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X Rocker Gaming Chairs:10 Hand-Picked X Rocker Chair(2019)

x rocker gaming chair

Gaming chairs are a great way to enjoy those long gaming hours. X rocker gaming chairs are the best in the business. Gaming with all its excitement requires one to be comfortable while playing and this is what the best x rocker gaming chairs offer. They provide an immersive sound experience into the gaming through their inclusion of features such as speakers in headrests for a real surround experience. The gaming consoles can quickly connect with the chair to send out other signals occurring during the gaming period such as vibrations allowing the gamer not only to see what is happening in the game but also feel it.

X Rocker Gaming Chair: Brand reading

In this day and age, products especially products in the tech industry have filled the market. This situation has allowed the consumer many options when it comes to making purchases. The aspect of choices experienced in the gaming chair business. I will focus on the X rocker brand. They are the best gaming chair provide in Europe. They offer a wide range of gaming chairs such as; X rocker pro gaming chairs, X rocker pedestal gaming chairs, X rocker reclining gaming chairs and X rocker X rocker floor gaming chairs.

These chairs all come with an array of features such as the x rocker famed and exclusive AFM technology. What is AFM you ask? AFM stands for Audio Force Modulation which is a technology that utilizes the open space in the chair to enrich the sound experience. This experience uses speakers and a powerful subwoofer that incorporate into the chair.

The X rocker gaming chairs, other than an intensified sound experience, also offer some other impressive features such as wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth, multilink connectivity to allow for multiple connections at once and vibration.

Best X Rocker Gaming Chair Picked in 2019

These chairs all come with an array of features such as the x rocker famed and exclusive AFM technology. What is AFM you ask? AFM stands for Audio Force Modulation which is a technology that utilizes the open space in the chair to enrich the sound experience. This experience uses speakers and a powerful subwoofer that incorporate into the chair.

The X rocker gaming chairs, other than an intensified sound experience, also offer some other impressive features such as wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth, multilink connectivity to allow for multiple connections at once and vibration.

The gaming industry has evolved introducing more gadgets or improving more and more. Gaming chairs have been part of this evolution too. The best gaming chairs in these recent days, for sure, have to be accompanied by some features like compatibility, comfort, vibration, Bluetooth, wireless and other aspects. For gamers, this article will help you make decisions on which chairs to acquire because it covers all possible factors and issues of your best gaming chair.

For all you gamers out there you all know how long hours spent playing that game we love can wear you out. The gaming experience is usually fun-filled and very engaging without the problems brought about by sitting for long hours. Uncomfortable sitting can cause issues such as back pains for long hours.
This problem is the first issue that the X rocker gaming chair addresses, by providing comfort. X rocker gaming chairs are made for comfort to allow all you hardcore gamers the much needed unparalleled gaming experience. Because X rocker prides them on producing high-quality gaming chairs, they have invested heavily in their chairs.

The X rocker has gained a significant market share because of their ability to produce some features that other gaming chairs do not have.

In 2019, the X Rocker 51396 Pro series 2.1 has been outstanding. The chair is well designed with the quality sound produced by two speakers and a subwoofer which gives the user excellent times listening to multiple audio devices. It makes you feel it.

It is cheap and affordable to those on a budget.

Comfort has been boosted having an armrest, a leather surface and ability to tilt giving gamers’ chances to use them for long gaming sessions. The chair supports all gaming consoles and is compatible with other gaming chairs.

It has not only been designed to play games but can be used to watch movies, in workplaces and even just relax and taking naps while listening to your playlist.

Setting it up is simple, and that can be supported by the manual instructions that come with it. This gaming chair also can function as wireless but has its cables if one wishes to use them. These pros have given it an added advantage over the others, and many reviews have rated it so well.

The Key Players: 10 Best X Rocker gaming chair

There is a stiff competition among the X rocker gaming chairs that come out to be the best chairs in the market, but still, there are those that will stand out and always excite the gamers. My research has found the following to be the best X rocker gaming chairs in the market.

  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair, wireless
  2. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair, wireless
  3. X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal video gaming chair, wireless
  4. X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 video  gaming chair, wireless with vibration
  5. X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 gaming chair with an audio system
  6. X Rocker 5143601 II video gaming chair, wireless
  7. X Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe sound chair
  8. X Rocker 5127301 Li Se Black wireless
  9. X Rocker 5172601 Surge Bluetooth 2.1 sound gaming chair
  10. X Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game chair 5141701

Bottom Line

These X Rocker gaming chairs offer a different style of design that has not been experienced in others. They have considered comfort for those long sessions of gaming. The chairs are worth the value being priced at mid-high, not expensive but also not too cheap.

