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PC vs Console Gaming: Know The Difference(2019 Updated)

pc vs console gaming

PCs have an operating system that enables them to run gaming programs effectively. There exist three operating systems of our time; the Windows, MacOS and Linux. Among the three operating systems, Windows operating system stands out to be the most popular choice for most gamers. This is because it offers a wide range of gaming programs on PC compared to MacOS and Linux which have a narrow selection of gaming products available in the market.

On the other hand, consoles have equally flooded the market in the recent past due to the rising demand by gamers. They are available in an enormous range of arrays to choose from. Currently, the prevailing consoles include Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Other products offered include; Nintendo’s Switch and Handheld 3D’s, Wii and DS.

6 PK Round: PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

In the recent past, gaming was only restricted to PCs especially if you needed to play a game on the internet. Most consoles were unpopular at this time since they did not have internet platform capabilities. With the innovation of the Sega Dreamcast in the market, the stage was set for the mushrooming of other consoles. Moreover, there was a rise in the competition for gamers with PC manufacturers. Eventually, Dreamcast was wiped out of the market. In 2002, Sony addressed the issues of gaming on the internet platforms with zeal. It attracted a large number of customers across the planet. Some of the products they offered include the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Game Selection

You play to win games against a competitive opponent. To increase your chances you need to play a game that you are well accustomed to. You should beware of almost all the tricks your opponent may use to beat you so that you may know how to counter such a challenge. It’s more obvious that you will prefer settling at a game that your opponent is more likely to make mistakes than you or at the same level as you.

There is only one way to find out your favourite game; playing as many games as possible. After exposing yourself to a wide pool of choice you will realize the one that works for you. It will be easy to understand and straightforward for you. You will get to know about the graphics of the game and if possible modifications may be introduced to it in the near future. In addition, you will learn about the input methods and how well you find them useful to you in achieving the gaming missions.

One major factor you should put into consideration is your budget for a game. You should strive to live within your means. A good selection for you will be pocket-friendly such that once you purchase it you should be able to settle your basic needs bills without any strain. Prefer a game whose manufacturers offer a money back guarantees in case they do not meet your expectations. 

The platform of your game selection is also key. You may choose to visit a gaming store and get yourself the best available offers for you. Alternatively, you may seek the internet platform and make an online purchase. Its been proven that the online platform has a wide range of gaming products compared to the store shops. Moreover, the price difference between these two platforms is interestingly marginal. The online platform is relatively cheaper than the gaming stores.


The word graphics means the art of drawing as applied in mathematics and science. Computer graphics refer to the pictorial output that is produced on a display screen, plotter or printer. The history of graphics stems in the ages when man painted in the caves. Most of this recordings depicted seasons and the culture of people. Over time, men started recording on stone tablets and ceramic cylinder seals.

Nowadays gaming stores offer advanced photographs, drawings, diagrams, images and symbols in gaming machines. These graphics have incorporated text, illustrations and colour.


Some machines are equipped with the capability of hosting more than one player on the same platform. In most cases, two players sit side by side and engage themselves in winning tactics by pressing different inputting commands. You will have the opportunity of chatting with your opponent as you play. This will help the both of you to push through monotony and boredom in your quarters. 

Moreover, most PC gamers and consoles offer you a virtual opponent who is in most cases a worthy competitor for you. To further customize its functionalities for you, you are able to set the levels of the gaming virtual opponent embedded in the computer program to match your skills and reaction speed.

Most products today offer you the chance of connecting with players across the globe without paying. More platforms have been created for accommodating multiplayer games on the internet. Therefore, you have the opportunity of an unlimited number of gamers anytime you wish to engage with worthy competitors. The profile of each competitor is clearly set out before you. If you are one of the people who like playing with peers all you need is to check their profiles. This is because you will have the opportunity to agree on the background graphics with your competitor; a younger competitor is most likely to incorporate animations and shouting colours.

Tech Literacy

The use of technology in our daily life has become an integral part of our daily lives. Pupils and students are being brought up in an environment that upholds the way of technological advancements and innovations. These individuals find it easy to fit in the modern day society than any other member of the society.

