beyond the price and focus on the features and quality of the Aeron chair as well as the quality of materials.

·         Ease of use

The options we have looked at are easy to install upon arrival and some feature manuals for detailed instructions on the procedure of setting up. This will save you a lot of time and effort and you won’t require assistance.

·         Quality

I found it of the essence to consider the quality of material used to manufacture the Aeron chair before settling for one. High-quality materials hold up for longer periods of use and offer more stability. We prefer for materials that are breathable for added comfort and easy to clean.

Top 10 picks Review: Herman Miller Aeron Chair Reviews

The market is full of different types of Aeron chairs, this makes it overwhelming for first timers and the experienced alike to select the best from the many rests. After searching high and low, we provided you with a guide that will help when selecting the ideal Aeron chair from the countless multitude of choices. In this detailed guide, we chose the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size B, Graphite as the closest to perfection. It delivers well and surpasses the users’ expectations.

Top1: Headrest for Herman Miller the Aeron Chair Classic Edition Reviews

Headrest for Herman Miller the Aeron Chair Classic EditionYour exceptional personality deserves a befitting and equally splendid Aeron seat that will add luxury to functionality. This seat will take your comfort to a whole new level. There is no doubt that this is the best seat you can buy to add a lot more comfort to your working or gaming experience. If you’re not working on a tight budget, why not get the very best.

About This Aeron Chair

·         Adjustability

This unit has eight levels of tension to choose from depending on your preference. The seat boasts a modern tilt mechanism that limits the forward angle and lets you control the movement through a wide range of recline angles. The armrest is also adjustable, this ensures your arms are straight in front of you and not tilted preventing RSI (repetitive strain injury).

·         Breathability

This Aeron chair is fully breathable making it fit for hot weather. It is built of breathable mesh that eases any heat buildup in your back area eliminating sweaty spots and offering more comfort.

·         Cost

This Aeron chair is not cheap at all, but quality products in this market seldom are. It is incomparable to the cheap options that will kill you slowly.

·         Comfort and support

The Aeron chair has a plush and cozy surface that is comfortable and breezy to sit on all day. The back curves and flexes offering sufficient support to the user.

Size Analysis

The Aeron Chair Size B is sized to fit you perfectly; the company recommends this seat for heights between 5’3”-6’6” for maximum comfort.

This sturdy unit has been beautifully engineered to accommodate weights of up to 300 pounds.

Features You Might Like

Warranty: Herman Miller is known to stand by their products and this one is no different, it is backed by 12 years, 3-shift warranty.

Pre-Assembly: This Aeron chair comes fully assembled on shipment to save you the hassle of assembly. You can use it right away on arrival.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

An unsuitable chair isn’t just uncomfortable but can as well actively compromise your health by encouraging poor posture. This is for you if you are one of them who spend hours at their desk or screen sitting in a fixed position putting their health at risk. It is time to toss away the unsuitable and uncomfortable chair that encourages poor posture and could damage your health.

Top 2: Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Chair, Size- B

Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Chair, Size- BMost people will opt to drop a hefty amount on a sofa but will want to spend only a fraction of that on an Aeron chair. This is regardless of the fact that they spend more time on their working desks than they do in their living room. At a modest price, this Aeron chair will support your back and alleviate lower back pain that occurs after a long day of seating and enable you to focus more on your work. It is your best bet on matters convenience, versatility, and comfort for long periods.

Features you might like

  • Breathability: This adorable seat is made purely of mesh so you won’t be dealing with impossible-to-maintain upholstery. The breathable mesh allows free circulation of air making it ideal for hot conditions and easy to clean.
  • Support: You get adequate lumbar support when using this seat making it an ideal solution for lower back pain and elevating your focus.
  • Adjustment: This unit lets you choose the level of tension. The height of the arm is also adjustable to satisfy different demands on the market. All these exemplary adjustment capabilities are aimed at taking the strain out of your body parts and ensure optimal levels of comfort while seated.
  • Ergonomics: This seat is creatively crafted with an ergonomic yet attractive shape so that you can not only feel good about how your chair looks but how it functions too. The body has no straight lines and neither does this seat, the S shapes will conform to your body shape and offer a tight and comfortable fit.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Whether are an avid gamer, a full-time or part-time worker it is crucial for you to have such a chair which provides constant support and care. You will enjoy your hours at your desk and stay free from health problems.

Top 3: Headrest for Herman Miller the Aeron Chair Classic Edition

Headrest for Herman Miller the Aeron Chair ClassicSpend your money where you spend your time, this chair is the best of breed for health saving and comfort-enhancing features. It’s been built to marry shape of the skeleton structure of your back and is considerably adjustable. The manufacturer chooses to use a top quality material to not only keep you comfortable and cool all day long but also ensure that the chair gives you long-term benefits. The price is quite reasonable and affordable to all walks of life. It is a decent alternative at a moderate cost.