Part 1:7 Best X Rocker Gaming Chair 2019

  1. X Rocker  51396 Pro Series video gaming chair Pedestal 2.1 wireless
  2. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio gaming chair, wireless.
  3. X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal video gaming chair, wireless.
  4. X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 gaming chair.
  5. X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 audio gaming chair.
  6. X Rocker  5143601 II Video gaming chair, wireless
  7. X Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou vibe sound gaming chair.


These gaming chairs come with a low price tag that is suitable for gamers on a budget.

The chairs are designed to be cozy with their fabric material and leather padding which giving users the right posture when gaming. Most of these gaming chairs have a wireless transmission capability that helps in connecting to video and audio devices.

Editor’s Choice: X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

About this X Rocker Gaming chair

This chair is well-designed with quality sound that gives them the comfort of listening to multiple audio devices.

It comes cheap and affordable for gamers on a budget. It gives comfort to its tilting facilities enabling the player to use for prolonged sessions.

The setup and instructions are quite comfortable, and gamers can get it running in a short period to the time of less than half an hour.

The chair does not only play games but can be used to watch videos and listen to your favorite playlist since it has two speakers with a bass control which makes one feel the sound.

It is also compatible with every gaming console like the x-box, ps3, 4 and other audio devices.


  • The chair does not recline to the preferred gamer positions
  • The wireless sound is not compatible with Pcs


  • Set up is easy and quick with support from manuals
  • Designed for comfort and has good head and armrest
  • The price is affordable
  • Compatibility is excellent for gaming consoles
  • Not bulky and can be quickly moved

This gaming chair is quite impressing due to its comfort and compatibility. Couples of customers have expressed satisfaction on how it works and therefore no doubt about recommending it to those looking forward to purchasing this chair.

TOP 2-X Rocker 51259 pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair

The X rocker 51259 Pro H3 audio gaming chair has four speakers which are more than any other x rocker chair, supported by a subwoofer that uses Audio Force Modulation Technology (AFM). AFM makes the speakers and the subwoofer work together and utilizes the free space within the chair to enhance the quality of its sound and elevate what you experience. It also has a vibration feature that in conjunction with the bass output, they make the gamer’s body feel to be part of the game. Has a control panel with different buttons for bass, volume, and vibration; input/output jack for connecting to other chairs when playing several player games and your audio sources. This gaming chair is the most compatible the company has produced supporting all current gaming consoles.


  • For those who have Ps4, you will have to acquire some supporting devices like HDMI converter for it to connect.
  • Some customers have experienced difficulties in reaching for customer support either from manufacturers or the shipping companies.
  • Some have fallen victims of poor packaging with missing parts or same parts like two right arms.
  • The wireless audio transmitter is not also the best; the quality of the sound is crappy. The chair is also prone to tear and wear after a short period of use of about 2-6 months.


  • The chair is very comfortable with quality leather padding with a nice pleasing design that soothes the eye.
  • It does not consume a lot of floor space and can fold quickly when not in use, and one wishes to store it.
  • The sound quality is super cool with sound surround system that filters the air well. It also comes with a bass control panel which is also excellent.
  • Can support heavy and tall persons and thus is also suitable for adults.

The chairs are excellent for gaming, and they are affordable which makes them worth the price. I highly recommend someone willing to buy this chair for its services. They are also up-to-date with the technologies, and so that would act as an advantage over the others.

 TOP3-X Rocker 5143601 II Video gaming chair

This X rocker chair has a wireless audio transmission with two speakers which face in front are just beside the headrest. There is a subwoofer that accelerates the bass effect of the sound system. The side has a control panel with one for bass, volume, input/output, headphone jacks and a band switch. The design is classy with comfort from back support flipping armrest and can be moved and easily stored because it folds. The chair can connect to multiple gaming consoles and other audio devices. Assembling of this chair does not take much time. It has its manual on how to set it up.


  • It uses the battery for its wireless audio transmitter, and they drain quick. Some wireless audio systems do not work well thus producing crappy sounds.
  • The chair does not have HDMI ports.
  • The chair has to be used near your walls near the power switches because the power cable is too short.