To understand technology literacy you should, first of all, make sense of it and beware of its potential and diversity. Technology literacy refers to the ability of one to precisely identify and use a technology appropriately. Anyone who attains technology literacy is usually able to perform the following functions; solving emerging problems, communicating with one another effectively, observing and analyzing data obtained from technological points of view and developing relevant and suitable skills that are able to achieve the best interests of humanity. 

Some of the skills that are widely advocated for in the realization of technological literacy include; creativity and innovation, communications and collaboration, research and fluency, digital citizenship and technology operations and concepts.

Technology comes along with benefits to its users. It has the capability of boosting your judgment to a great extent especially at arriving at more precise ones. You get a wide range of information about the current status of your life and its possible outcome. At last, your health decisions become more precise and your life expectancy widens beyond your expectations. It’s very important that you come to terms with the nature of data. Not all the data you get will draw you to the most accurate information you want at the hour of your need. Therefore, you need to take a keen interest in the accuracy and reliability of the information upon which you base your decisions. Thanks to the available learning institutions, leaning has bridged the gap between experienced technologists practitioners and armatures by way of documenting of proven information.

In most developed countries like the United States of America, almost all the prevailing jobs have deep roots in the use of communication models present in the economy. Almost half of these populations of people use the internet as a major source of income generation to households. However, a small fraction of this American people did not engage in internet platforms n the fulfilment of the daily hustle in the competitive world of markets, stores and streets.

Note that, you may know how a technology works and even more, the factors that make it perform optimally. This is not sufficient enough. You are required to beware of the design principle involved in its variation and how it satisfies a customer’s needs. By becoming interactive members of digesting how these systems work. You will be well equipped to handle any situation that may most likely require repair and recreation.

Other Uses

It has been scientifically proven that a gaming surgeon produces more precise incisions than their counterparts who do not play such games. Data indicates that their laparoscopy is at least 32% more accurate.

Gaming helps you improve more on your intensity of focusing on a subject matter. This is because it has a continuously changing background that calls for keenness and quick reaction.

It’s emerging that your vision may be boosted by much playing on PC and consoles. You will start distinguishing different varieties of grey with continued using of TVs.

 Some of these games have the capability of inspiring leadership in you instantly. You will realize that some tasks require you to take care of others in the fulfilment of your moral and legal duties in the game. Eventually, these virtues become instilled in you.

Many games are informative since they are based on historical events that are usually of heroic nature. You will find yourself playing the hero’s character. In doing so, one clearly understands the setting and informed decision that had to be taken in the historical moments for the good of the community.


In the early days of PC technology, PC gaming was an expensive venture. Very few households could afford it. As a result, consoles became the preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts who did not tire to find other suitable alternatives. As time flew by, the cost of an average PC constantly declined whereas the price of consoles skyrocketed. This led to a paradigm shift. Nowadays, PC gaming has become the ideal choice for gaming enthusiast compared to consoles.

Consoles producers have been busy designing gadgets that incorporate every media instrument to your disadvantage. This is because; the ultimate price of producing a single console has increased forcing them to raise its buying price so that they can stay in business if not breaking even. Ben Thomason once wrote, “incumbents are driven by their best customers to add more and more features that drive up the price, causing the incumbents’ product to move further and further away from the average customer’s needs”

Console’s hardware is affordable compared to PC hardware. The elephant in the room is the price you get but a game. It’s more of a hidden cost that you may not clearly see while purchasing your preferred choice. It’s worth noting that it’s more expensive to buy individual games for consoles whether it’s on the online platforms or the internet platforms.Its, therefore, more economical for you to get a PC gamer upfront and get to play as many games as you may wish at a cheaper price thereafter.

In the year ending 2017 statistics about the performance of  PC gaming and consoles were critically analysed in a bid to settle the argument of pricing between the two models. You should take heed of the fact that by the end of the day you will make a choice based on value for your money and not the performance of the products in the market. PCs generated a $ 32.3 billion which translates to a total of 28% of the total game market. On the other hand, consoles generated a total of 29% of the same measure. The competition for the individual purchases was clearly stiff. 