Features you might like

·         Fully adjustable

You are free to choose you preferable height level from the three levels available to match your height. The company recommends the H4 for users taller than 5’11”.  The headrest is adjustable by both height and angle and locks into position meaning you get proper neck support when you are upright or reclining on the chair. Three tilt/forward positions are available to ensure your back is always supported and your comfort is customizable. The armrest can also be adjusted to lift your arms slightly at the shoulders. This prevents strain on your upper spine and shoulders so there will be no slouch.

·         Comfort

How thoughtful of the company to incorporate an ergonomic shape that takes the shape of your body to maximize the level of comfort. The breathable fabric used also adds to its comfort, your body gets well aerated eliminating sweaty spots on your back that lead to discomfort.

·         Warranty

Buyers get to enjoy a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In the rare chance that this is not what you expected, the company fully refunds your money upon returning the chair.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If you are conscious of your health, you ought to ensure a perfect prestigious seating position. Grab your piece today and muscle complications and chronic back pains will be things of the past.

Top 4: Herman Miller the Embody Chair

Herman Miller the Embody ChairTo make spending eight hours or more in your office or game room something you look forward to, you need such a chair. It makes up in quality and functionality where it lacks in affordability. This unit is designed for long-lived benefits and unmatched efficiency and productivity making working or watching a comfortable adventure. The makers ensured that the chair can be customized to suit the preferences of different users and fit in a variety of workspaces. This Aeron chair is sure to consistently support you even as you assume different positions throughout the workday or gaming sessions.

Features you might like

·         Comfort

The backrest uses a heat-absorbing dynamic matrix of pixels that takes the shape of the users back giving a cool and cozy feel.

·         Aesthetics

This chair is designed with looks in consideration, it has a sleek and stylish design that will certainly add to any office or gaming room décor. The outer layer is a polyester textile that maintains its shine for ages.

·         Adjustability

This unit has a feature that allows you to choose the tilt level to your advantage, you get to select your preferred seat depth and adjust the arm to a level that is appropriate with the task you are handling.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Herman Miller specifically built this chair with the modern design and in accordance with the body making it the most comfortable option money can buy. You get to relax and rejuvenate in this executive chair giving you experience words cannot define.

Top 5: Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Chair, Size -B

Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Chair, Size -BAs one of that most creative and reliable manufacturers, Herman Miller boasts immense experience that it brings into this Aeron chair. The unit combines innovation and quality to offer the benefits of a comfortable and supportive seat capable of getting you through your long work day. Get this seat today and be sure to realize the difference in the first encounter. It is a worthy addition to any temporary spaces, conference rooms, offices and computer desks. You get full support whether you want to lean back to think, read a memo or slouch to type your report.

Features you might like

·        Capacity

This unit can withstand between 150 to 230 lbs and limits its use to people of between 5’5” and 6’2” height

·        Adjustment

The Aeron chair employs Kinemat tilt mechanism to ensure that the chair sways in conformity with your body. To achieve a natural recline motion, there is a pivot point that ensures the chair is in line with part of your body.

·         Flexibility

The suspension textile is a uniquely flexible and breathable backrest that enhances comfort by allowing air to circulate freely.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This Aeron seat boasts a professional and sleek design which enhances the ambiance and look of the office and also gives you a relaxed seating posture though you are checking emails, skimming through paperwork or playing your favorite video game.

Top 6: Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj, Lumbar Pad, Fully Adj Vinyl)

Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj, Lumbar Pad, Fully Adj Vinyl)What better way to feel like a boss in your domain and revolutionize your office than with this well-constructed chair? Apart from standing out in any setting as a symbol of success, this unit will ensure a soothing and relaxing sitting experience. It closely accommodates your body and moves with you throughout the day giving a sense of relief. So matter how late you work, this piece is perfect for ensuring sitting you are as comfortable as can be.

Features you might like

·         Comfort

This chair is ergonomic for comfort and works well at counteracting neck and lower back pain helping you stay comfortable while productive. The ‘waterfall’ design on the front edge relieves your thighs off some pressure and does wonders enhancing blood circulation which in return enhances concentration.

·         Breathability

The pellicle pervious mesh used lets air in to cool the heat released by your body leaving you cool and comfortable.