  • This chair is one of the cheapest there is going for less than 150 dollars and is worth the price
  • Has audio transmission which is wireless supported by a subwoofer.
  • Set up is easy and quick.
  • Produces impressive sound which can be boosted with controlled bass.

The chair is reviewed to be incredible, can serve the purpose well. However, the few cons make it miss out on top ratings of five stars.

Top5-X ROCKER 5127301

A black chair with silver armrests. The chair can fold easily into half and can connect with PlayStation, Xbox, iPod, MP3/CD/DVD  and other audio devices. The chair has a side control panel with volume, bass, input/output headphone jacks. The speaker is located at the back together with the subwoofer. This chair is also filled with fire retardant foam.This multipurpose chair that can be used to watch movies, gaming and listen to music. This chair is one of the lightest X rocker gaming chairs.


  • Has a short back length which is a disadvantage for the tall lads.
  • Difficulties in connecting with Ps4 are however experienced.
  • Most of the wireless speakers did not work as expected.


  • This chair is not that heavy and can move quickly from one point to another.
  • The surround sound system is excellent giving good, high-quality audio output.
  • It has a soft leather surface for the comfort of the gamers.
  • The gaming chair can recline to angles users feel best comfortable, and it folds down well

Most of the guys who have tried this gaming chair have had positive feedback and highly recommended it to others. Therefore it is an excellent product for your service.


This X rocker chair has a wireless audio transmission. It is built with two speakers supported by a subwoofer. Like the others, it has a side control panel with a button for volume, bass input/output jack, and a band adjusts switch. For those who like using headphones, there is a port for that too. The chair is designed with comfort for your back, and it can tilt and turn around to some degrees. The surface is heavily padded with leather cover and is compatible with significant audio, video and gaming devices. This chair is a wireless chair that can support even current gaming consoles.  The gamer also has easy access to its controls.

Assembling of this chair is done easily and quickly. It can fit taller persons well. The chair can be reclined to the gamers’ best position.


  • However, the batteries tend to die so quickly.
  • Its armrest also seems to be low and not suitable for adults. They could have been perfect if they were adjustable.


  • It comes with a wireless transmitter.
  • Its speakers are fantastic with quality sound which is very clear and does not make noise even at high volumes.
  • The chair is comfortable when gaming; your back, arms, and legs can rest perfectly well for long hours without pain.
  • It does not cost much and is worth the price.
  • This chair does support the current Ps4.

Gamers have not complained so much about the chair, and so I can say it might as well have a good value for its asking price. It is an excellent product for those customers who would like to try it.

TOP7-X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5142201 Commander Pedestal 2.1 Audio gaming chair makes it possible to feel any audio that is incorporated into it. It has two speakers at the headrest area but cannot be seen from outside and a subwoofer which has AFM. AFM modifies the sound quality by bringing together the speakers and subwoofer power that also boosts your experience and make you enjoy more. The armrest can adjust upwards to your preferred height. This chair will play with all your audio sources.  Has also a side control panel with volume, bass controls, and input/output jacks and can connect with other chairs for the multi-player games. It can be adjusted to increase basement heights, and it can turn around while gaming. This gaming chair is very suitable for adults and those heavyweight guys. The dimensions and space are big enough. The fabrication and design have been done so well that makes the chair attractive.


  • On the contrary, the material used on the armrest is not the best since users complain of pain when using them for long sessions. They do not have soft padding on them.
  • The leather cover also wears out quickly from little frictions.
  • Customers can also fall victims of poor packaging whereby you receive it with missing parts.


  • The quality of sound is outstanding from its speakers, and the bass is finely tuned too.
  • The chair can spin and lean back and forth to ensure gamers have the comfort they would like.
  • Spacious thus fits different types of users.
  • Once you receive your package, setting it up is easy because it also comes with

Those who have tried it seem to be satisfied with its services and have highly recommended it to those who are looking for such features in a gaming chair.

TOP8-X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair

This X rocker Drift chair has two speakers located at the headrest area and a subwoofer that uses the AFM technology to increase the quality of your sound and make your experience more. The chair looks incredible with a checked design of black and white at the headrest and the seat area. Has a side control panel with different volume, bass controls and input/output jacks that will connect to your audio sources and other rocker chairs for those multiplayer games. It has an inbuilt wireless receiver and comes with a wireless transmitter which will help in sending audio from the sources with headset or RCA output to the chair. Teenagers appreciate it very much.