Brief summary

The console industry is first catching up with the PC industry. The PC seems to have outsmarted the consoles due to one major factor; it has multiple uses like bookkeeping, internet browsing among others. Consoles are majorly dedicated to playing games alone and have another meaningful job to do.

In the near future, consoles will become more expensive than PC gamers if the trends in the prices are anything to go by. The steady decline and rise of the price of the PC gamers and consoles respectively speak volumes. The ‘ahaa’ moment for the PC manufacturers will be when the price of the PC becomes equal to that of the consoles. Due to its multiple uses, the PC will sell more.

PC vs Console: 12 reasons why gaming on a PC is better than game consoles

1.    Look

All you need is one look. The output of these two machines provides a basis for settling this controversial matter once and for all. The hardware of PC provides a better display than that of a console. Its graphics are outstanding and there is no doubt about it.

2.   Steam game platform

Unlike a console, a PC can make use of the steam game platform. From this avenue, you may flip through the internet and launch your favourite game without having to go to the stores. This has been made possible by the online sales of your desired games. In addition, there exist hilarious discounts of an older game than any other offered by console stores.

3.   Upgradation

You may also upgrade your gaming PC parts to meet the new requirements of a new game whereas a console’s parts become outdated very quickly and may need you to buy a new one. A PC is, therefore, cheaper in the long run.

4.   Variety

Pc gamers have a wide variety of games than consoles. You don’t have to worry about the monotony of playing a few games on your cosy couch. From time immemorial, games are first made and launched in PCs before later on being enrolled in a console. PC gamers set the pace for consoles. 

5.   Room for improvement

Builds of PC are made to fit with any generation that may be in the market. This has made it easy to upgrade your graphics. This, however, is not the case for the consoles. It has no room for improvement.

6.   Breaking the monotony

It’s possible for you to play multiple programs on the gaming PC, unlike the console machines. You have the option of breaking the monotony of one game at will with a PC. 

7.   Broad Functionality

It’s obvious that a PC will enable you to keep book records and browse the internet for information at any time. Its functionality is not restricted to gaming alone as compared to consoles.

8.  Additional input methods

PC gamers have additional input methods that are not present consoles. They include mouse and keyboard instruments. They let you issue multiple and more precise commands to achieve the missions of every game you chose to enjoy playing.

9.   Storage Space

The storage space offered by PC gamers is extremely big compared to that offered by consoles. With consoles, you may only accommodate a game that is able to be stored on a DVD. On the other hand, a PC gamer contains a hard drive that may accumulate enormous gaming programs in one go.

10. Upgrading to latest Versions

A PC gamer gives you the advantage of upgrading to the emerging modification of a game. By downloading this ‘mods’ you are able to keep in touch with the latest versions of gaming adjustments and improved graphics. This feature is impossible with a console.

11.     No Clash with TV viewers

PC helps you keep the peace at home, especially if you live a TV junky. You will continue gaming on your PC without interfering with regular programs on the TV. This is impossible with Consoles since they are designed to be used on TV screens or monitors.

12.    Customization Option

With a PC gamer, you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of its parts (RAM, Processor, motherboard or storage) in the market to be functionally suitable for your preferred game. However, consoles come in one piece and are therefore not eligible for assembling different pieces.

Brief summary

The battle of PC and consoles has brought up heated debates from their lovers. The PC gamers are lauded for their quality graphics and capability of being upgraded. On the other hand, consoles boast of their control input methods. Its enthusiasts boast of instinct manoeuvres in the game which allows them to more effective on the gaming platform.

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PC and consoles are modern day equipment that has set the stage for more intelligent games. PC gaming involves the installation of a gaming software on the computer before launching it and enjoying the game which is displayed on the monitor. On the other hand, consoles are fully assembled at the production stage and are connected to TV screen before one can partake in the game.


It’s clear that PC gaming is a healthy business and is not going to run out of the competitive market anytime soon. However, console developers are strictly geared to this challenge and are upgrading their hardware and software day in day out. This has left the video gaming industry a vibrant one for any investors willing to dig more into its improvement.

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