·         Adjustability

You can adjust the unit to allow the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles achieve a comfortable angle and attain firm support.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This is another of the smash hit items in this corner and it is very easy to fall in love with the elegant design of this amazing Aeron seat. Although an Aeron chair is considered a purely functional item, today’s endless styles have been incorporated to add significantly to the room’s decor.

Top 7: Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj, Posture Fit Support, Fully Adj Vinyl)

Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angle Adj, Posture Fit Support, Fully Adj Vinyl)If you are the type who spends most of your working day seated, then this well-built Aeron chair should be a necessity rather than a luxury addition. It features a health-positive design and has managed to balance between stylization and high performance for all the good reasons. It offers ample support and maximizes productivity while doing away with any stress while working on your paperwork or interacting with any type of device.  It is firm and soft and will hold up to everyday use embracing your body warmly no matter how you feel on that particular day.

Features you might like

·         Adjustability

Like other top-notch products in its class, this Aeron chair lets you set various adjustable parts to provide full support to the neck, shoulders, legs, and arms.

·         Aeration

The pellicle suspension distributes the body heat on your back eliminating any chances of heat buildup and providing the necessary comfort for long seating sessions.

·         Stability

The Aeron chair is fit for individuals who are 5’3” to 6’6” tall and not exceeding 300 lbs. in weight. This unit boasts sturdy wheels the can handle any type of surface you throw them on.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

Usefulness meets style with this Aeron chair that is simply a hit in this specialty. It is designed to accommodate a variety of natural body shapes and sizes while giving utmost support and comfort to the back and neck.

Top 8: Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj, Lumbar Pad, Fully Adj Vinyl)

Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj, Lumbar Pad, Fully Adj Vinyl)If you are on a quest for an Aeron chair that will support healthy circulation and make sitting for hours a lot easier on the back and spine, then here you go. It is the ideal option for a workplace in motion and lets you move smoothly to various positions while maintaining the correct posture. You can be confident that you are buying a comfortable and reliable revolutionary chair that will support you while you slave away in front of a keyboard, screen or paperwork day in day out.

Features you might like

·         Breathable mesh

The mesh back ensures your body is kept cool and avoids a sweaty back during long hours of work.

·         Adjustable parts

By simply tilting the corresponding supportive parts of that chair, you get to achieve the position of the neck, shoulders, and limbs to a position that works best for you. The parts are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

·         Comfort

You will be impressed at how the ergonomically shaped outline holds tightly to the shape of your body for support and comfort. The ‘waterfall’ construction of the front edge ensures your thighs remain comfortable.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

This is Aeron chair will take the strains out of your every day long hours of sitting. It is another decent design that will not just keep you comfortable but as well add style to your office.

Top 9: Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj, Posture Fit Support – Fully Adj Vinyl Arms)

Herman Miller the Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj, Posture Fit Support - Fully Adj Vinyl Arms)If you’re genuine about spending some money on an Aeron chair, you should certainly check out this outstanding piece out. I give it a nod for plenty of adjustabilities and fine-tuned comfort. It is created with health in mind and adjusts automatically to fit your body shape and mimic the natural movement of your spine and neck. It moves with your body like no other chair does and is adjustable to suit the preferences of the person sitting in. 

Features you might like

·         The parts are adjustable

By simply tilting the parts, you get to pivot the neck, shoulder and lower limbs. The height, tension, and armrest can all be adjusted to suit your needs and increase efficiency while working.

·         Breathable fabric

The pellicle suspension offloads the heat that piles on your back when working ensuring a cool and comfortable environment.

·         The parts are eco-friendly

Most of the materials used can be recycled making the chair friendly to the environment.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

We all tend to be inclined to Aeron chairs that are simple, stylish, functional and built to last a lifetime. For an Aeron chair that will leave your back and neck feeling relieved, we couldn’t find anything better.

Top 10: Herman Miller the Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angles Adj to Posture Fit Support)

Herman Miller the Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair (The tilt Limiter W/Seat Angles Adj to Posture Fit Support)The high level of comfort justifies the price you are required to pay for this Aeron seat. The look and feel are of high-end brands and the chair will bring bliss to your back and buttocks while promoting core strength and a desirable posture.  The shape is ergonomic to give a perfect combination of support and looks while the construction is sturdy and durable meaning this unit will last a lifetime. Its ability to adjust to your preferences lets you sit back and recline while concentrating on the ton of work in front without worrying about hurting your back.

Features you might like

  • It is adjustable: this seat uses Kinetic tilt mechanism to pivot the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles.
  • It is breathable: the pellicle suspension is quick to dissipate any built up heat and leave you feeling cool and comfortable.
  • Recyclable parts: most parts of this unit can be recycled to prevent pollution and keeping the environment clean and safe.