  • It does not fit well the adults. Headrests are a bit low near the shoulders of standard adult height. The back is also not very comfortable to lean on. The chair is too small for adults.
  • The fabric’s design is incorrect, and the stitches come out easily
  • Most people who purchased this chair opted to return it because it came with so many complications likes of the speakers not working, could not connect to Bluetooth and some items received while already broken. Some did not have everything included.


  • The chair is relatively cheap. The price is not that high and has got some pretty looks.
  • The chair has the excellent quality of sound and vibration to the gaming arena.
  • Assembling is easy.

It does sound to be a good chair when and if you receive all the items and they all function as they should. The chair though does not support all gaming consoles, and for sure it is a little bit behind technology. Users should know what they want in this gaming chair before purchase.

TOP9-X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Bluetooth audio pedestal video gaming chair

The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair can let you listen to your music and other audio devices and at the same time make you feel it. Comes with two speakers located at the headrest but can’t be seen from outside and a subwoofer. It also uses the Audio Force Modulation technology to enhance your experience when it uses the free space inside the chair to magnify quality of the sound. It has pretty looked with an adjustable base and can swivel. Has wireless receiver built with Bluetooth that will send audio to your chair?


  • Users say the chair does not work very well with their Ps4. This notion means it is not entirely compatible with all gaming consoles. It is however consistent with Bluetooth and other audio devices wireless.
  • Even if you attach the wire that can connect both devices, ps4 gamers say it does not function as it should rightly. The chair also is not wireless as they say. Customers have to buy some supporting devices to make it operate well, and those devices do not accompany the chair.  This problem has frustrated some gamers.
  • Handling of RCA cable receptacles should be carefully done. They can easily break if too much pressure is applied since they are not strong.


  • The chair seems to be quite comfortable to sit on when gaming or during other activities. The armrests are correctly placed.
  • The Bluetooth feature works efficiently even with phones.
  •  The chair has good speakers producing awesome sounds while being supported with bass controls.

This chair is an excellent product.  The chair works averagely well. Gamers looking for comfort and would like to enjoy while playing should try this chair. The sound is clear and loud and has the various capabilities users would want.

TOP10-X-Rocker 51092 spider 21 gaming chair

This chair has an enhanced vibration feature that integrates with the bass to bring the best feeling for your body during gaming. Have two speakers at headrest area and a subwoofer; also supported by the Audio Force Modulation technology. The base can be adjusted upwards or downwards while tilting and swiveling for long hours of gaming. The chair has its control panel with volume, bass and vibration control. Output/input jacks are connecting your audio devices and other x rocker chairs. It can play audio from different sources with RCA cables or headset.


  • The comfortability is not of the best; gamers complain that it lacks cushions for the headrest and no proper back support. Some also complain of developing back pains for sitting on the chair for long periods of time. At the thigh area, there is wood that makes it awkward and uncomfortable to put on.
  • The armrests low to standard positions that hinder the comfortability to lean your arms on correctly.
  •  Others say the wireless sound did not work while to others it has worked but not as much as they expected. A couple of users complain of having got two right arms and therefore did not finish assembling.


  • Its assembling can also be done fast.
  • The sound and vibration are incredible.

Gamers would definitely like something that is very comfortable and does not have so many complications and issues. Most users would not prefer this chair for gaming because it does not rock their value of money and the comfortability when playing

 If I Were You, I Would Choose X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1

When choosing a gaming chair, you have to consider its features and the details that are most important according to your gaming preferences. This chair has the best features.

The sound quality is excellent since it has four speakers more than any other gaming chair.

The comfort of the gamer has also been considered with heavy leather fabrics on its surface, and full head and armrest which is very stable.

Assembling this chair is very easy and quick because it comes with its manual to guide you on how to fix it step by step.

The chair also has a built-in wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter.

Tips Buying Guide Times

Compatible Systems

The two systems’ capacity to work together without having to be changed to do so when determining which gaming console can function appropriately with x rocker gaming chair.

We have x Box, PlayStation 2,3 and Nintendo which are compatible, while X Box One and PlayStation 4 need adapters to enable them to work with x rocker gaming chair.

 Wireless Vs. Standard X Rocker Gaming Chair

In a wireless gaming chair, you do not have to worry about tangled wires and cables. None of these is required because it comes with the inbuilt wireless receiver and transmitter. They can detect audio transmitted from any console source with RCA outputs. The standard is the opposite of the wireless one with cables running from one end to the other transmitting and receiving data.

The wireless chair is likely to be preferred in the present day since it provides less hassle and is easy to integrate with compared to the standard ones.

Sound and vibration system

These are essential features in the gaming because they enable the users to feel the gaming sessions. One can enjoy more with incorporated vibration and quality sound.


Gamers have different preferences, but at least these aspects can give them a clear picture of what you will be looking for when you want to purchase that gaming chair.

How to Connect an X Rocker to A TV

Connecting your X rocker gaming chair to your TV could be a little bit difficult and annoying. The critical issue is to show you how to redirect your audio sources, TV, being one them to your gaming chair.

  • Behind your TV screen, there is a white and red audio output which you should connect with the gaming chair audio cables.
  • Headphones jack, which is mostly found in front of your TV set will be compatible with the audio cables of your gaming chair.

The connection will vary because there is a wireless gaming chair and a standard one

Wireless X Rocker gaming chair

This chair comes with no cables and wires. It works with a transmitter which is responsible for sending audio signals to a receiver which has been built inside the chair. The following shows procedures on how to connect both devices, step by step

  1. Confirm your sound source first.
  2. Make sure you have the transmitter and the audio cables.
  3. The short audio cable has a green end which will go into the input jack of the transmitter and the audio source on the other end.
  4. Ensure the frequency of both the chair and transmitter are matching.
  5. Switch on both the gaming chair and transmitter.

Standard Gaming chair to a TV

The procedures in this gaming chair are the same as in the wireless, but in this case, cables are the only option when receive and send sound. A transmitter is not needed here, but in its place, one has to use a B1 cable which will connect from the source of your noise to the gaming chair.

Possible Problem

The world is evolving very fast regarding technology being used and being used. Technology is changing all aspects and fields of human activity. Gaming is one them; the system has progressed. Updated versions of gaming consoles are being released almost every year, and so gaming chair is not able to catch up with speed. High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) replaced the old stereo connectors that used to serve before. Falling behind the technology is the primary challenge right now to the gaming chairs industry.

Recommended Solution

For a gaming chair to function right with your gaming system, one is encouraged to purchase another adapter device called the HDMI Audio Extractor. Acquire an HDMI cable which will then connect to the HDMI input of this device and another coming out of the output end to communicate to your TV. The RCA which accompany your chair will now join the adapter to your gaming chair.

X Rocker Vs. DX Racer

X Rocker has mainly focused on manufacturing rockers and pedestal type of seats. They provide more cushioning for gamers comfort and ease during playtime. This gaming has some features such as audio systems, Bluetooth wireless platform that connect to various audio sources. HDMI can also be used here to convert the audio output of your favorite gaming consoles with fantastic quality sounds produced by their inbuilt speakers.

On the other hand, DX Racer focuses on a chair that is of racer models. They are more of desktop use and can be used for a long session of gaming. All of their design is built with recliners to some degree. They have an adjustable armrest and a nice fitted cushion for your headrest. Compared to X Rocker, DX Racer are more expensive and do offer both workplace and gaming arenas chairs.

X Rocker Gaming Chair Recommendation

In getting the best gaming chair at times it could be difficult for you, but for sure if you want something to do with connectivity, wireless systems, comfortability and something that will be enjoyed and entertaining, then X rocker has got you covered. For those looking for connectivity, they have those that connect to your preferred gaming consoles like Ps4, Ps3, Xbox and other audio sources. Some would work without those many wires and cables. The budget could be a factor, but X rocker has a range that will most definitely fall into your bracket here.

Gaming Chair Ultimate Guide

This article has purposefully provided the best and the vital part of the information that gamers and other users will find resourceful. It intends to help you choose the best Dxracer gaming chair for your exact need and preference. When you consider some of the highlighted aspects of the chair, we hope it will help you make the right choice.

Short Words

Ensure you consider some of these critical factors that will help guide you in choosing the best option for your gaming experience out there.


X Rocker gaming chair is widely used in most parts of the world. This uptake is because of their capabilities in producing a variety of gaming chairs with impressive features built in them. They are also arguably the best gaming chairs in the market in the present times.

They have chairs like the X Rocker Floor Gaming Chair, X Rocker Reclining Gaming chairs, and X Rocker Pedestal Gaming chairs.

Their design has been done to ensure that during gaming the users have the comfort and can feel the action in the chairs too. The incorporated features are a plus to these chairs with the wireless audio transmitter, multilink connectivity, and vibrations.

If gamers are looking out for gaming chairs, no doubt X Rocker gaming chairs can suit your needs.

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