Cons & Pros:Know About This Herman Miller Aeron Chair

What We Did Not Like
What We Liked

Why It is a Top Pick

If the attractive shape of this seat got you here, be comforted for it serves just right. Makers of this shower seat kept in mind all the important features an Aeron seat should include.  This piece compares favorably well to the competition for its sturdiness, space-saving, and the ergonomic design.

If I Were You, I Will Choose The Herman Miller the Aeron Chair Size -B, Graphite. Here Are the 3 Reasons

Taking into consideration all the options I have reviewed, I find the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size B, Graphite the most suitable and I would recommend it to buyers looking for a new model or those want to have an upgrade. It has the following lovable features that you won’t find in ordinary Aeron seats:

Adjustability: Like its siblings, this unit allows you to adjust the headrest, armrest, height, and tension to ensure that you get the best in terms of comfort and convenience.

Ample weight capacity: Do not be deceived by the compact size of this capable seat, it can hold up to 300 lbs. and a height of 6’6” meaning all body sizes are covered. The company offers three different sizes to cater for the different demands on the market.

It is easy to use: Setting up and using this unit is simple and straightforward for all and requires zero assistance. Please also be noted that it very simple to clean and that you are really missing out on comfort without this chair. The stool cost you a few extra bucks but will make a great difference in ensuring healthier sitting.

Warranty: buyers are accustomed to the Herman Miller 12 year, the 3-shift warranty that ensures any faults in workmanship or during shipment are replaced.

Tips Buying Guide Times: How to choose Aeron Chair

When you go shopping for an Aeron, it is advisable to pay attention to a number of factors if you are genuine about keeping your neck and back aligned all day long. This will ensure that you don’t suffer in silence when there is an option that can make your sitting more comfortable and secure. Carefully choose a model that is compatible with your needs and demands to get the most out of your Aeron chair.

5 Things to Be Considered

Chair size

The market provides for different sizes of Aeron chairs for the diverse sizes of buyers out there. It is crucial to compare the dimensions of the chair to the measurements of the user to ensure that it offers the right fit for added comfort. Most manufacturers indicate the size underneath the seat using dots.

Budget and Price

Most Aeron chairs are highly priced compared to a conventional office chair. It is therefore important to look out for a model that is affordable to you and offers the best value for your buck.


Ensure the model you have in mind offers all the necessary functional design features like the desired lumbar support. This will ensure that your lower back is fully supported during long periods of sitting making you more comfortable.


When buying an Aeron chair, ensure the model you settle for can be easily manipulated to accommodate almost any seating style or position. This means more comfort and convenience. Depending on your intended use, you may want to look out for customizable features like Posture Fit, armrests, the lumbar support pad, chrome base and floor casters for hardwood floors. These may come at an extra cost but are well worth the investment.


Herman Miller is fair to offer buyers a 12-year warranty with all the default errors in workmanship. Ensure you purchase your Aeron chair from a reputable dealer and be careful not to tamper with the 5” by 5” sticker that has the factory order number and the Born-ON-Date. This number is required to access the provided warranty.

Three Sizes of Aeron® Explained

There are three chair sizes:

Size A – There are not very easy to find is the smallest sized Aeron chairs. They are the ideal choice for those with a short stature. It is recommended for users not exceeding 5’4” and 130 lbs.  It is indicated by 1 dot.

Size B – It is medium sizes with a bottom that is cut off short for most users; it is perfect for medium sized people and is able to accommodate a wide range of body heights making it the most popular size on the market. You know the seat is Size B if you can feel 2 dots underneath.

Size C – this is the largest size you can buy, tall buyers can choose to have them cut-off under the thigh area for more support and blood circulation. It is a wise selection for tall people who are 6’3″ and weigh 180 pounds. 3 dots indicate that the Aeron chair is size C

The Aeron® Size Selection Chart

Further Reading Time

If you regularly spend long hours on your computer in your office or playing games in your free time, give an Aeron chair a shot. The right ergonomic chair will help correct poor posture while supporting spine health. Not only does it offer support for the spine but also most importantly, provides an adjustable height and tilt that prevents craning your neck to see a computer screen. We are hopeful that this guide has fed you with the essential information on the consideration you should make when buying them. The listed are easily some of the best available in the market so keep an open mind, make sure you shop for what’s right for you, and you’ll do just fine!

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Let’s face it, regardless of how short our sitting sessions may be; it is crucial that we maintain proper posture for improved health. Don’t look elsewhere, just pick one of the above Aeron seats above and you will never regret the decision. They are ergonomically sound and aesthetically excellent making them perfect for anyone who has to spend hours seated on the desk.

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